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Saturday, March 22, 2008

There is an end in sight. I just hope its not mine.

Kids are like Animals of prey. If they sense any weakness in a fellow member they will attack and kill it. Especially if its a leader.

I woke up this morning and KNEW I would be getting a miagraine. I fought it all day, but around 4 it just decided that it should go ahead and come on full blast.

We got up this morning and went to the ballpark. BR's younger brother went with us. He loves baseball too, and is pretty good with the kids. The boys started out with batting practice and then proceeded to feilding. I am not sure how much they learned. Both were kinda out of it today. It seems like everything they were taught and got good at last weekend was lost in the ensuing days. They cant retain the simple information on how to stand at the plate. BUT can quote a movie line at any time and will actually carry on the dialog by quoting the lines to each other or one of us.

Rayley and Bow went with us. Rayley was pretty good. She took HER bat and ball. She has a purple T ball bat and ball. she is in no way able to play. She is not good at catching or throwing. I dont expect her to be of course, she is only 3. But she had fun. Bow was really good again. He wanted to be held a little more today, and between him and Rayley I didnt even put on a glove. I hate that, I really enjoy getting out there and playing. Even if I do suck. :)

When we got home they went back out and played here. BR got ready and went to work. I didnt expect them to go out and play, I fiqured they would stay in here just to torture me since my brain is threating to explode at any minute.

I was wrong, I finally had to call them in after dark. The idiots were trying to catch a bat. One of them took off their socks and made a ball. Then they would throw it up and the bats would dive bomb them. They were trying to make the bat attack the sock. Once I got them in I had set up all the stuff for them to dye eggs. I asked them to please get me all their laundry and then they would get to dye the eggs. This took over an hour.
By then I had washed all the loads of clothes that their clothes would have went in. Thats typical.

They were not nessisarily bad tonight, but just bound and determined to pick fights with each other constantly. The reprieve I thought I had gotten was false. I guess they stored it all up to bring it in so that I could enjoy it with them.

That was so thoughtful of them. I mean I feel like the front of my brain is going to literly blow a hole in my head and kinda wishing it does an they come in and proceed to get their diva attitudes on.

Once we started dyeing eggs they settled down a bit. They drew on them, and dippedthem in every imaginable color.
I think they had fun, I know they made a mess, and since most kids enjoyment levels are based soley on their ablility to make a mess they should have had a blast.

I was able to get them in bed at a fairly decent hour.
we did have a life or death situation right after I sent them to bed. Matt was being a goof ball and jumping around, well he landed on a tack. It stuck in his foot. I was not in here at the moment and when I walked back in Brett was all beside himself. He had pulled the tack out of Matts foot, but I had to doctor it. Matt was a little upset, just mostly hopping around and playing the injured party.

Well, Brett being a loving brother was telling him it was okay (I dont know what was up.. I would have bet my lifes savings (2.87) that he PUT the tack there and pushed Matt on it.)
Then Brett said the most dreaded words in my home. "OH MY GOD! Look at the blood!"
Matt started sobbing uncontrolably.
Screaming "OH NO, just let me die. I dont want to die, please help me mom. "

Brett had a tissue and it bearly had ANY blood on it. it was MAYBE as much as you would get from a paper cut. I promise.

I was trying to get a bandaide and Brett was holding pressure. Matt looked at the blood and said "just please knock me out so I dont see the light!"
"Am I gona loose my foot?"
"My foot is going numb, I think it starting to rot off!"

I assured him he was not going to die from the tack hole. He just kept screaming and carrying on.
BRett told him, "oh look, its quit bleeding"
and the tears dried up. I put some meds on it and a bandade and he hopped around for a few more minutes. Then forgot about it adn started walking on it.
It hadnt even went all the way in.

I know this is my fault. When they were babies and would fall down I would say " are you bleeding?"
when they would say "no"
I would tell them "then you will live"

They have taken this literaly all their lives.

Brett is a little dramatic if its someone elses blood, He becomes a mother hen though. Very helpful and loving. but if its his own, he pukes. and freaks. When he was 2 he got very sick. A very high temp. We took him to the ER and they drew blood. He was fine with it, BR and I were talking to him and he never even flinched when they stuck him. But he looked over while they were filling the vile, He asked if that was his blood, turned ghost white and asked for a trash can. He puked, and puked. The nurses were so impressed that he wouldnt puke until he got a trash can. I was flabbergasted that the sight of his own blood made him sick. But they are like that. And GOD FORBID, when he would pick up his arm with the IV and blood would go in it. I think its cause of what I told them when they were little.

Brett stabbed himself in the foot when he was about 5 with a welding rod. He was trying to throw it and make it stick in the ground. It went through the webbing between his toes. he was okay, not crying or anything, just calmly found someone and asked them to pull it out. When it was pulled out a drop of blood started to form. He freaked out. You'd have thought he was gona loose the foot.

And I have their baskets made. I just have to set them out. BR promised to hide the eggs when he comes home in the morning, so Brett see's that there is an Easter Bunny. He is convinced that we will be going somewhere tommorow just so his daddy can hide them. BR told me to leave him a note to remind him to hide the eggs.

My mom brought over the baskets she had bought them with stuff in them about a week ago, and They think they are going to be using those. But I had some hidden, along with the chocolate bunnies. So when they see they were 'dropped' off maybe that will help.

The goofy mo-ron dog is all upset about something outside tonight. She has went in and out about 5 times. I am so tired of letting her in and out. I refuse to any more. I would leave her out, but when ever what ever it is gets her all riled up she starts to bark, this gets Duke to barking here in the house and all hell brakes loose. I just am not in the mood to go out with a flashlight and gun to find out what is out there. I know I need to. But my head just hurts so bad. I can just imagine shooting a gun and what the noise will do to me.

I cant let Duke out, he is already crippled because of a Coyote attack, and I know he wants out with her out there. I hope that she will just go to sleep now that I have locked her up in her crate.

Well since I cant form a coherent thought I am going to leave it at this tonight. I know the kids did something worth documenting today, but I just cant for the life of me fiqure out what it is. Maybe tomorrow I will remember. I am sorry if it was a harder read than normal. but I am not even going to try and proof read.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter. I dont plan on doing anything except cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry and getting the house back in order to start another school week on Tuesday.

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