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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lucky and Idiot

My 2 oldest boys are always being mistaken for each other. I will admit, I even get them confused at times. I am asked all the time if they are twins. I in turn say no, They are 15 months apart. Then I am usually asked if they are identical. I say yes.

I have to buy two of everyting. If a blue shirt is bought I have to buy a red one. Or another blue one. I usually try to buy them contrasting colors. But at times they will pick out clothes that are the same. Well yesterday Brett decided that he was gona dress them like twins since everyone at daycare always confuses them with each other. (Usually the one that gets blamed is the only one that cares..) So off they went today, all matching and cute.
Honestly it screwed with me this morning. I wasnt really awake, I had fallen asleep sitting up nursing Bow and would open my eyes a little when one walked by. I apparently asked the same red shirted boy 3 times if he had brushed his teeth. In my defence, everytime I opened my eyes he was sitting in his dads chair and I didnt think he had moved. Come to find out it was both of them. Just at differnt times.

I tried so hard to go back to sleep after they left. But Rayley was awake, so I made her breakfast and then tried to convince Bow it was still night time. Rayley was not happy, but I told her it really wasnt wake up time. Since it was dark outside and all. I did get Bow back to sleep and Rayley was in her room playing so I was ALMOST asleep and she came in, climbed up on the back of the couch and says "Look mom, its wakeup time!" well this woke up Bow and I was screwed.

I decided to just get started on trying to transfer that website.
Well at 9:30 I got a call from Matts school nurse. He was complaining of a headache. I told her to let him lay down for a few minutes. If he goes to sleep, or is real still, he is sick. If he wont get still, or is playing with his hands, he is fine. Send him back to class.

Apparently he was fine. she never called back.

Rayley is still a little under the weather and went back to sleep. I was so glad for the chance at a nap! BUT Bow didnt think it was a good idea. Once I got him settled, I went back to searching for "a blondes guide to making a website"

Then at noon thirty the schoolhouse calls again. The same number shows up for all the schools so when I heard "michelle, this is the nurses office" I just knew that little brat was gona make me drive all the way into town to get him. I'd get him home and he would be bouncing off the walls.
Then I heard her say "Brett".. Hmmmm.. maybe they are both sick. Maybe poor Matt wasnt faking it. I got that guilty feeling that you get when your kid told you their arm was broken and you told them it wasn't -cause they could wiggle their fingers, and there was no blood. And come to find out it was..
Just for clarification, I have never done this... but I have heard stories..

Anyway, my eldest it seems just needed a change of clothes. He had fallen down in a mud puddle. Okay. They want me to drive 40 miles to bring him a pair of pants. AHA! I was right! Matt wasnt sick!
BR was off today so he opted to just go and pick them up. He got both of them.

About 10 minutes after he got home with them my mom showed up to get Rayley for the night. I have to be in town tomorrow morning at 7:15 to get started on those valentine carnations for the kids. She walked in and asked what was going on? Where they sick? I said "who? Idiot and Lucky?" She just looked confused, so Matt explained it: "He's the idiot, cause he fell in the mud, and I'm Lucky cause he did."

yep. out of the mouths of babes..

BR wanted to go over to the yard where they park their 18 wheelers and clean up his new truck some, so he took the boys with him.

I went back to working on that website. I still havent found that DNS part... Thats the first thing you do I think. But I do have a domain. Its just a dead domain.. something about a parking place. BUT I have gotten that far.

Anyway, around 5:30 my sister in law called, asked if I had seen our mother in law, I said No, but she was supposed to bring Brett some PJ's and those valentines cards to me after she got off work. She told me that she had been gone from work since 3. So I called her cell phone. No answer. I called back my sister in law and said that I knew she was gona come by and bring me that stuff from walmart. She informed me walmart was closed. OH NO!! This is a store that only closes on CHristmas Day. I hope it was nothing major. I need a few things tomorrow.

Come to find out yesterday when it was raining so bad, lightning hit something and now the generators had went down. They might be closed till Monday!!
Well about 30 minutes later my mother in law called. She said that she had ended up having to go all over town. She said that there was no room to WALK in the 2 clothing stores, Goodwill, the only other grocery store, walgreens, NOWHERE! and everyone was looking for pajama's!! And Valentines day candies.

I need tea and BR needs armoral wipes.. I guess this means I have to go to the grocery store, and an auto store tomorrow.
She decided to drive about 30 miles away to another town and go to their walmart.
She did find a set and said she knew at least 4 women in there. Thank God she also thought to get Candy, it was on my list to pick up in the morning.

We never buy PJ's except when the school has a PJ day! And I reckon we aint the only ones!

Well BR got home and the boys walked in. BOTH were wet from head to toe. it was COLD out there today. I asked what the hell happened.
It seems that both boys were helping BR wash the truck and Matt was supposed to clean out his rag. BR turned around and there stood Matt with the rag held out in front of him by the corners and Brett standing in front of him aiming the hose at the rag.

I never did find out how Brett got so wet. After hearing how Matt did it I really didnt want to know.

She didnt get here with the valentines till after 8:30 and since the boys were asleep I will have to wake them up 30 minutes early tomorrow. And Matt will be relieved to find out that she did get some heart suckers. There is a special little girl that he wants to give one to.
He really wanted sweettarts, so I will try to find some on the way to his party tomorow. Maybe they will have emergancy generators or something!

I think I need some sleep. I have to be DReSSED before 7 am. :(

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