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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

gloves and balls and where they should and shouldnt be

The Byerly 4, coming to destroy a town near you!

This one was taken when Bow was about a week old. He has alredy doubled in size.
This one was about a month ago.

They really all do look alike. And just like their daddy. I just wish their mom would step forward.

It doesnt matter what I do, I cant get all 4 to smile at the same time, or have their eyes open. Or even have a real smile. Usually its some fake, forced smile. I hate it!
This week is class pictures for both boys. I never know how these are going to turn out. Usually they are pretty good, except the class picture. Matt usually makes a face. ON PURPOSE!

This morning BR came home from work right about the time I should have been waking up and getting the boys ready. He turned off my alarm and did it for me.

I woke up to "are you boys ready?" "what about shoes?" & "Brett, go see how cold it is outside, you really should wear a long sleeve shirt"

I opened my eyes. They were MUCH more interested in Robin Hood with Kevin Costner on TV. I never turn on the TV in the mornings. Even the news will distract them.

I looked over at Matt, he had on the same shirt as yesterday. It was a button up cowboy shirt. I told him to go and change. He came out 5 minutes later in the SAME Shirt. I told him again to go and change.

This time he was gone for about 3 minutes, came back out and had 2 T shirts in his hands.
"well which one CAN I wear UNDER this shirt".
I explained I didnt care what shirt he wore UNDERNEATH. I meant the long sleeve shirt he had on top. It was the same one he wore yesterday.

He looked all perplexed.
I started to describe it.
Brown shirt, button up, pearl buttons....

OH, he says... nope, this one just came out of the closet. I wore Bretts yesterday, this one is mine.

I promise, its like being pecked to death by chickens..

I told him to find another shirt, He had went through 2 T shirts already, now he comes out in a 3rd..

Brett was sitting on the coffee table with his arms in his shirt, he was cold.

I asked why they didnt have on jackets. Cause it was gona get hot this afternoon. and they didnt want to have to keep up with them.

Its 55 outside, but they will freeze instead of carry a little responsibility?

alright. knock yourself out.

BR asked again if they had thier shoes on. Matt still didnt.
Then he got up and went into the kitchen. He actually got into the cookie and brownie stash and offered each boy one for their lunch. OMG! like they need extra sugar at school!!

For some reason Matt hates oatmeal cream cookies. He says the sight of them make him puke. I am betting he got into some and ate the whole box to keep the others from getting any. Thus the adverse reaction... I love it!

OH and I found out why my dishwasher overflowed the other night. Come to find out, they fiqured if they put dishwashing soap AND a dishwasher cube thingy in there it would clean the dishes they didnt want to rinse. NOPE. but it explains why the glasses had big peices of food in them. dried on stuck food.

It took me an hour to rewash them and put them BACK in the dishwasher. A smarter person would not let them help load the dishwasher again. I aint that person. next time they will wash it all.

I found Bow a new toy today. HE LOVES the ceiling fan! I had such high hopes for this one. But it seems he is just like his brothers... Next thing you know he will be laughing at his own farts. which is bad. cause he goes through alot of diapers. Noisily..

Did I mention that I had to buy this kid 6mo to 1 year old socks? yep. last month.. he is ONLY 4 months old. Oh well he should be big enough to beat up his brothers soon.

I have baseball tonight so I better go and get ready. I need to find a sweat suit that fits. I am tired of wearing too little jeans.

When the boys got home from school I told them they had 30 minutes to eat and get ready for ball. If they were not ready I was not getting off my rear and taking them.
They played around, 1/2 dresed, 1/2 their crap together. Matt kept wanting to play with Bow while all he had on was his baseball pants. I told each one what to get, what to wear and to hurry.

with a minute to go they decided they were ready. I put on some sweats, brushed my hair, got the make up out from under my eyes and off we went. Sorta.
I got in the truck and there was an argument. A whispered argument. I asked what was up. they wouldnt tell me. I finaly found out they could only find 2 gloves. Both boys and I have identical gloves. I told them to go find the other glove, they had 3 minutes.
NO glove. Since I had taken the time to get dressed I told them to get in the truck and since they couldnt find the glove they would clean the living room and their bedroom to find it.
I would let one use my glove.
Well it was another muddy mess up there tonight. I dropped Brett off at practice and went to Matts feild. I parked well away from the fowl balls that were being hit and then we went over to the batting cages. There was no way a ball could be hit out of them.

There was literly water STANDING 3 inches deep. the kids loved it. They were all a muddy mess. I hated it. cause they would come tromping by and splash you with mud.

I got out the babies stroller and found the other glove. it had been put in the basket.

Well, I was laughing about that when I looked out on the feild. Matt had NOT worn his leggins. he had on white ankle socks. If I had just known I could be at home. where its warm and dry.

I was BSin with a few moms, hollerin at Hoover to keep his arm up and his feet square when someone told me that my windshield was busted. We were sitting on the tailgate! We all just laughed. then looked. Yep. BUSTED.

I really dont know how it happened. There is no feasable explination. But this truck is really my pride and joy. I dont love it as much as I loved my old black one, but I do love it. There are 2 reasons, One, the notes. I hate having a truck note, although we got it real cheap, its still a note. and Two, Its pristine, I have never had anything that wasnt preowned and had a ding or two. Oh yea, and its white. I hate white. BR says its cause it doesnt stand out. and he is right. I want a yellow one :)
I have never had a new truck. Still havent. but it was only 2 years old when I got it. Its a F350 turbo deisel, 4 door, 4 wheel drive, Doulley, short wheel base. That in itself is hard to come by, and if you have ever driven a 4 door truck you will appriciate the differnce. My old black one was not 4 wheel drive and it was long wheel based. And not having 4 wheel drive in a truck like this is just DUMB. 2 inches of mud and you are stuck. I promise. BR has done it. :)

ANYWAY. I was a tad bit upset. BUT not really. I mean I know its gona cost a bundle to fix. and I cant afford it. I just hope I can get away with leaving it as it is. But I knew BR would be PISSED. I am not real sure why. I do remember this is the same guy that in that very same ballpark hit a homerun and busted out someones windshield. didnt bust it , he BUSTED it OUT. I was right, he was. wanted to know if I knew who did it. NOPE. then he wanted to know why I didnt know. .... cause I dont have a dash cam? heck I belive it happened while we were in the stands. We had been in the stands before we went to the batting cages. we were a ways away from the trucks and couldnt have heard it just hitting the glass.

I think now I want to find one of those baseballs that looks like its in your windshield and put it there on the spot. I think that is more fitting than to actually fix it.
Plus if I fix it I am betting it will get busted out for sure next time. Those balls have a way of knowing whats new and whats not.

oh and Matts coach told me that Matt needed batting gloves. Ummmm NOPE. I aint spending 15.00 per kid (cause if you buy one you gotta buy two) cause he aint grippin the bat tight enough and is not hittin the ball solid. There is a reason for the vibrations, its cause you are doing it wrong. :) between the 130.00 sign up fee, 100.00 a week in gas, new bat, cleats, and gatorades I am all cashed out.
OH and add a new windshield..

Anyway, I am muddy, the kids are asleep and my supper of cheeto's is gone. ( I love my new chip diet) I think I am going to enjoy the peace and quiet.
But I do want to say Thank YOU! to all the people who have voted for me! (((hugs)))


Audrey said...

I am absolutely exhausted reading about a day in your life :) I so love your blog Chelle.

Tara said...

I love your blog too, if only I could get more than 3 minutes at a time to sit and read it, lol.

I tried to vote for you twice- it wouldn't let me register, I'll try again tomorrow. You should definitely win in the humor dept.

maidto5 said...

audrey, LOL thats why I drink LOTS of DR Pepper! :) or maybe thats why things are kinda funny. 4 or 5 hours of sleep make you delirious! ;) and thank you! :)

Tara, Thanks, and I understand. Its the same around here. sorry you couldnt log in.. :( that sucks! But thank you for trying! :)

I am really still amazed that anyone would enjoy reading about my day. Then I realze, I do it too. I look at other people and say "OH THANK YOU GOD!, I am SOOO glad I wasnt dumb enough to put myself in THAT situation! :)" LOL
So I reckon if I help just one person... ;) LOL