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Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis the season for giving?

So please give me a break! or at least dont give me a headache..

Okay, Not gona whine today. I swear. I am not. This is a full fledge rant.. Just kidding. But it was an interesting day.

I actually got a phone call from my grandfather that summed it up perfectly. I was trying to return some boots that I had gotten for Rayley.

and it was pretty late in my day.

But, I'll just let you judge for yourself.

"Hey Hunney"
"how'd you know it was me?"
"I am physic., or physicotic, or have caller ID, you take your pick"
(laughter from those around me at the counter)
"what are you doing?"
"I am returning a pair of boots, why, whats up?" (do you notice a pattern here??)
"whats up? you need me to do something?"
"well, .... where are you?"
"oh, shoot, so am I"
"really? where :) "
"the eye doctor, where are your kids?"
"with me, why, whats up?"
"you poor thing.. all 4 of them, are you crazy, ALL FOUR?"
"yep. What 'cha need me to do?"
"what about your mom? Is she home? or do you know where she is?"
"yep, she is in my truck"
"OH... I am so sorry"
"Yeah, me too.. so, is everything okay?" (maybe a differnt tactic will work...)
"Seriously? you have ALL 4 kids AND your mom?"
"yep. So your news aint NOWHERE near as bad as this day has been"
"what deal did you make with the devil to be coerced into that trip?"
"I am earning my wings"
"so, whats up?"
"well its still sleeting at home"
"yep.. Thats what BR said..."
"and never got above freezing"
"yep, thats what Aunt Etta called and told me earlier"
"and I needed to see if you would check on the water, but since you are an hour from home, same as me, dont worry about it"
"OH NO, I will be leaving Lufkin as soon as I leave here, I'll check it"
"NO, dont you worry about it, I'll take care of it when I get home"
"Hunney, I swear, I am going home as soon as I walk out of this store. I have been with mother and the kids since 8:30am."
(pure laughter from all the people at the counter)
"oh... yea, I reckon you are wanting to head home"
"yep., plus its MY horses, and I will check on the water"
"okay, do you knwo what to do?"
"if a pipe burst?, yes"
"what do you do?"
"turn off the water?"
"wow, I did teach you something"
"and then get some PVC and fix it. Not wait until I HAVE to have it later.. FIX IT NOW"
"awww dont worry, if its busted, I'll get to it next week"
"we'll see, I'm pretty board anyway..."
"well if you insist.. "
"I do...."
"alright, well if you are sure you are going home, and I am not disrupting your day"
"Nope, not in the least..."

SO, I am not going to go into lots of details, I am just going to give a timeline.. Cause mostly, I am in a happy place now, (and I am looking forward to Bartles and James visiting me once I know I wont have to drive again tonight) and dont need the stress..

6:03 My leg is cold, so I wake up, BR is not in bed, He had uncovered my leg when he got up. I guess the covers were too heavy to throw back on top of me.. I look at the clock, and the alarm goes off- I dont know if I have perfect timing, ESP, or the damn thing is mocking me. ..
6:10 I get the kids up. Rayley was on the couch and very whiny...
6:15 Both boys are dressed. I remind them to brush their teeth and eat some cereal I check the weather and let the dogs out. And try to be nice to Rayley
6:30 BR hasnt left, he was showering, so I finally get the bathroom to get ready. I am interupted 4 times
6:45 I tell the kids to brush their teeth and eat their cereal And try to be nice to Rayley.
7:00 I convince Rayley that her only option in living is to get off the couch, dry her eyes, and put on the clothes I picked out for her.
7:15 I remind the boys again to brush their teeth
7:30 BR leaves.
7:31 I let the boys wake up Bow, and go to put on the makeup I forgot to do when I was in there before. I also got distracted by a newstory on the bedroom TV
7:45 I walk out to retching and bickering.. So I get poop off Bow's legs, hands, rear, feet and the couch
7:46 I tell the kids to brush their teeth and Rayley to eat the cereal she just HAD to have at 7:32.
7:52 I tell Rayley that she cant wear her pink mud boots to town, and give her a choice. then tell her to put the ones she picked ON.
8:09 I am finishing Brushing Rayleys hair, and only have shoes left to put on Bow.
8:10 I tell Matt to go and start my truck.
8:11, Matt comes back in and says "Dad is starting it" OH HELL! what is he doing NOT at work??
8:12 Brett says "mom!! Dad is leaving in your truck!!" I fiqured his 18 wheeler wouldnt start, so he was takin my truck to jump it off. His aint big enough.
8:45 BR drives back up in my truck.
8:46 I put the kids in the truck.
8:50 I was at mothers to get her.
went to MIL's house, got my phone, then we had to head to the store, my mom needed ciggettes. So I went in, because she is famous for never going into a store if she can help it. and got them, and she had asked for a sprite. I know she prefers a fountain drink, so I went and ordered it at the cafe window. while I was waiting I spoke to some guys BR works with, Thanked the gas guy (he does the tanks and prices) for lowering the price on diesel, got me a cup of coffee and a Dr Pepper and stood in line behind a few very slow old people.
I was checking out and heard a horn honk. KID YOU NOT. a FREAKIN HORN. I just must have had a look of utter contempt on my face. The gas guy said "yep, it was yours"
Talk about PISSED.
I was LIVID.
when I nicely inquired as to if that was my horn upon getting back in my truck I was told YES, She was tired of waiting...

So by 9:15 we were back on the road. Headed to Lufkin.
I put on some Christmas Music and tried to get in the spirit. Brett was in the front, the youngest 3 in the back watching a movie and I was being told how to drive. Not something I enjoy.

First stop was academy, where we were buying the kids presents, with out them knowing, as they were pushing the buggies... They DIDNT have a pair of boots to fit Rayley. at all. and no mud boots for Bow... I did get the elder boys each a pair. And was able to get Bow's Carhartt jacket. All they had was a 4T, so I tried it on him, aside from the hood not fitting well, it did fit, just a little big, he will grow into it. I was disapointed about the boot thing on Rayley, I had a good offer on my Academy Credit card, and although I had no intentions of putting anything on credit this year, I also had no intentions of buying her a pair of boots...

Mother found something for the kids, and ended up asking me what size roller skates Rayley would wear. I told her that was not something she needed nor could she use them. we have dirt. and grass. and rocks. its hard enough to ride a bike on them.

"well she really wants a pair, and maybe her daddy can pour her a little patch of concrete"

I cant even afford to put dirt on my driveway, have any of y'all priced a yard of concrete lately? and a yard of concrete is NOT very big... so NO.

I did spend 14.00 on myself. I honestly cant remember the last time I bought jeans. seriously. Its been.... forever. I wear a pair now that were a little too big before I got Pregnant, Amanda had given them to me and I had just put them up for a future garage sale. Now, I am not being rude, or snooty, but I looked the best I ever have about a month before I got pregnant. I weighed about 123. Was curvey where I needed to be, flatish where I needed to be, and felt good. BR even told me this just tonight when I was showing him my new jeans.

Anyway, they had some on sale, I went and there was NO size 6's. I was hoping to start there and would move up as I needed to. I broke down and got the 4 longs. Just to tease myself I reckon. I went and tried them on. They fit like a glove. I kid you not. Now Brett was with me, he was waiting outside.

So I hear "mom, you okay in there?"
"not really, why?"
" I can hear you cussin, whats wrong?"
"these damn jeans fit me"
"thats good right?"
"uhhhh I am confused, why not?"
"cause they are a size 4"
"ohhh I have heard about this, ---- uhhhmmmm, it doesnt matter what size you are, we still love you and you DONT look fat"
"brett, I am fat. I know I am fat, and I DONT appriciate them making bigger jeans with a smaller size so I can get in them and supposedly feel good about myself when I damn well know I should NOT fit in them. I have at least 5 more pounds to go before I should fit in these. and I should NOT be able to button them with this gut"
"Crap.. your mad cause the smaller ones fit?"
"YES!, instead of me not being able to fit into the size bigger than what I was before I got pregnant and gained 50 pounds and only lost 43, I can fit them perfectly and I am NOT happy about it Esepcially when the ones I had on were size 5 and VERY tight."
"oh. wait right here"
"where are you going?"
"just stand there please"
So I do, and he comes back with a pair of pants.
"what is this?"
"Zero's, I bet you cant get them half way up your leg, it will make you feel better"
He is SOOO sweet.

But seriously, instead of me feeling bad about myself and doing what I need to do, and KNOW I need to do to get INTO a 4, I can just go and buy a 4 and appease myself and make me feel good? How does this help my self image?

I promise you, I can go and get ANY of the 20 pair of pants (okay, not quite that many, but there are at least 10) in my closet that are sized between a 3 and a 5 from no less than 3 years ago and I couldnt get one leg in them.

So we left that dept. with my new size 4 pants, (it was a good deal), and find Matt, Rayley, Mother and Bow.
"whats wrong with her?" Matt asks
"She tried on a pair of pants."
"Her butts a 6 and the pants are a 4, and she thinks its a conspiracy"

DId I just call him sweet?....... Ungrateful, loudmouth little street urchin...

Now, there were about 8 people standing at various endcaps within hearing distance. Not a single one of them was able to stand upright.

I have got to quit letting these kids watch the news...

I went back and found the kids bow target, this is what I had told mother to get them. Of course she added more to it, getting Rayley a tent, sleeping bag, lunch kit, and some play tent thing for the boys. I had them hide the target at Customer Service. We finished shopping and I sent everyone out to the truck and paid. They were nice enough to find me a box to hide it in. Its not small. at all...

Then we went to a Western store near there. OH, did I mention there was construction EVERYWHERE? to the point of absolute craziness?
I went in, they had some ariat boots that she would love. 65.00 way out of my budget. good thing they were NOT in her size. and one or two pair of boots that she would like. Again, none in an 11.
I found a pair, they had a brown bottom, and the sides were a pale pistacio color. I wasnt happy with them, but they were good enough. 39.99. I reluctantly wrote the check.. GGGGGGGRRRRRRR I got back to the truck, got a dirty look, and a "what took so long"..
So, its food time, everyone was STARVING. She wanted me to go to the grocery store and they would eat while I shopped.
I decided walmart was best.
but I had to drive 8 miles out of my way to get BACK to walmart, it was beside Academy, in the middle of the construction. As I was driving in I saw Tractor Supply. OMG. They sell fat babies, maybe they sell the knock offs too. I go in, there are NO kids boots. I walked around a minute. and found some PINK and BROWN ariat FAT BABIES ON CLEARENCE!! 42.99 too good to be true.. surely THEY wouldnt have the elusive 11...
I also found a picture frame that BR's grandmother will like, I think I will put the kids Christmas pic in it. Just print it out that morning after I take it, and promise a better one later :)

SO I write the check, feeling pretty good, and go back to the truck.
Have I mentioned how good my kids have been? Seriously? they were absolute ANGELS. They didnt whine about being hungry, thirsty, tired, wanting to leave, having to sit in the truck while I windowshopped. They were so polite all day, so good, and I am VERY proud of them.

Then its walmart. Mother takes the kids to McDonalds, and I go shopping. She wanted Dog FOod (a specific kind, no name, just a description, Old Roy and small chunks..) and some meds. I had a pretty good list, and had never gotten my coupons completly filed, so I did have to go through some of the stacks to find certain ones.

I got all the groceries, found the pie crusts after all, (that took an act of congress) and tried to find the Dog Food, not all walmarts are set up the same, I got there and there are signs that say "Due to issues with our distibutor we are having problems stocking some items this week, please see an associate to find a suitable food for your pet" Uhhhhh, A walmart employee?? Okay, there are a few things wrong with this. 1. have you EVER found one when you need them? with out waiting an hour? and 2. Are they seriously people out there who feel a walmart associate is more qualified to pick a food for their pet than they are?

So I called Mother, told her she needed to come and get her own dog food, the phone cut out.. well crap. one more thing I screwed up... found mine and went to
get cat food.

Then I hear my childrens voices. Seems they had gotten tired of waiting on me. I had serioulsy hurried as quickly as I could.

So she picked out her dog food, my kids drooled over fish and I was done. We went and waited for her to find the medicaine she wanted. She had a hard time and it took her almost 15 minutes. There was not a sign on the isle apparently.

SO we checked out. But while I was waiting BR called. I asked if there was anything else he wanted in town. No, except supper.
then he suggested a hamburger. I asked what kind. It didnt matter.
Jack in the box? well.. he was thinking more along the lines of Dairy Queen.. alright.
SO I took his order.
DId I mention how well my kids behaived? Even Bow, I NEVER heard a peep out of him all day. except to squeal or say "hey!" and want kisses. They were SOOOOO good.

I promise you, for the first time in my 10 years as a mother, I spent all day and didnt say "dont do that" to any of them!

By the time we got to the truck Mother was tired of shopping and wanted to get home as soon as possible.

We left there and I got back into the hell that some drunk monkey had invented just at Christmas time in the busiest part of town, and is sitting back and enjoying. Probebly looking through a glass ball at all the mayhem he caused.

I had to run back to The western store to return the boots.
"well how long will this take?"
"not a clue"
after about a 5 minute wait, someone came to help me. Since I had written a check and it was one of those electronic things they didnt know what to do. The manager said to try and void it.
They tried. It was a no go. They couldnt give me cash back, they couldnt do anything except exchange with out a reciept. I did look around. seriously I did. But I didnt need to spend that money. I had explained I didnt live there, never came there and it would cost me half of it to drive BACK to lufkin just to get my money back. But there was nothing they could do... ANd I refused to buy another size 4 jeans. REFUSED. I swear, my butt is MUCH bigger than that..
It was a 2 mile stretch of bumper to bumper traffic to get off 59 and onto the loop. An 18 wheeler let me in. And as I was sitting there I had two 18 wheelers coming up behind me that couldnt get in. I know they were not aware 4 miles earlier that they had to get over. These were OTR drivers. I let them in. Much to the dismay of some others. One particular one in my truck. We sat there for about 20 minutes. During this time I broached the subject of Christmas Day and her plans. Alot of times she goes to my great aunts house at some point.

I told her I had to go to Amanda's at noon Christmas day, And wanted to know what she was wanting to do.
"SO that is where you are spending Christmas?"
"yes, so how do you want to do it? I can cook chili on CHristmas Eve and you can come over then if thats what you want."
"well I guess I will go to Dads"
"oh, is that what you were going to do?"
"well I am not going to spend it alone"
"I didnt know he was doing Christmas dinner - We cant do their gifts on Christmas Eve, due to the nature of them, but, you can come over that morning and they can open them then and you can see them open yours" (My Mother in Law Martha always brings hers over here for the kids to open, even when we will be together later that evening as does the rest of that family, usually just mixing it in with Santa's gifts)
"no, I want them AT MY HOUSE, when they open MINE, You can tote them BACK to your house, instead of ME having to take them over there. Thats too much work"

"fine, but that means it has to be done AFTER they wake up at my house and play with their santa stuff, BUT well before noon, because I have to go to a few other places too and getting all 4 up and going will be hard enough that day."

At least I dont have to cook chili. That stupid Turkey and the pies and the cake and tater salad are more than enough for me. Plus, I dont know what BR plans to work those days.

"But we can still do dinner on Christmas Eve"

I have told BR that I have certain things I have to do on both days.
He plans on working both days. So, we have to plan around it.
1. CHristmas Eve:
* either together or by myself, the kids need to go to various aunts and uncles houses, for them to drop off gifts, and get a little something. Possibly even my grandfathers house.
* The kids open the gift from us. He has to be there for this, I am NOT doing Santa on Christmas eve this year. I hope to never do it again. I prefer he come on CHristmas morning. Its just pajama's but still, its my plans. Its Christmas, I have busted my ass, AND I am the mom..
* he cooks the apple pie that he had me get the ingrediants for. I refuse to
* He go to work at some point.

2. Christmas Day:
* He be there when they wake up, for the Santa gifts. He plays with them for a little while. I dont have the energy for that..
* He go with me to Amanda's at noon
* He go to work at some point.

actually, I didnt tell him he had to go to work. He is the one that insists, he gets a 175.00 bonus for showing up and working 8 hours. And each load he pulls adds to that. But I do agree with him, he would be an idiot not to go in.

OH back to today.....

Finally we got to our exit, and started home. Mother reminded me that she needed ciggerettes and I stopped at Jack in the box.

I had literly had NOTHIN to eat all day. Not even a bite. and it was 3. So, I was asked "I thought you were stopping at DQ?"
"I am, but I want curly fries."

Then I went to Tabacco Barn, and then to DQ. We finally made it home around 4:15. I was lucky enough to get behind a log truck and a double wide trailer all the way home. The Log truck never got a good place to pass and although we were both chomping at the bit, we never managed to go over 55.

Of course I was blessed with more driving advice.

I unloaded all of her stuff, she had to get on her breathing machine, and then went and checked on the water. The kids opted to stay at her house. Which I really wish they had stayed here. I would like to tell them each how proud I was of them.

Since I got home, I have played with Bow, he is just being SOOO loving, but honestly, the snotty kisses are starting to gross me out, and am now enjoying my Chocolate Overload, soon I will have me a wine cooler and enjoy a quiet evening with BR, who is working days again this week. Bow is asleep and its so nice and quiet.

Well, it was peaceful, till I showed BR the accessories I got for Rayley's bow, that it didnt come with, like a site and quiver.. he is now putting them on and getting agervated, then will throw the instructions at me to read and fiqure out why it wont work....

I should wrap some presents, None of them are. And the kids will be back here being mean, bouncing off the walls and generaly agervating me. Keeping me from wrapping anything, except them in duct tape.

OH CRAP! thats what I forgot... I am out of duct tape.. (not for the kids.. I need it to fix other things.. honest)

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