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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve Gift

I have to type fast. I am exhausted.

Santa still hasnt came, and cant till the kids fall asleep. its currently 1:24am.

BUT the kids are awake causeI made them. Seriously.

See, BR decided last night that he was going to go and put in his 8 hours starting at midnight tonight. be home by 8. Well, my kids wake up unassisted by 6:30 max. SO, I have to keep them awake for a while.

The bad thing is, he WONT be home by 8. He has to work 8 hours. He will be home before 9. IF he is starting at midnight. Sadly, he didnt start at midnight. He came home from working today around 3:30. SO then he was up for a little while, then went in to take a nap. Set his alarm for 11:15. It went off till 12:45. I did go and wake him at 11:30. He rolled over and hit snooze. So, now he wont be home for hours. And I have to fiqure out how to keep kids who are sure to wake up BEFORE 9:30, away from their gifts.

AND, I have a FULL day. Its one of those "hurry up and wait" days.

We did get the lemon cake done tonight. Matt made it. And BRett made the PUnkin Pie. They both turned out great. I still have the tater salad, and the Turkey. Which means I have to be up at 5am to do those.

AND once the kids DO get up, they have to hurry and unwrap their Santa presents and those from my inlaws, so they can go to my mothers, unwrap hers, and then we can load up and go to my sister in laws. Luckily everyone is close. BUT it would be nice to not have to do all of that BEFORE 11:30. Specially since they are not going to sleep till 2.

Rayley has been asleep. Since around 11:00. So I am afraid she will be up with the crack of dawn.

I would just lay down and take a quick nap, but what if I oversleep and Santa doesnt come before the kids wake up? I cant send them back to bed for a do over..

I am just VERY thankful that my Mother in law brought over the kids presents. Thats one less house I have to venture out to. Of course she will be at Amandas. But still.

they came over tonight. My inlaws, and mother. I had made chili, but somehow, for the first time in my life I screwed it up so bad it was not ediable. I kid you not. And you CANT screw up chili. or at least not the kind I make. ANd its not the fact that I invited people over that couldnt eat supper cause there was none that bothers me. Its the fact that I made 8 pounds of meat to go in it. That plus the spices makes it 35.00 worth of slop... I am HIGHLY agetated about that!

And before you ask, yes, Christmas Eve 'family time' was just what I was expecting.
I was about to hyperventalate before it was over.

Oh here is the picture that I managed to get.
well both of them...

I am not happy. I would like, just once to have a nice picture of them all. Smiling, sitting up strait, looking at the camera.

When Matt put in his cake, I had made it into a bundt cake, and it overflowed. ALL over the bottom of the stove! It smelled like I was sacrificing lemons for a good 3 hours.

The boys and I did have fun tonight. We ate popcorn, drank sodas and watched the Santa Clause 2 and 3.

Before that we went to the Greats houses (my 2 great aunts) And gave them their gifts. They also got a few little things. We visited with them and went by my Grandfathers. I really miss spending Christmas with him. But its hard to go for Christmas dinner in a house you dont feel comfertable in. Its like knocking on a strangers door and inviting yourself in. I dont even like for my kids to open their fridge. And thats NOT the kind of family we have ever been. When they go to a greats house, one gets bowls, one gets the ice cream, and the other gets spoons. They are comfertable there. Which is how it should be.

At my grandfathers they got their boots, and Rayley got some new clothes. She will be able to wear them next winter if she gains a little weight. But thats cool, its school clothes I dont have to buy!

OH and she DID ask about her boots today!! I assured her that Santa knew, and was working overtime to get her size. I just PRAY they fit!!

The boys decided they wanted me to exchange their boots for ones with more loud tops. They both got a brown upper and a redish boot top. They want a flashier color. I told them not to just pick what ever was there. That we could find something else. But they NEVER listen. SO of course that means dear old mom gets to do MORE returns!!

I just checked. its 1:44 and the boys are already out. So I shut the door. The way our house is, their rooms are RIGHT off the living room. meaning you can see right in here.

I shut their door, I will give them a few more minutes and then try to get stuff in here. This is the scariest part. I always dread it. What if they catch me? I dont want to be caught. That is my BIGGEST fear!!

I guess its been the biggest fear of folks for years though.

And I just KNOW I will wake up Bow. I stupidly got him to sleep on the floor and hes RIGHT in front of the tree.

Well its 2:22 and I am DONE. I got it all out, I think... I hope.. LOL

And BR called. He told me that under NO circumstances were we to leave the house on Christmas next year. PERIOD. He said they could come over. They could even be here at dawn to see what Santa brought, but any family that wants us on Christmas is coming to OUR house. Its not fair on the kids, and its not fair to me. (wow... That last part shocked me)
He said if all works out and we have the room built, that I can host it again, but even if not, he would NOT allow the kids to leave all their stuff next year. I am quite sure this will piss off someone. But, oh well.. and I agree. They know who gave them something, even if that someone is NOT handing it to them, saying "I GAVE THIS TO YOU".

Oh, and I put in the Turkey. And now I am going to sleep :) The alarm is set for 5:30. and thats 3 hours.

I just pray he comes home before they wake up... I really do!!

Oh and here is your bit of Trivia for the day :)

IN my family, for my whole life, its been a game to try and call family members and be the first to say "Christmas Eve Gift", if you are able to be the first to say it, then the person you said it to owes you a little gift. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just something :)

I got got today. I was not thinking, I had already anwsered my phone about 7 times saying "Christmas Eve Gift" 3 of them were recordings, a few were bill collectors, and one was a wrong number. None of them gave me anything... Then my Aunt called me! She got me!

Anyway, its a tradition, My granparents have done it forever, they did it before phones, when you had to walk to someones house to tell them "CHristmas Eve Gift"

So, although mine to you is a little late, I did still get you :)

I hope yours is MErry, Full of love and laughter and you are able to remember it for many years to come. Good Night and God Bless!

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