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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snake traps, Teething Tables, and High Heels.

Bow has started cribbing. For those of you not familier with this, its where a horse will chew on its stall walls. Well, much as I would love to put my kids in a barn, I dont have one anymore, so Bow has opted for the coffee table. I put him down on the floor to play yesterday and was washing dishes. He started to whine, and by the time I got in here he was quiet. I decided to look anyway, and he was chewing on the coffee table. I am sure there are lots of reasons I shouldnt let him do this. But he would rather have my arm or the coffee table instead of a nice teething ring.

I was sitting here on the couch last night and had my legs kinda stretched out, he was laying on them and started to chew, I swear my pants leg from the knee down was sopping wet within 3 minutes. I just THANK GOD for Hylands teething tabs. those things are a life savior. All my kids were raised on them and symethicone. Anytime you are invited to a baby shower, buy those. Forget the cutsie outfits that cost 30.00 and the silver rattle. Buy the poor woman diapers, teething tabs and the cheap symethicone, you dont have to buy brand name mylacon. She will thank you for years to come!!

Every morning around here we have a ritual. Rayley wakes up, and before she even stretches she wants breakfast. Then she wants to know what she is going to wear today.

"MoooooM, what can I wear today?"
I dont care Rayley, we arent going anywhere.
"Why not?"
We dont need to
"what should I wear?"
what ever you want.
"what is pretty?"
Everything you have, why dont we just stay in PJ's today?
alright, well just stay in the play clothes drawer
"Can I go to daycare?"
"why not?"
Cause I said
"will you find me something to wear?"
what do you want to wear?
"a skirt"
okay, go put on your cheerleading suit
"which one"
which ever one you want
"BUT which ONE?"
the Dallas Cowboys
"I dont wana"
then the bulldog one
"its not pretty"
Then what do you want to wear?
"my ballarina skirt"
FIne, put it on
"what shoes match it?"

It doesnt matter what I tell her to put on, she refuses to wear it, or if she does she changes 20 minutes later. I dont know why she asks.
But what really gets me is when she tries to make ME change
"are you gona get drssed?"
Cause I aint going anywhere
"why not?"
There is no where to go
"what if someone comes over?"
what if they do?
"your not wearing a skirt"
NOPE, and I aint gona
Noone died
"well someone somewhere did."
"so you need to get dressed, so you can be pretty"
I thought I was pretty
"only with makeup on and nice clothes"
Rayley go away
cause you are getting on my nerve (this is NOT a typo, I only have one nerve, and its in danger of being damaged)
"so your not gona get dressed?
NO, go play
"but I cant"
why not?
"cause I'm not dressed"


and she is always wearing highheals or hard soled shoes in the house. Then stomps into the kitchen.
the noise is sooo loud. ANd with her daddy trying to sleep I try to keep her out of there. but I will hear the clackity clack, clack, and holler out "rayley, are you in the kitchen with your heals on again?"
I will hear her stomp/run out and then holler back "NO!"

Matt came home from school yesterday with a necklace thing on. I asked where he got it. He told me he won it. I asked how, he had been in ISS for 2 days. He said his class drawing.
I repeated myself about the ISS, he tells me, well we go back to class before the day is over and they drew the name out of the ticket jar and I won. They get a ticket when they do something good, (yep, more of that 'pat them on the head cause they didnt set the school on fire' type stuff), and they put them in a jar, to be drawn from. I asked him how he had gotten to put something in the good deed jar when he was in trouble all week.
He said "I dont know, I just did, and my name was drawn"

Great, my kid shows deplorable behavior, gets licks and ISS and then gets his name drawn in the class prize for the good deed jar. Thats the way to teach him to respect others and only hard work and doing right will be rewarded.

Last night he had baseball practice, this one went real well. There are still some kinks to be worked out for the whole team, but he is coming along okay. He does need to work on his throwing. And learn exactly what short stop does. But he is catching on. Its really his first year in the infield. Last year he played left field ( which was suprisingly fitting for him, in more ways that one. But its always nice when someone asks "where's matt?" and you can say "He's off in left feild" I always got a sadistic kick out of it anyway) But he was really good. He always knew when to back up 1st base, and the few times we were far enough ahead and he came to the infield he could play the other posistions pretty good. He knew to cover the plate when he was pitcher and such. He has a good arm, but his aim is a little off. If we could just get the arm right he might be good enough to enjoy little league.

I had to cut Bretts hair last night too. He had pictures at school today. I forgot to email his teacher and make sure he turned in his money for the class picture. I will have to make sure of that. I know him, he more than likely forgot.

He had practice tonight, and BR stayed home from work long enough to go with us. We went early so he could help them a little. He hit some pop fly's to them and tried to help Brett catch them. Then we had a scrimage. Bretts first time at bat he didnt do so well. He hung in there to a full count the his last ball was a ball, but his coach wasnt walking anyone tonight so he had to go and sit down. His second at bat was better, He got another full count and hit the last one, it went right for 1st base, and ended up beating him there. He did have an assist in the outfield though. He will be playing center feild. Last year he played right field. (not as funny, but still fitting)

BR is gona take them tomorrow back to town and pitch to them. Matt needs more practice on the pitchin machine, but we dont have access to one. Brett needs to be pitched to cause the league he is in has kids pitchin. I think we have it made against this team in the regular season. Our pitcher hit 2 of the first 4 up to bat, so the rest were scared of him. As long as they stay that way we should have our bluff in on them. He didnt do it on purpose, but shoot, its 9 and 10 year olds, these kids cant even hit the toilet when they pee, how are they gona not hit a kid up to bat every once in a while?

Bow was an angel the whole 4 hours we were at the park. Oh he wouldnt stay in his stroller, but he didnt fuss. He just wanted to stand up and watch the kids. Brett is still mad cause he cant use that bat we have here. Before we left he had a drama queen moment. He is basicly mad cause he doesnt have a bat he can use in this league. Oh well. I will buy one soon, but want him to show he can use one first.

The kids were also excited tonight. it was the last day of school for 12 days.
I am not sure we will all survive it with out the need for strait jackets and prozac. I just hope the weather holds. I know in my heart it wont. It will get cold before the week is out. Good Friday hasnt came yet. But it was 82 today and is threating to be 88 tomorrow. :(

When we got home tonight at 9 Matt was asleep, I woke him up and told him to go inside. He jumped out and said "I need to check my snake trap!"

Come to find out when they were playing before we went to practice today I told them to watch out for snakes. SO Matt decided to set a trap to see if he could catch one. And he involved Rayley. He informed me it was his goal before he went back to school.

He caught a scorpion on Wend. so he thinks he has mastered the snare. We shall see how this plays out.

I tried to tell him that the scorpion was a fluke, but he wouldnt belive me. I just HOPE it was a fluke. I have a feeling we made a mistake in letting them grow up watching Steve Erwin!

The first thing Rayley asked when he came in was about their snake trap. She was so disapointed when she found out it didnt work.

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