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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Come on little sheeps, Get in line now...

The kids were out playing a few days ago, as usual they tried to bring in their finds. This time it was a wasp nest. They brought me a decent sized one the other day, about the size of a box of kleenex. It was empty and I put it up on shelf. Very neat looking. Well this one wasnt empty. I told them to get it back outside. So they took it and went back out with it.

Then I see them playing with something a little while later. They had brought back in the larve. I thought I had explained to them that the larva would hatch out in the house and sting us all. But they just aint gona listen. I made them take that BACK outside.

Then Rayley came in the next day all upset. I couldnt understand what she was talking about, but she went and woke up the boys. Come to find out she had went out to the 'nursery' and the wasp larva was gone. She was all upset. wanting them to go and find more babies. They jumped up and started to head back out. I dont know what they think they are going to do. Raise up a baby wasp and teach it not to sting? Oh well, I will deal with that when they get stung. again. They have all been stung. And KNOW it hurts. You would think they would know better. But....

I have spent the last few days still killing ants. The boys came in and told me they had ants in their room. So I went and looked. Sure enough their wall had some and they were heading into the room. I told them to clean out around there and I would come and kill them. This took HOURS. And alot of threats from me. ALOT. once they got it looking clean I headed in there. Then looked under the beds. Now I know how they got their room looking so clean the other day. I made them clean up under there too. Sure enough, there were ants all under there. I tried to explain to them that anything I sprayed had to be thrown away. They just dont listen.

I dont let my kids eat anywhere but the kitchen. They still had crumbs in their rooms. That just irks me.

And speaking of eating in the kitchen. TWICE today I cleaned up spilled sugar. I guess someone taught them to put it on the cornflakes I bought. I cleaned it up the first time, ( I have been having to clean it up and telling them daily to quit making that mess) well, then when I went back tonight to clean after supper I found they had made another mess. I dont know what they did with this sugar, cause they are only allowed cereal once a day. In the morning. So I emptied out the canister and put a note in there. I told them they would not get any more sugar. I put it in a ziploc bag and in a high cabinet.

Then as I was cleaning I found hugs bottles, and spilled hugs, and half full ones. I wrote a note. It says :you are not allowed to have anymore hugs (the kooliade/juice things they drink), I told them what I had cleaned up and what I had thrown away. Then I said there was a pitcher of water and 3 glasses. That is what they are to use.

I got a phone call from a friend today. She wanted me to look online at the local paper. Seems last night our school board had decided to impliment a uniform for our kids. No warning, no advanced notice, just do it and damn the taxpayers.

they have to wear oxford shirts or collared pullovers. in 6 colors, maroon, grey, black, orange, yellow or green. And they have to wear navy or kahki pants or shorts, or skirts. It starts in 5th grade and goes to 12th.

I am BEYOND pissed. I dont let my kids dress inappropriatly. Their clothes FIT, they dont show their underwear, they are properly groomed (bzz cuts and all). I dont appriciate someone else telling ME that my kids cant dress like they always have. Jeans and boots. The shirts I dont really have a problem with. Except there are no girl colors. (for when Rayley gets up there, not for the boys). My kids do wear those types of shirts. Heck, up until this last semester they only wore a T shirt one day a week, the rest of the week they wore button up shirts. But they outgrew them and all I could find on the clearence racks were T shirts. And that was really just the last few 6 weeks. I dont let them wear anything in public that I wouldnt let them wear to church.

But we are not preppy, and they specifically said ".... a casual buisiness enviroment' My kids are KIDS, in school, they are NOT employees in an office setting.

And they wear JEANS and BOOTS. Matt wont wear ANYTHING other than Jeans and Boots. He wont even wear shorts if its 110* outside. There is NO way he is gona wear dockers, or cheeno's or what ever in the hell you call them. And they sure as HELL wont wear loafers.

And I am NOT going to make them do it. They deserve to be their own people. I pay for them to go to that school with MY tax dollars. They had no right to just decide they were going to take away my childrens individuality.

And the arguments about someone picking on them becuase of teh clothes they wear? well I was poor. I wore jeans and boots or homemade clothes. I NEVER got picked on. This is a country town. Sure there are kids wearing hillfigure, or gap, or what ever. But there are also kids wearing jeans and boots. And Matts boots are ariats, they dont get any more expensive than that.

I dont want to raise sheep. I want them to be themselves. Matt LOVES to wear overalls. Regular jean overalls, pin striped conductor overalls ( those are his sunday go to meetin overalls), it doesnt matter, he LOVES them. All the old timers here wear them. You can go to a funeral and folks have them on. They are clean, they are pressed, but they are what those men wear.

Their daddy has one pair of shorts, and doesnt wear them in public, he sleeps in them. when he gets dressed its jeans, boots and a shirt. you wont see him any other way. They are the same way.

To make them be someone differnt isnt fair to them. If the schools have a problem with people letting their pants droop downa nd showing their underwear, then BY GOD, tell them to pull them up. Dont like the T-shirts with sayings? then dont let them wear them.

But dont try to make them all look like stepford children just because you think it looks more professional. And its not even as much my boys. What about my girl? she has to dress like a boy? look like she works at walmart? (their uniforms are blue shirts and kahki pants). SHe is a girl. SHe loves colors, and skirts, and shoes. She has to look like one of the other drones just to be educated?

THere are some moms that are already online trying to find the uniforms. They say "well whats done is done, we cant change it" uhhhhhh... if they told you right now to bring all your guns and money to the court house square and turn it in would you just do that with out a fight?

We are becoming a society of wimps. Not standing up for ourselves or what we belive in. we are just letting others make our decsions for us and accepting that they know best. Its sad. And scary. Stand up. if something pisses you off, BY GOD say something. Dont just sit there and hope it all gets better. The only thing worse than being a push over is teaching your kids its okay to be a push over. or that they should strive to be like everyone else.

I am not sure what can be done, but I am going to try to do something. You can tell me that its easier, its cheaper, its this or that. No, its someone telling me that I cant raise and dress my children they way I see fit. Its someone telling my children that being themselves and having confidence in who they are is NOT valid. That they need to look and act like everyone else. My kids wear a white undershirt. tuck in their outershirts, wear a belt, and have holes in the knees of their jeans. They are KIDS.

As far as being cheaper? No, its more expensive. I would have to shell out for these uniforms. THEN buy them clothes to actually wear. That would mean an extra load of laundry a day. They would have to come in and change out of their clothes for school into jeans and shirts and going out to play.

How in the hell is it easier? because thats all there is in teh closet? or because mommy's dont have to think?

And what the hell are they going to do in the winter? tell me to buy my kids a kahki 'members only' jacket? If they are worried about gangs, then what will keep these kids from wearing a certain team jacket? Mine wear camoflage. its a twofer. they have to have them for hunting and need a jacket for school. So I buy them a camo jacket and they are set.

Can they not wear a dallas cowboys jacket? Or their hoodies? sometimes its not real cold,(or they loose their jackets) they just throw on a hoodie. So they cant wear them anymore?

and as far as if they all look the same they wont pick on each other, are you telling me the rich kids shirts wont have a horse and rider? or an aligator? their pants wont have that little tag that makes them cost 60.00 a peice? Bull crap. They WILL.

I have already bought next years clothes on clearence. thats how I do it. All I have to buy is their jeans. WRANGLES. 14.00.

I am sorry, I am just so pissed about this, I cant belive that someone else is taking it upon themselves to dictate the colors my kids can wear. I am all for a dress code. Dont mind the silly little rules, but a uniform is going above and beyond. I want to know if the teachers have to wear it too? or do they get to wear their cutsie little skirts and appliqued shirts? Do they get to wear the multicolored scarfs and pinks and reds?

or do they have to pick from the drab colors? The lack of fashion and comfort. Are they still going to get to wear jeans all week? while my kids are having to wear those stupid slacks?

Anyway, Bow is doing great. He is such a sweet baby, but he WONT get still, he NEVER sits still. you are constantly wrassilin him. But I am realizing (as I do with each kid) that I miss remembering so much. I dont remember Brett being this small, or Matt, or Rayley. I dont even remember Bow as an infant. He is bound and determined to walk. He hasnt gotten very far. But he keeps trying to let go of the furniture. And he has his top two teeth coming in.

Rayley is enjoying her big brothers being home. Most of the time. It doesnt matter what they do. She is going to be right in the middle of it. ANd when they go outside and get hot and take off their shirts, she takes hers off right along side them. I just let her. She will realize soon enough that she cant. But right now it makes her feel like she is one of them.
Of course they always take them off outside and loose them. I have to send them back out to get them all the time.

Today was the first day in weeks that I didnt battle fireants here in the house. I saw one or two. But didnt trace them. I just wasnt up for it. every day I have found them in a differnt place. Its really driving me crazy. We put out poisen under the house. I sprayed all the grass/weeds around the house to kill them, maybe with out the grass/weeds, they wont have a place to hide. I have ant traps to put outside once I get the weeds/grass dead. and I swear I have sprayed poisen on every baseboard and ceiling board that I can find.

Oh and I am going to be painting Rayleys room soon. Hot pink, Lime Green and purple. I cant wait. well I can. I hate to paint. But it will be so cute. I am fixing to have to paint all the walls here. They are light tan. it just drives me nuts. I want it to reflect US. like our clothes do. Not be nuetral and 'fit everyone'.

I would like to fiqure out a way for me to get her room done and her not be here to see it in progress. Maybe I can get her at someone's house the day and night I do it. Of course I know it will take more than one day. Especially with Bow. He wont let me do anything for more than 10 minutes with out deciding he needs to nurse, or just needs to be held. He is quite the little monster that way.

Maybe I can talk someone into coming and help me. I know better than to ask BR. If I did he would end up telling me what all I am doing wrong. and what I should be doing. and blah blah blah. :)


Tara said...

Oh I would be pissed about the uniforms too. Certainly sounds more expensive to me, that's like another whole wardrobe. I hope you raise hell over it!

I love your "new" Easter pic!

Connie said...

This is an awesome post! You are amazing!

maidto5 said...

LOL Tara, Kinda old huh? but they were clean and one wasnt crying or mad. Its rare ;)

And I dont knwo what I am going to do yet. I am just blown away.

Connie, Thank you
So much, Thank you. :)