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Monday, February 11, 2008

Music and Mayhem

Today was a great day!
The kids got up with NO fuss, they were dressed and had everything ready to go within 10 minutes. ( Boys are so low maintence!) of course that meant I had 30 more minutes of them sitting here with nothing to do. One sat beside me on the couch. The other on the coffee table across from us. It took less than 4 minutes before one accidently kicked the other. Then it was a hit, then it was another kick. Pretty soon it was all out warfare! Next thing I know Rayley is in here right in the middle of it. She woke up and needed love. Of course Bow was already awake.
Rayley was still kinda sickly and groggy. I fiqured she would go back to sleep pretty soon. But no. She decided it was cereal time. About then, their grandma pulled up and out the boys went. I was trying to convince her to hurry up and we would all go back to sleep. Then I saw headlights. BR was home. LOL I guess my day has started!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Well except I did get invited to do a product test on a Scubbing bubbles shower cleaner! WHOO HOO!! I HATE to clean the showers and cant wait for this thing to get here. I am officially on strike! I wont clean a shower ever again. :) I really dont understand how a shower can get so dirty. I mean granted it washing dirt off you, but the water runs clear before you get out. You would think it would rinse it all down the drain! A dirty bathtub I can grasp. But not the shower..

OH and I got a phone call from one of my mystery shopping companies. They are desperate for a walk in audit and will pay me 50.00 to drive 40 miles and spend a max of 10 minutes doing a revealed audit! They had this listed as a 9.00 shop. But got desperate. I LOVE the desperate shops!
I had one problem though! I had to call my sister in law to see if she would print out my paper work for me. This printer is still wonky!! :( I dont know what to do . I hate to buy new ink, if thats the problem I can fix it easy, but if its not, I am out 45.00!

I did get some bad news. My website is not accesable anymore. I cant add too it or fix it anything. I am going to have to find a new host this week. I just wonder if I can get my domain name. It was a free site, and idiot proof. I am gona have to find a way to copy it and paste it elsewhere. And 90% of it is links. I really dread this. I was supposed to set up a website to sell some handmade items that my mom has done this week. Now I have to find a new place to host AND set up a new site AND move my old site. And I am booked all week. BR is off the next 2 days, then I have to be at the school all day on Valentines and Friday I am taking a daytrip to Houston.

BR didnt go in to work tonight. He ended up working late a few nights and only had 15 minutes left to use tonight. LOL Heck it takes longer than that to do his pre truck inspection!
It was nice, he took over the 'holler time' for me tonight. I talked on the phone! He even took over the 'do your homework AND make sure your room is clean!' I am LOVIN THIS!

Of course Brett forgot his homework at school. I think tommorow I will staple a note to his shirt to remind him. I used to do this all the time, but had hoped they had outgrown it. NOPE! This morning I stapled a note to Matt since he had forgotten to give his teacher a note 3 days in a row!

It did no good, I asked him if his teacher had written me back. He just smiled. I asked if he got in trouble. He said "of course not" and smiled. I KNEW something was up. I asked for his folder and he insisted on getting it out of his backpack. So I took it from him. I asked if he was bad today. He smiled again. So I tried to rephrase the question. "Did your teacher have to get onto you today?" THis was a resounding NO! 'but aunt Kristi says Hello!'
OH HELL! A friend of mine was his substitute today. My first thought was to call her and ask how bad he was. Then I decided against it. I am hoping that if I call her next week the pain will have worn off and she will have forgotten some of it. Last time a friend was his sub he was the class clown.

Speaking of Matt, I sent him out to the truck today to get a package of diapers. I told him they were in the front floorboard. The first place he went was the drivers side. He came back in with the diaper bag. That was in the BACK floorboard. It took 2 trips to get what I wanted. Sometimes I worry about that kid. Then I see him watching TV and he can pick out Eddie Murphy in LIFE as being Donkey in Shrek. I KNOW he pays attention. Just not to me! He even picked out Gene Simmons on an old KISS video from the early 80's.

Since her daddy was home Rayley got to watch her favorite videos. I have her convienced that I dont know how to use the DVR. She LOVES 'got my game on' by Trace Adkins, and does all the moves he does. Its hillarious, and cute. Then its 'Rockstar' by nickleback. she knows all the words, and will holler "there's Uncle Ted, or I know him when its Billy Gibbons. " and then we have to listen to 'a country boy can survive' There are a few more, and thankfully (NOT) BR is widening their repertoire, he introduced them to Hells Bells tonight. They kept asking who them girls were. Due to the ensuing laughter, I think it might be a while before I introduce them to such legends as Bon Jovi and Aerosmith. Although I am glad they dont find the hair to be appealing. I prefer the buzz cuts they have now and dont relish any more fights than we already have. :)


Audrey said...

Ten minutes??? Oh my gosh. I have two girls and sometimes one hour is not enough time to get ready LOL.

Audrey :)

maidto5 said...

LOL, well when it involves anyone OTHER than the boys it takes well over 10 minutes.. But in all honesty these 2 do NOTHING and it takes 10 minutes. Its all laid out the night before. And they have no hair to brush. just teeth! LOL