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Thursday, February 14, 2008

carnations and kids

I woke up the kids at 15 till 6 this morning. Made sure they were dressed and Brett had his blanket and MP3 player all ready for school. Then I gave them their valentines cards and told them that I was going to go and get ready, they had about 20 minutes. ( it was more like 40).

I came back dressed and ready at 6:20. Matt had 6 cards done, mostly to girls. Brett had 9. Matt was goofing off and Brett had forgotten 1/2 his classmates names. I ended up having to fill out half of Matts and prompting Brett for a few more.

ONE simple task. I left them STRICT instructions and motivation to do this. I was in the other room for 20 minutes. I came back and they were each goofing off. One by making airplanes out of his other valentines, the other by looking for fish in the tank that hasnt had fish in it for months. I still had to cut up and tape 50 suckers to their cards.

Once they were gone I went out and started the truck, it was COLD this morning. Frost everywhere!, Got the baby ready, all dressed and cute. Picked him up and started out. He dirty'd his diaper. So I UNDRESSED the baby, changed him, and then left the house. I was looking forward to a fun day of talking to real adults, joking with the other moms and going to Matts school for his party at 2:30.

WHen I got to the school there were carnations everywhere and the only other person there was frantic. Come to find out the 5 that was supposed to help us had other plans. We were all alone in a room with 300 carnations and a ticking clock.

We had to cut each stem, fill the water pick thing, stick the flower in it, wrap the flowers and tie a pretty bow, Then we had to tie a personalized card on each one.

I decided then and there I should have worn MY pajama's to school too. This was going to be a LONG day.
We worked, and worked. I had left the house with one Dr Pepper and no food. I still had that same Dr Pepper and no food when I left. THe principal was nice enough to send down a few ladies at around 1:30 to help us. And one of the aides had came in around 11:00. And she was the biggest help of all. SHe picked up Bow and held him all day! This child is going to be so spoilt! LOL Every once in a while someone would stick their head in to tell me they had the baby. Every time I go up there its a fun game of musical baby. I dont mind at all. I am always willing to let someone else do the dirty work for a while, Bow LOVES it. he is the center of attention, never gets put down and flirts all day. The only ones that mind are the ones loosing him to the next player.

By the time we got the help all we had left was tying on the cards. and delivering. We finished at 2:45.
By then it was too late to get to Matts party across town so I just stuck around to bring Brett home.

The kids seemed to love PJ day. And were in high spirits. And laden with chocolate. I told Brett on the way out of the school to NOT eat it all.
We went and got Matt at my mother in laws daycare and he was toting an equaly overladen bag of candy. Not what I wanted to see.
And my dear mother in law was nice enough to have a bag for Rayley since she had missed out on valentines day parties! Oh yea, lets feel sorry for her. Cause Lord knows that chocolate doesnt make kids hyper and its so good for them.. Does noone remember the thousands I have already spent on these kids mouths because they had the misfortune to be born with my teeth?

I told the boys all the way home not to eat alot of candy. They would regret it.
They played 'matching' cards all the way home. They were trying to see who got the best ones, which ones matched, and trading for ones they liked. Candy was the same way.
The really good stuff was eaten, the icky stuff traded and the decent stuff put back for later. What wasnt traded was offered to me. I am picky about my candy and turned it all down.

Once we got home they went out to play and I came in to a very messy house. I cleaned up a little. Till I realized I was picking up more of their crap than mine. I called them in and made them pick up their own. By now Rayley was home and glad to see 'her boys'.

I got Bow to sleep and was so hungry I couldnt stand it any more. So I laid him down, got up and started making SOS. it was not 5 minutes before all the kids were in the livin room bouncing off the walls. I told them if they woke back up the baby they would have to hold him till I got done.

Brett didnt belive me. He ended up bouncing on the couch. So when Bow woke up screaming I made him take him. Bow didnt like this at all. Poor thing was so tired. All the while he was screaming, Brett was whining and they were all complaining about what I was making.
Lifes hard. I'm hungry SOS is quick and easy. But come to find out- damn if there is NO bread to put it on. I dont know why it is so hard for these people to tell me when they use all the bread. I am not going back into town to buy bread. I didnt even stop today and buy tea or Dr Pepper. I was too tired.

Since I hadnt eaten since supper last night I was about to starve to death. but with poor Bow crying, I couldnt eat yet. I made the kids plates and took Bow from Brett. He was happy to release him. But noone wanted to eat. I explained to them that since I was hungry, and wasnt getting to eat, they better enjoy it. Matt did. Brett on the other hand had a stomache ache..
Gee, I wonder why?
Rayley decided that the boys would look better wearing her food. She kept threatning to throw it at them. ( I think she did a few times while I was out of the room, but I couldnt ever find evidence. Mo-ron dog was in there.)

Once I kicked them all out of the kitchen they came in here and sat down to watch some TV with me. Brett still with a tummy ache. (HE HE HE HE HE..)
It was less than 30 minutes and both boys just got up and went to bed. I ended up having to go and look for them. They were tired. And Brett felt like he was going to puke. It wasnt even 8. Maybe that extra 15 minutes in the morning really is a good idea!! Even Rayley asked me if she could go to bed! HELL YES!

Once they went to bed, I found the candy I had taken away from them. WHOO-HOO!

So I sat down to eat their loot and check my email. BR called and we were only able to talk for a few minutes. He appologized for not getting me something. I told him I was in no way upset. I had seen all the flowers I needed to see for a LONG time, plus last time he got me roses I ended up having to write the check to pay the bill, and got a baby..

Plus, I have all the kids chocolate!

Bow hasnt woken up since 7:30 and its been so nice and quiet here. I think other than my middle son being mad for me not making it to his party, all in all, the day is a good one.

well its a good one except I have horrible indigestion from all the chocolate. My back hurts, and I am too tired to think. I havent even tried to work on my website. I know I didnt become tech savvy overnight. I think this might be a lost cause.

But I have to close with the email my dear dad sent me today. Ahhh the love is in the air.

Just thought I would let you know....I just heard from my florist that the delivery truck with YOUR Valentine's Day Roses has crashed and burned. I really was looking forward to hearing from you as to how much you really loved them and what a great person I was for being so thoughtful and remembering you on this lovely day.

Life will not be the same without them but I'm sure you can visualize just how beautiful they were before being trapped in the raging inferno.

Please don't hold it against me for someone elses ineptness. They were sent with Love so at least you still have that. Love you T

yep, I can feel the love. and the indegestion. Luckily, I can also feel the heating pad.

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