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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The painting has started. and its too late to turn back.

Got woke up at 8:03 Monday morning. I knew it wasnt a bill collector, they are not allowed to call before 8:30. Nope, instead I heard "Michelle, this is Sarah, I have a Hardware Store mysteryshop, its due today, can you do it?"
Now I hate doing mystery shops for this store. Cause here lately they have been sucking on the service. and you have to type up alot on them. Then she said "it pays 35.00"

So I decided to do the mystery shop. Heck, I had to go to the hardware store anyway. I needed tape to paint, and some sand paper.

I worked on the yearbook till around 3. and Bow got real cranky, so I had to leave and the other girls had to finish. I felt real quilty about that, but he wouldnt let me do any work anyway, and with such a tight deadline we were all on edge. Having a whining baby there wasnt doing anyone any good.

I went and did a little grocery shopping, and then to my shop. Then I rushed home. It was already after 5 and I had to pick up my neice and drop off my kids with my mother in law. Cause my other sister in law would be here soon to do the room.

I got the furniture moved around and in the middle of the room, fed Bow, ate a little bite and tried to make myself get up and get started.

This is why I really wanted my sister in law to help me. I just dont have motivation. BUT if someone is here, I will work my rear off.

And work we did. We started about 6. ANd the kids came home around 9. we were working at getting as much done as possible. We stopped at 2am with just a second coat on the doors needed, touch ups on 2 walls (green ones), a second coat on one wall (pink), the trim, and left the second pink wall half done.

I tried to stay ahead of them doing the trim, and then actually trimming out the walls, so the rolling was easier. I fell into bed at 3am. The alarm went off at 5:30. I didnt hear it until 5:59. I got up and turned it off and told myself that I better sleep while I can, I have to get up at 5:45 and wake the kids. They were going to daycare today for an outing to a pizza joint. Then it hit me. THAT had been the alarm.

So I got up and tried to convince them to get up. I tried twice. On the second try Rayley popped up. So I went ahead and got her dressed. She asked me why the boys wernt up yet, (they all slept here in the living room since I had her room all torn up, and their room was full of the crap I couldnt leave in her room.)
I told her they had ignored me, and I had told them last night I wouldnt keep at them to wake up. Brett immediatly jumped up.

Matt was still out. I decided to let him sleep. He will learn. Then the kids started to argue, Bow woke up and Matt pulled the covers down and told them to shut up. ANd asked me why noone would let him sleep. I told him it was his own fault. They were going to fun planet today.

He got up. He couldnt belive I hadnt woken him up. I tried to explain taht I had told him last night at 1:30, when he just WOULDNT go to sleep, that I would try once and that was it. Heck, I had tried twice.

I had to go and dig Rayley out clothes, her dresser was pushed up against her bed and the drawers faced the bed. I didnt plan that very well.

I managed to get them dressed and off. Then I tried to convince Bow to go back to sleep. Aparently it worked. I woke up at 10. I woke up and my first thought was I needed to call a friend of mine. I had really left her in a lurch yesterday with the yearbook. I was just sitting down with my Dr Pepper and the phone rang. It was her. She told me she had tried to call earlier. But maybe she had dialed the wrong number. I told her she must have. I always wake up if the phone rings.

We talked a little while and Amanda called, she was headed into town and wanted to know if I needed anything. She was coming over to finish helping me in the room as soon as she got back.

I sat around for a little while. Trying to rest up. And she showed up around noon. We got started shorly there after. At 6 she left. She has to work tomorrow. So that left me with a second coat on the pink wall, and a second coat on places, on the green wall.

I decided to do the green first, since we had painted the pink while she was here. There was BARELY enough to cover. I am still not sure I got all the spots. I ended up getting a spoon and digging the last of the paint out to put in a jelly jar. There is maybe 3 oz left. I guess I calculated that one pretty good. then I got up on the ladder and touched up in the corners and under the baseboard thing at the celing. I was literly scraping the bottom of the barrel for it. I have a feeling the purple will be the same way. I just need enough to get a few flowers on each wall. But I will be pushing it to do that.

The kids have been begging me to paint. So I relented. But first I got the sand paper and told them they would have to sand the dresser.

I wasnt going to paint the dresser today. or even this week. But then I got to thinking about it. The dark blue was beautiful, but in her new room it stuck out like a sore thumb. ANd if I didnt get it done TODAY, I knew that my lazines would win out and I would NEVER get it done. She would just have a Dark Blue dresser in a bright pink room. I also didnt want it pink. But I think it will work. Since its going against the green wall.

So, the kids got to sand and paint. They jumped on it like a chicken on a June bug. Then they realized sanding was a PITA.

I told them that unless they sanded they didnt get to paint. SO they did. Then I gave each one a brush and some pink paint. I wish I had done it purple. But I knew I wouldnt have enough purple paint if I did that. I had only bought a quart and it was almost gone. Those doors took alot more than I thought they would. I have GOT to find my paint chips. I will have to have more purple to do shelves with. and I want to match that one perfectly. If I cant find my paint chips I will have to pick a differnt purple, I guess I can go with a light purple. But with the other colors being so bright I didnt want to.

About the time I got them all settled in, told them NOT to get ANY pink paint on my green walls, showed them what to do and bitched about the paint runs, BR called. And Bow was already screaming. He wanted attention ... NOW>..

So I gathered up Bow and came in here for a few minutes to talk. When I went back in there Matt had pink paint all OVER the green wall, he had done an awful job, Brett had pink drips EVERYWHERE, and Rayley's actually looked GREAT. I cleaned up that mess, made the boys watch Bow, and then made them clean up all their painting tools.

While I had been talking to BR he mentioned that it was Tuesday. and he forgot his uniforms. Every week, on the same day he is supposed to turn in his uniforms for them to be washed.

Since I have done my share of laundry in the last week I was bound and determined to NOT wash these. I loaded them, the kids and myself up in the truck and drove the 8 miles to the yard. I threw them in the back of his truck and left a note on the windshiled.

The kids all walked in the door, went to the bathroom and went strait to bed, I kid you not. Rayley is the only one who got back up, and that was to kiss me goodnight. Bow had went to sleep on the way there, and woke up when we got home. But he just layed on the other end of the couch and played quietly with a toy. I was afraid he wouldnt go to sleep. But he eventually did.

I went back in and put a second coat on the dresser. Right as I was finishing up, the cat came in and stood on one of the drawers to stick her nose to the front of the unit. 4 paw prints and a nose print that I have to clean up now. It really needed a basecoat. But 3 coats should cover it. I hope. That and the flowers are all I have to do tomorrow. I am so excited to get it done. I hope it all dries good enough for me to get the room back in order. I cant wait to put up some pictures.

And now I have put my roller and brush in the freezer, put the lids on the paints, and have fallen alseep while I type this 3 times. I dont even have the energy for a shower. And my hair is pink. I leaned my head up against a freshly painted wall. sadly, it was one I had just painted. I cant even blame it on my sister in law.
That would explain if any sentences are all screwed up, the more than normal typo's and any rambiling I have done.

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