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Monday, June 16, 2008

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

Let me start by saying I got the BEST email today. Someone missed me. And I do appologize for not writing more often. I am not sure why I havent been. Believe me, the kids have done some stupid crap. I just have been goofin off and not blogging. But I was thrilled to be told I was missed. And I promise, I will take it to heart and make myself do this more often. :) This one is going to be a little long. So sorry in advance. I had a latte, or 'spechellety' today. So I am still a little wired. Gosh I love those things..

It has been over a week. And I have been trying to get a revolution about the uniforms going. But alas, everyone seems to think they should just bow down and accept that whats done is done. I really hate to see this, To just give up and allow yourself to be hearded into submission is just unamerican to me. There is supposed to be a school board meeting tommorow night. Its not being published. And its to prove that noone cares about the uniforms. I will be going if at all possible.

I got an email the other day. I get them weekly or bi-monthly on what I should be expecting for Bow to be doing.

Your Baby Is 29 Weeks Old! OH NO!! already?? well crap. He is not a baby baby anymore.. But I guess I knew that...

Dear Michelle,
By this week, your baby may be ready to try standing -- with your support, of course.

Seriously? He is 7 months and he has been standing for WEEKS. you cant keep him DOWN. he stands, he falls, he bitches, he gets back up and tries again. But I think we are way out of the 'trying to stand' stage.

She likely won't pull herself up until about 9 months or so, but she'll love being on her feet while holding your hands now.
WOW. not till 9 months? I guess the 'model' kid doesnt have brothers and sisters that she is trying to follow. Or really neat things to try and climb up and get.. Cause Bow can pull himself up and then starts cruising. heck he doestn even crawl that much. He'd rather be up and going.

This also strengthens baby's leg muscles to ready her for cruising around on her own.
Okay, his legs were plenty strong when he was kicking me while I was pregnant, and they have ONLY gotten stronger. He can CLIMB into baskets, back out of baskets, up on chairs, on the couch, jump up and down, and black an eye (just ask Rayley).

Your baby will probably love this position (especially if you help her bounce!) and may be fascinated by her new view of the world.
I will agree with this. He LOVES to be standing up. and holds on and walks all over. He thinks he is just so smart when he does this. He will just look at you and smile. But he does his own bouncing. Usually till he pulls over what ever he is holding onto to stand up. I dont as much think he is trying to learn to walk, as he is trying to see what he can destroy.

But at the same time, this also gives baby visibility to off-limits stuff she couldn't reach before, so do another babyproofing sweep to those higher-up places.

ahhh yep. and when he see's it, he does everything he can to climb to get it. I expect anyday now to turn around and he is doing a spiderman up the wall. (of course it would be better than a few months ago, when he would know I left the room, go to the closest wall and use his head as a battering ram, trying to fight his way in...).

I am really amazed at this kid. He is nothing if not tenacious. If you leave a very important piece of paper in the recliner, or on the couch, he will CLIMB up on them to get it. And eat it. it has been suggested that since we call Matt Hoover for his obsession with eating everything off the floor, we need to call Bow "dyson" cause he REALLY eats it. And she is right!

A few days ago I kicked the kids out of the house, and they went. Rayley wasnt here. SHe was with my sister in law. After about an hour and a half and they wernt coming in and getting drinks or to pee (dont ask me why they come BACK in the house to pee) I decided to make them check in. I set off the car alarm. After waiting 7 minutes and they hadnt showed up yet I took off looking for them. I walked down to the back of our property hollerin for them and totin Bow. (dang this kid is HEAVY!) A little while later I hear one of them hollerin to the other that they heard somethin. I hollered that yes they heard somethin. it was ME. and to come on!

They both came a runnin. Now they went out barefoot, one in sleep pants and the other in jeans. no shirts. and one had on socks.

They came back SOAKIN wet. They had done been down to the creek. Its a decent peice to the creek back there. But they said they started back when they heard the truck alarm. They hadnt taken their walkie talkies, they hadnt said they were leaving the yard. I was sorta mad.

A few hours later BR woke up. HE had came in sick from work. I told him about where they went and expected him to tell them not to do that again, that it wasnt safe, that they could get lost again. Anything. instead he asked if they saw any deer sign, and if they had fun.

They had been tryin to catch enough crawfish for dinner is what they said. Then they got distracted by a toad frog.

I give up.

THey did start bible school this week. They were real excited about that. And I got a report on Rayley today. I was told she was so good and so sweet. Hmmmmm. maybe its the hallowed walls of a church house that do it. If so I might try hanging some crosses around here.

Oh and last week I decided that it was time to get a new cell phone. Mine has just about bit the dust. and its still all crooked from when I ran over it Christmas eve.
I called AT&T. I ordered me a blackberry Curve for a buck. I was on the phone with the guy for over an hour. And he talked me into an air card. Now just a week before I had called to see about getting one and was told it would cost me 99.99. There was no way around it. So this time I called back to get the blackjack. it was 49.99 and that was still a little less than the deductable on the broken phone.

I wasnt hard to convince when he told me that since VErizon and Sprint actually work here at the house the air card will too. Even if my cell phones dont. I had to rush him off the phone when Brett cut his foot on something outside and was convinced he was going to die because he was bleeding like a stuck hog.

Then it dawned on me that I had not specified the RED blackberry curve. So I called back.

I got a lady, she changed it to the blackberry curve in Red. And threw in a free car charger and case. And I decided to keep the titanium one that I had previously ordered for BR. His contract is up too and he has been wanting a new phone. his has a short. Plus it was only a buck. If we claimed them on insurance we would have to pay 50.00 for the same phones we already had.

That was on Thursday. Friday came and went. BR was off and we put up squash. OH LORD did we put up squash. My uncle brought me 2 and a half bushels. It took over 6 hours because I have one of those glass top stoves. This is the WORST thing in the world.
You cant cook in BIG pots, it takes forever for the water to boil and then you end up having to cook it forever to get the squash blanched. We got 44 quarts. I honestly dont care if I ever see another squash again. I sure dont want to smell any for a while.

Then Saturday was the homecoming for all the original families of our little community. We had alot of fun and BR had made ribs and I made rice dressing. We got up early that morning to start cooking. While we were there my uncle told me that there should be a few more bushels by Sunday. I told him I was NOT interested. I already have nigh on 100 quarts myself. if not more. It takes up half my freezer space. If we killed a deer I wouldnt have anywhere to put it!

I did tell him I would help him pick peas though. I hate pickin peas. But I sure do love to eat them!!

And my mom brought me over about 35 tomatoes. I have to blanch and put those up too.

When I got home my phones were sitting on the porch! I had called DSL that morning because the website said the couriour had them, but they said it would be monday before I got them. SO I grabbed them up and ran over to my mother in laws to get them set up. I dont have service here.

I got there and unwrapped them. I was SOOOO freakin excited. I have wanted one of these forever. No more trying to keep up with my calender, my grocery list, my todo list, forgetting who has to be where and not remembering birthdays!!

I had a titanium curve and a red pearl. They had sent the RIGHT phone to BR, and the WRONG phone to me. I spent a few hours playing with his, but since he wasnt sure he wanted it yet I didnt activate it. I called them about me getting the wrong phone and they said to take it back to a local shop and exchange it. Well the local shops were already closed. Of course the kids enjoyed the visit. They played all over and got filthy. Oh and since Brett and Matt had found the creek at Aunt Jeans when we were at her house and were soaked from the waist down, Brett changed clothes. Matt was not going to. Since all Martha had was few pairs of shorts. But Brett did. And he promptly fell headfirst into a bullnettle. With in 5 minutes he was covered in welps. BIG ones. from the bottom of his feet, to the side of his face, on his arms, his legs, his side. It looked like huge water blisters.

Some were so close to each other they just made one HUGE water blister. I gave him some bennadryl. And Matt offered to pee on him. But he decided to suffer in silence. I know he hurt. and was itching something feirce. Not long ago I compared them to jelly fish. And they really are lands equivalent. I almost felt sorry for him. BUT they were told to stay out of the horse pasture. Told to quit rough housing. And KNEW it was there. Matter of fact, he fell in cause they were daring each other to jump over the patch. it was a fairly large patch. He didnt make the jump.

I drove out to where he was unloading and let him have the phones. So he could play with it and see if he wanted it.

He called and told me that he couldnt imagine anyone wanting one, it was a waste of space, he didnt see how anyone would want a mini computer on their hip, that it was too much there and how stupid it was. I want it for the calender, the qwerty keyboard and thats about it. I dont plan on getting on the net. But I told him I would sell that one and get him what ever he wanted. he decided he would keep the curve.

I activated it on Sunday and played with it for a while. None of the local shops were open and so I couldnt trade in and activate mine. I spent the day bluetoothing everything he wanted to keep from his old phone to my old phone and then standing on my head in the yard to text them to the new blackberry cause my bluetooth will accept but not send. I really have NO service. Sometimes you can stand with one leg extended strait out, on top of a tree stump, with the phone pointed to the ground at a 47* angle and get a bar or two.

Well today I had to go to town, so I loaded up everything and called the local AT&T shops. They laughed at me. said they wouldnt trade in the phones. That was NOT how they made their money. So I called AT&T. 2 hours 23 minutes later I had a new curve coming to me ( they were out of red ones) and a return lable for the pearl and the air card. (come to find out it DOESNT work with no service. I tried to tell that guy that, but he insisted).

Then I worked on the yearbook all day. And I do mean ALL day. I have been inputting the pages into the computer for the last few weeks. its very agervating when you are on dial up.

When I finally got home, after running a dozen erronds I had 2 boxes sittin on the couch. So I opened them. They were the bluetooths that I had turned down during the conversation with one of the agents I talked to on Thursday. one for 147.95 the other 135.97. I looked them up on amazon. 67.99 and 55.99. I called AT&T back to get them returned.

I have now spent 3 hours plus on the phone with them. I couldnt get the return lable for the air card, the link in email was dead, so I got bounced around because someone was SURE that I could get service here, tech support just needed to tweak it. It took me over 2 hours and way too much listening to that really freakin perky woman talk about more bars in more places to have someone tell me I am screwed.

And it took FOREVER to find out that indeed they DID send out the wrong phone. THe only upside was, I got ALL americans. Seriously, no bangladesh, no ripoffastan, just plain on USofA people. that doesnt make up for the blackberry, bluetooth, curve, aircard fiasco. Its more of a Jam, cavity, hot air, circle of screwups situation. And I am betting it takes a clam less time to MAKE a pearl than it is taking me to GET RID of one.

OH and for my 6 plus hours on with them today I got a 25.00 credit and a 19.99 case for the blackberry that I am hoping comes soon. Not a red one, but one nonetheless. I think they could have done better. I have been a customer with them for over 8 years. And this is NOT how I feel I should be treated. I will be emailing them. But not tonight.

I am mentally exhausted. And would love to get a hold of that cheery little wench who never shuts up the WHOLE time you are on hold.

Oh and the ants had found my truck. I had to spray it today with poison. There is nothing worse than driving along and all of the sudden your feet get attacked by fire ants!

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