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Saturday, December 13, 2008

take me out OF the Ball Game!!

Yesterday was fun. Hectic but fun.

I had to be at the school to set up the store by 10. and was supposed to meet my dad for lunch. Unfortunatly, only one lady showed up to help and I wasnt able to meet with my dad. He had driven in and driven out already.

I also had to run by Walmart, They had called, the bow I ordered for me was in. I am pretty much through with my shopping now. We had gotten Rayleys bow and lots of arrows at Academy the day before.

Once I got home it was time to start cooking cakes. As they were cooking I cooked supper and the kids ate. Shortly after they went to bed, and we got to work on the cake. I made 3 13X9 cakes, and we cut and shaped them. That is the first picture.

Then I asked my to get my green icing ready. I didnt think we would EVER get it green enough. And neither did he. I kept telling him 'more green!' 'MORE GREEN' I felt like Christopher Walkin asking for MORE COWBELL!

We put the first layer of icing on, then let it sit for about 10 minutes. at 9 we started the cutting and got it all iced. At 10 I started decorating. At 1 I sat down on the couch and refused to budge again.

The cake was a hit. And although it wasnt as perfect as it could have been, and I was a little embarressed by it, Brett loved it and it tasted good. Plus it was my first ever 'creation'. I have made cakes. I have a peanut butter cake that is to die for. But you just slap some peanut butter iceing on it and your ready. This was definatly an expirience. It wasnt anything special. I used 4 cake mixes. Both brands I had coupons for (of course!). and just plain ole buttercream iceing (coupons AGAIN!!). So For less than 10 bucks, I am happy.

Brett had a great party. Of course it was 3 days too late. Both boys got brand new Carhartt jackets, Thick hoodies, and 8 pair of new jeans. BR and I got them gloves, and they got a few toys. Brett got lots of cash, and They each got a sleeping bag. Plus these agervating voice changing things. Its all I can do to not chunk them through a window. Bow got a few new toys, and Rayley got a tea set, a hoodie, some gloves, and a cash register. They made out like bandits. It always just makes me sick. Noone single person spends a fortune on them, Really its all inexpensive things, BUT the family is so big that they get alot of things.

Once the party was over and all cleaned up, we came home and had to do Matts project. We kinda cheated. Well, more than we already had. We got a ziplock bag, put the paint in thier mixed the colors we needed and he would drop the styrofome ball in and squish around in the paint. right now they are drying. tomorrow he will stick them on the sun. And I will print up the facts for them, so he can stick those on. I dont let them on my computer. Since its Tommy's last night here I plan on visiting wiht him a little. He will be gone before I get up. If I wasnt worried about Bow waking up in the middle of the night, I'd get in his trunk.

The toothpics are to mark where I will be seperating the grass and the dirt. It took us quite a while to convince ourselves that drawing it out with a sharpie wouldnt be good. In the end I went with toothpics for a guideline.

Not Near Green Enough!! and do you see my

There is no turning back now!!

Time for the DIRT!! Its really crushed up Graham Crackers. And I used peices of airhead candy for the bases and pitcher rubber.

My 'other' child is sitting back there. Can you tell they look just like him? just with less facial hair?

transporting it was HARD. my base wasnt hard enough, and it was HUGE. I did have a box that I had gotten something in the mail in. so we put it in there. Then put it in my dads trunk. It made it there safe. I was SOOO relieved.

Since we got home the kids have been bouncing off the walls, Bow amoung them. He has been into everything, playing with the kids, in my lap and trying to take a nap or trying to stay awake.

They wanted to sleep outside in their sleeping bags, but never would go out. they wouldnt have stayed had they went out, but I kept hearing "why wont you let us go out?" I kept telling them to go. They were saying I was just being mean, teasing them, that I wouldnt let them stay. I assured them I would. But they did play outside for a few hours.
It took me 30 minutes to get the kids in bed. It was one thing after another. Finally, I get them all laid down. Then Rayley starts griping that Brett needs a bath. He stinks. and she comes to complain to me about it. I told her to get in her bed instead of on the pallet with Brett.

"but mom, he stinks and needs a bath"
"he had a bath Rayley"
"He stinks though"
"what does he smell like?"
"Possum??!!" I was afraid he had caught one or something. of course I knew he had taken a bath, and hadnt went back outside, but I still had to know..
"where did they get a possum"
"from outside silly"
"I mean where did they find it? where is it?
"on the side of the house"
"okay... So, how did this happen?"
"well one day the devil made the dogs kill a possum, and it was outside and so the boys and I found it, and they dug a grave, and we put the possum in there. It was dead, and I was wearing my yellow dress, and... Shut up Matt, I am telling this story, it doenst matter if it happened in June or Tuesday, so, they dug this hole, well we all did, and put the dead possum in it, why did the dogs kill the possum? and then the dogs tried to dig it back up, but you told us to put rocks over the grave. how do you not remember this? I was wearing my yellow dress and those pretty sandles, and we did and the dogs couldnt dig it up no more. And then..."
"what exactly does your attire have to do with this story?"
"your attire.. Clothes. what does it matter what you are wearing? "
"mmmooooooooooommmmmmmm, it ALWAYS matters what we are wearing"
"fine, what does this possum have to do with today and Bretts odor?"

I do remmeber this happeneing, it was back a while ago. I remember it especially since they didnt bury it very deep. It would have been better off staying dead in the yard. At least then, the dogs might have carried it off.


blacx52 said...


Great cake! If you felt embarrassed by it you need to take another look at your own pictures. It's obvious that the first step in your recipe is : Love your son.

If you get that right, the rest is a snap. Look at the planning, cooking, designing, layout, "stuccoing", and transporting that took place here. Many parents aren't able to express their feelings in ways like this and I think they are poorer for that. You've got nothing to be embarrased about. You're the best present he will ever get.

As for the possum story, that reminds me just a bit of "The Exorcist".

Take care Lady. Peace and Goodwill to you and all your family.

Blacx : )

maidto5 said...

awww Thank you blacx, you made me cry.

and Lol there are times when I think my kids are out of the excorcist, or children of the corn or something. LOL

But since those are the types of conversations I tend to be subjected to I want y'all to hear them too, so you know that I am crazy for a reason... LOL

I hope you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas, and the new year brings you joy and happiness.

Tara said...

I still think the cake is terrific, but wanted to say I love your new Christmas picture, is it from school? they look great!

maidto5 said...

Thank you, yes it was from Pictures with Santa at school. I need to get the rest scanned in. They turned out pretty good too :)