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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dave Balter's new book,

I had the opportunity to read this book in PDF format. Its free to Download and not a bad read.
You can Download it here,
or buy it for 45.00 from amazon.

I do disagree with a few of his statements, (crocs are NOT ugly, they are an aquired taste, like Lobster. But he was right. I sold countless pairs, just by having strangers walk up and ask me why in the hell I would wear such an ugly shoe and taking it off for them to try on.) And I am a little disapointed by his lack of disucst at the tickle me elmo craze... Cabbage patch kids were more my era....
I wont ruin the rest of the book for you, but will tell you he touches on the differnt word of mouth types.

Its a no brainer for people like me, I do it naturally. Its just the way I am. Let me get good service or a great product and I tell lots of people. Let me get shoddy service or a bad product and I tell EVERYONE who will stand still. Loudly.

But in general anyone wanting to utilize word of mouth for their product would benifit from Dave's expertise. He did after all get millions to work for free, me included, in his company 'bzzagent'.

He has turned the simple word of mouth into a multi million dollar company..
Could you do the same?

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