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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a wasted day

Well today was the nastiest day I can remember for a long time! The rain was awful. It was cold and Lordy did it come down. Mostly while we were driving to my audit and while I was going in and coming out!

BR is getting another headcold I think, so he was miserable all day. And Rayley alternates between bouncing off the walls and wanting to be loved.

Matt and Brett are sorta under the weather too. I guess Bow is the only one that is just smiling his way through the day and doesn’t have a care in the world. When I got back out to the truck today from my audit he was screaming his fool head off. I took him and he just shut right up and looked up at me like I had left him for a week.

I see this turning into a lot of extra work for me… I need to get him Unattached! But he is such a good baby. As long as you are holding him. I can’t even get away from him while he sleeps. He wiggles towards me no matter what. He has a 6th sense when it comes to finding body warmth.
With everyone feeling kinda down in the dumps tonight was a little testy. Brett was wanting to forgo his homework so he could play with the other two and since he forgot it last night I wasn’t quite as lenient as he wanted!

Of course everyone wanted something different for supper tonight. So it was a "find what you can and eat it" night.

I was supposed to buy Brett some PJ’s to wear to a free day at school today and forgot. I also forgot to pick up their valentine candy. I really don’t want to run to town tomorrow just for that. I am not sure what I will do.
Tomorrow is my only day left this week to do NOTHING.

I need to make sure I have a list so I can get everything done that I need to get done this week. The way my mind is I’ll forget to sign the kids up for baseball or not make it to my sister in laws housewarming.

Once we got home I started trying to find a new place to host my website. I am researching so I can put my survey site back up and be able to edit it, and I am opening a store with some homemade items that my mother is making. I have never felt so dumb in all my life.. There are so many choices and none of its in English. I think ‘computer talk’ is the school nerds way of getting back at the popular people from the way they were treated in school.
I just wish that I wasn’t one of the ignorant ones. I swear I was nice to most people! Heck, I didn’t go to school enough to be mean to anyone!

I think I have the gist of it. Now I just have to pick a free hosting site.

I feel like I didn’t get anything done today. Just waiting for those pages to load took all night! I hate dial up. But I guess it’s the price you pay for living where they have to pump in sunshine. I didn’t get any surveys done, or enter any of my sweepstakes. I do at least 10 surveys a day and enter around 30 sweeps.

(and y’all thought I didn’t do anything!) Try doing all of that on a 28.6 dial up! It’s like pulling teeth.

Rayley has been doing good about sleeping in her room. I found a solution. Every morning that she sleeps all night in there she gets to mark on the calendar. When she makes a week or so I told her I would buy her a surprise. I was supposed to buy that today too and forgot! I do have to take her back to her room at least once a night. But it’s going better than I thought.
Both boys are doing real well on their reading. Matt has even decided I am not the wicked witch of the east. Come to find out he likes Hank the Cowdog. He still gets mad when I tell him its time to read, but once he starts he really likes it.

Matt has even got 10 points in the Accelerated Reading program. He is ahead of Brett.

I got a phone call on Matt today though. He went to the nurse’s office and was sick. Had a slight temp (99) and his stomach hurts. Well Matt runs a slight temp ALL the time. Once he figures this out, I am screwed; cause every school nurse will send them home the minute they hit 99. (I know this, cause my Brother in Law runs one too, and he went home every chance he got!) Luckily a friend was substituting for the nurse today. She called and told me. I told her unless he really started feeling bad to leave him there. She laughed and said that when she had told him that she was going to call me, he said "no, just call my grandmother", Well she told him that she was gona call me first to see what I said. He told her to please call his grandmother cause he knew that I wouldn’t come and get him!
Like I said, I was lucky it was a friend of mine.

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Barbara James said...

Hi Chelle. I think that 'playing with their hands' thing is something they never grow out of. Loved reading this post, it was very funny ;D