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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

okay, a friend of mine Karen tagged me. She got tagged by Tara
Both of these ladies have great blogs, And normal kids. Much unlike mine...

I am supposed to write 7 things about me that you dont know. I dont know how this is possible, since I squeal about everything... But I will try.

1. I think I have OCD. not the cleaning kind. But the numbers kind. I cant stand for things to not be 'right'. I prefer there to be odd numbers, something in the middle flanked by equal numbers of things on the side. I prefer that all numbers I deal with to be equal. Like if I am paying something, I want to write a check for a 18.00 instead of 17.99 But if I am bidding on something I use .57 or .87. Always.

2. I round up in my check book. when I am in the black, it means I have a cushion that I didnt know I had.

3. I have not been to my grandmothers grave except once. I will take the kids, sit in the truck and let them go. I just cant bring myself to go cause I will break down crying, and I have managed to not do that in 4 years.

4. I want a tattoo. a tramp stamp really. Yellow roses with the stems intwined. I have wanted it for years. But never seem to have the money. Plus any time I mention it BR just ignores me.

5. I have my belly button peirced. But dont get to wear the ring anymore, and havent since I got pregnant with Bow. He wallers on me too much for me to wear it now.

6. I HATE onions, but love onion rings. If someone puts onions in something I refuse to eat it. PERIOD.

7. Seeing feet, especially mens turns my stomache. and I cant stand sandles on men.

So there!

I have done it. 7 things that you didnt know about me. and probebly wish you still didnt...

I tag the Fire Dept!!

Oh and this is the second post for the day. So be sure to read 5 days till Christmas!

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Laura McIntyre said...

Thanks for stopping buy my blog, loved catching up on yours.

I love these tag posts, great way to learn all about someone (i had a belly piercing to once upon a time pre kids)