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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Global Warming my foot

Yesterday they predicted snow, sleet, and rain. but since it was in the 70's a few days before, and this is South East Texas, it wasnt going to stick. Or even accumulate.

At 10 I was in the kitchen and kept hearing a watery splashing/tinkling sound. I couldnt find the drip. ANYWHERE. Then I went to let the dogs out and opened the door. It was sleeting with some snow mixed in. The cars were already covered.

We went on to bed. Then at 4 the Moronic dog woke me up. I went to let her out and saw nothing but white. inches of white.

I went and woke up BR. Made him get up and look. Then I went back to bed. I had to be up in an hour. Mom called about 8 minutes after I got in the bed to tell me it was snowing. I told her I knew that. She wanted me to wake up Rayley. I declined. I planned to wake them up before it melted. but honestly, I did want my last hour and a half of sleep.

When the alarms went off at 5:15 I got up and came in here. Yep, it hadnt been a dream. There was nothing but white. I waited about 15 minutes. Then I woke up the kids.

I went in and told them that I had a suprise for them. Just yesterday Rayley had wished it would snow here. She thought it was sooo beautiful on TV and wanted some here. I had to break her heart and tell her it never snows in South East Texas. and when it does, it doenst stick.

Matt was the first one to get up. I told him I needed him to do me a favor. Go out to my truck and get my purse. He said "but I am in my underwear, I'll freeze!"
"just run out there real quick and get my purse, Please!"
"mooom, I cant. Its too cold out there. I'll die of hyperthermia" (yep, he said HYPER)
"Matt, it wont take 5 seconds, open the door and run out"
He opened the door, said "MOM, I CANT go out there, ITS snowing, I am IN my underwear, dont you know how cold that is?"
"Matt, just go, please"
"MOOOOM, I'll freeze my gonads off if I go out in the snow. And you dont have a purse anyway!! Just a wall..... OH MY GOD!! ITS SNOWING!!! WHEN?? WHERE DID IT COME FROM?? OH MY GOD!! can I play in it? I have to play in it. Can I wake up the others? wow!! snow!! Oh its so pretty!! can I build a snowman? a snow fort? throw snowballs?"

"Yes Matt. "
"you were tricking me"
"yes Matt"
So he got a snowball off the porch (apparently, the cold doesnt affect you in your underwear when you are excited) and took it into the bedroom to give to Rayley to coninve her to wake up.

BRett got up about that time, and came in. I heard the same exclamations from him. Finally we got Rayley up. She wouldnt belive us that it snowed. But she did go and look. She was just as excited. It took me 10 minutes to convince them to get dressed.

I went outside with them, and the first thing BRett did was hit me with a snowball. It hit right at my throat and went right down my hoodie!

I took a few pics of them. They played for a while, and I called my mother in law. She was still going into work, cant afford to miss any. But the internet said that Jasper school wouldnt start until 10. but our busses were running later than that. Since mine cant ride the bus, and I wasnt going to Jasper, AND their ride was leaving at 6 am. They didnt get to go. I wasnt sending them in with her. I felt it was too dangerous. the bridges were still iced over. And like BR told his brother tonight "if there were 11 cars on the side of the road in a 5 mile stretch, with one flipped over, and OUR mom made it safely to town, what does that say about THEIR driving ablilities?" Plus, we get snow once in a blue moon. Why not let the kids enjoy it?

But the bottomline was, they had no way to town. They wernt going in at 6am. I wasnt going in at 10am (which is when most of the wrecks happened anyway, since it was melting a little), and they are NOT allowed on the bus...

Of course it didnt matter. The kids had a blast! They played outside from about 5:30 till 8 when BR and Bow got up. Then we went back out. Bow was just in heaven! He just ran and played and fell down and got up and would pick it up and eat it.

Since it never gets really really cold here we didnt have gloves and such, so we went through lots of socks. Rayley kept getting cold and having to change. and the boys were soaking wet from building a snowman.

We really enjoyed making the snowman, but we did it after Daylight and I am glad. The kids had already pounced and trounced through the entire front yard though, and finding clean snow was not easy. So as I was walking around trying to find some untouched snow I came across some that I was glad I could see in the light of day. It was yellow. I am just glad the didnt try to write their names...

There is still snow out there, in a few places. and the roads to town were very trecherous from what I hear, But it was a magical day. I loved it. It was great to go out and play with the kids. You know, this is about the only time when you can throw projectiles at your children and not worry about CPS becoming involoved.
So BR and I took full advantage of that fact.

My dad is in, he came in on Wend. I had been at the school all day since it was Pictures with Santa. I will post those pics later. But tonight I am going to bombard you with hundreds of snow images. Mostly cause I couldnt pick the best. And cause you wont see my kids in snow pics very often. That would require me packing them up and taking them up north on vacation. And for that plan to work, a few of my rules would have to be broken.
1. Crossing the Red RIver. I refuse.
2. a vacation with my 4?? Not unless I had a Nanny and alot of booze..
3. Temptation to leave them a few states away might be too great and I fear I couldnt resist.

Tomorrow is a special day for me. I hate that I will be leaving My dad here to fend for himself for a few hours. BUT, I get to go in and set up my Christmas Store. The Officially named "JINGLE BELL JUNCTION!" store. I have been corrected each time I call it the CHristmas Store...

But tonight I have to make a spread sheet of all my merchandise. And there is LOTS of merchandise... LOL

Then when I get home I need to decide if the kids have been good enough to have a tree. AND start Bretts cake. AND get Matt started on his solar system project. Which I LUCKED out on. I went to the craft section of walmart in Lufkin, and was going to buy balls. BR, Tommy and I all argued over which ones to get.. THen, sitting RIGHT in front of us, was this inconspicious little box. For 10.00 I could get 10 balls, all differnt sizes, wire, and a few directions. A Solar System in a box!! WHOO-HOO!! I didnt think their Sun was big enough, so I did add a larger sun, and I got him paint. But I am still thrilled!! Unfortunatly, Like Bretts project, the amount of time you spend doing it really doesnt affect the grade. Just getting the general theme down and having them in the correct order is all they care about.

But he is looking forward to it. AND I also lucked out on the bow. I called Bentonville. and Asked them to find me another bow. They found 8 stores in Texas that have them. Tommy had stopped at about 12 on the way up here and NONE of them had one. SO I went to a manager here in town and asked her to have one sent to her. She was MORE than happy to do it. And its on its way. She called me tonight to tell me that she had called them back today and asked if they HAD sent it. She is really on this!!

And we found Rayley one that has a draw weight of 10 pounds. I hope she can do it.

anyway, Here are the pics, Since we are supposed to be back in te 70's by next week I hope the kids remember this for a long time . and I will talk to y'all tomorrow! :)

at 10 last night.

This was at 5:00am.

This was at 9 this morning.


Karen said...

How amazing! They will probably remember it their whole lives. I keep looking at the pics and thinking they need heavy coats, LOL. Did they try sledding? You can do it on a cardboard box. Won't last but a few runs, but it'll work.

maidto5 said...

LOL They had on lots of shirts and thermal underwear. It really wasnt that cold. BR ad I went out in sleep pants and I had on a hoodie. We didnt sled cause the only hill I have is the driveway. Everywhere else it would have been like a pin ball machine with all the trees..

but they DID slip and slide just walking.. LOL

Eboni said...

Now, Chelle, you know that all activity is directly related to how much a kid wants to do it, lol. Cool Baby Bow, he looked amazed and excited at the same time. I saw the weather report the other day and it was really coming down hard in Texas and LA. Snow for us in Lalaland is about an hour away. Thanks for sharing.