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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it Monday YET?

Today was a beautiful day. I wish we could have more of them. But around here we have 2 seasons normally. And this year its been one season, with some sporatic cold days thrown in for fun. Who's fun I dont know.

I love spring. But since it only lasts for about a week I dont get to enjoy it like some other folks do.

Plus its hard to enjoy it when you are stuck in the house.

The kids woke up this morning and Brett came in and wanted pancakes. I talked them into french toast. THEN I made 12 peices of toast. it took 7 eggs. It was just me and the kids. And I swear I didnt eat but ONE peice. And my kids are SUPER skinny. Then I realized, last night they ate really early.

A few hours later I went back in the kitchen to clean it up and remembered why I dont like my kids to have syrup. I am not real sure why they cant eat and NOT get it everywhere. The whole table was sticky. And 4 chairs were sticky. There is only 3 of them. The fridge is sticky, the counter, and the BOTTOM of the plates.

2 hours later Rayley walked into the kitchen and asked if I was gona make their pancakes or make them starve.

I told her she could have some chicken and rice. she said no, that she hated chicken as much as she hated eggs. I just couldnt resist. I told her all about the eggs in her french toast. She didnt belive me, so I called Brett in there. I asked him how I made it, He looked at me; he had helped me hide the fact that I used eggs this morning, knowing she would have thrown a fit and refused to eat it. I told him to tell her the truth. He did. That child left the room and didnt speak to me for about 3 hours. It would have been wonderful, if she didnt pick the time to break her silence as the same time I had JUST gotten Bow to sleep. In she came, and asked me if I would make her some chicken and rice. I asked her if she would wait just a minute and she fell all to peices. This woke up Bow and HE wanted to eat.

I made her a plate, and do you know she ate it. EVERY bite. And then came in and hugged me and told me Thank you, it was so good. I reckon absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. OR starvation make the taste buds more dull.

I did make the kids do a little bit today. VERY little. But I did make them find as many dirty clothes in their room as possible. Its amazin the stuff that gets dirty with out having ever left the house. I guess they wear it on the days I stay out all night and dont get them up and dress them. I found clothes in the laundry that I know they havent worn this entire school year. How do I know? they still have the clearence tags on them, and they are size 11/12. My kids wear a 7/8, sometimes a 9/10.

I made Brett get everything out of the truck today. I told him that we had so little room that we had to clean it out and start over. After about an hour and he had only made one trip inside, I went out to the truck. He was sitting there listing to his MP3 player, and eating breakfast bars that I keep in there. I told him to get everything out, bring it in and hurry.
All that was in there was their baseball stuff that they didnt put back in their bags last time, the diaper bag, my 'essentals' bag ( the one with the breakfast bars), a few baby blankets, a couple of malt cups, and the clothes that they changed out of in town on Tue. 4 trips max. it took him nigh on 2 hours.

I started trying to pack up for today and asked where the baseball stuff was.
In the truck
I asked where the diaper bag was
In the truck
essentals bag?
In the truck
In the truck
In the truck
I asked just what the hell he got out.
He couldnt remember. there was too much of it.

I made him go and get the rest. he came back in, I repacked everything and told him to take it all back out and put it in there.
He looked at me like I had grown 2 heads.

I wasnt even going to try to explain that everything needs to be checked, ( because they are idiots and dont put their stuff back where it belongs) and restocked (because they will eat about 10 breakfast bars in a sitting, even after just having lunch and a diaper bag ALWAYS needs restocking)

He did that and then I told Matt that if he promised to clean off his dresser first thing tomorrow he could go out and play. So Brett got his glove, Matt got a stick and they went outside. BRett was throwing a ball up and catching it. Matt was throwing up and hitting rocks with the stick. And he hardly ever missed. He can hit a 2 inch rock, with a stick that is crooked as a dogs hind leg, and about an inch across, but he cant hit a baseball with a bat.

It came time to go and I called them in to get dressed and cleaned up. THey came in and I went to get ready. I came out and told Matt how to dress for baseball practice. ONE PEICE AT A TIME. I had to make him put his shoes on the OTHER feet. Then made him take OFF the leggins and put them on right side out. Then it took him 20 minutes to refind his shoes.

Directly in front of the couch on the floor was NOT the first place he looked.

I reminded him to get some cough drops or he would be coughin his fool head off all night.

We got all loaded up and I saw 2 glasses and some magazines from the mail in the truck. I sent BRett back in with them.

We drove to the end of the driveway. I backed ALL The way back up, Matt had forgotten his cough drops.

I went down the checklist AGAIN before I put the truck in drive.
Baby bag, check
Red Baseball bag, check
Blue baseball bag, check
Everything IN the bags?, check
Essentals bag, Check
Baby blanket Check
MY baseball glove, check
My wallet and checkbook, check
caps because it was sunny, check
jacket for Rayley cause it would get cold and she insisted on wearing a skirt, check
my Dr Pepper check
was Matt wearing cleats, leggins, baseball pants and a belt, check
cough drops, check
cell phone, check
me a jacket, check
Bow, check
a baseball (since we had went ALL the way to the park the other day and forgot the ENTIRE bucket of balls), nope, they forgot, luckily, I had remembered and it was in my jacket pocket, check
anything else? Nope, got it all.

I drove off. we got 8 miles down the road and Brett says "OH NO!!" I said "WHAT?"
"I forgot my glove."

Now you have to understand, I was driving 75 MPH, 9 miles from home, half way to town. I could have screamed.
"how did you do that?" "HOW THE HELL do you bring the baseball bag, THAT I TOLD you to make sure was packed, and NOT bring your glove? TO BASEBALL practice??"

"well... I was playing with it, you saw me outside with it, and then I came in to get Rayley a toy and I set it down."
"Brett, I promise you, if you left that ball and glove outside where Darla ( the mo-ron dog) can chew it up I will skin you alive and make a baseball glove out of you!"
"I didnt."
"I dont think"

3 minutes of silence. and then "I remember!! I put it in the toy box."
" so I wouldnt loose it when I went to pee after I got Rayleys toy"
I asked him if that was the same toy I had found in the bathroom floor earlier.
"I wondered where I put it, I just told her that I couldnt find it."
That would explain why she came in the house in a huff earlier and wouldnt play with Brett no more.
and Rayley was in the backseat listening. SHe was REALLY mad.

Luckily it wasnt Bretts practice. and I had my glove. Brett was just going to watch, which meant walking around tossing up the ball and annoying me. THANK GOD the coach needed a baserunner.
He told Brett one time that he could take a break, all that running was wearing HIM out, so he knew Brett needed to sit. I told him to keep on running. The more he ran the more tired he would be!

Of course Matt plays short stop, and on the plays where the ball got thrown away Matt finally got smart and did what I was afraid he would do the whole time. He started tripping Brett. He did get to tag him out one time. That was the highlight of his night.

Before practice started I hollered at Matt to tie his shoes. He ignored me. So Brett started hollering at him, and Rayley. He told them NO. He thought he was being cute. I just stood up and started towards the dugout. He had them tied before I had went 1/2 way. I dont know why they insist on testing you. But you would think that by now my kids would know that I aint scared to walk out on the field and take care of business. They hadnt even started practicing yet. But it was really funny to see 3 other kids bending down tying their shoes. And a little later I heard the coach tell one to tie his. He just ignored him. So the coach asked if 'matts mom' needed to come and do it for him. He decided it would be better to tie them himself.

Once we got home I told the kids to please seperate the 2 baskets of socks that I had. They got started. I got up and went to change clothes after feeding Bow and getting him to sleep. They seperated them into two piles of projectiles. I came back in to a sock war. I asked them to please stop and put them in the seperate baskets. They complied. quickly.

A few days ago while cleaning their room up Matt found Bretts teeth that he had pulled a few weeks ago. When Brett saw them out here in the living room he got all upset. I told him Matt had found them under the bed. NOT EVEN thinking about the toothfairy. Well BRett was all beside himself. He had left them for the toothfairy and she didnt want them. I explained that she didnt even know they were there. He said he just thought she had taken them and he had lost the money. How he thought he had lost the money in his sleep I dont know. But in all honesty, if you saw their room, you'd understand.
He is at the stage where he knows its all us, BUT doesnt want to give up on it yet. I just tell them that as long as they belive in Santa and the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, they are there. That everything you belive in is in your heart. But the minute that you dont, they are gone forever. And when they ask if I still belive, I tell them the truth. That yes, I do. Cause I do. I belive that santa is real. He is in each of us. When ever we do something nice for someone with no expectations of a reward. I will explain that to them later. but for now the 'if you belive' is working.

Anyway, tonight he remembered, and since the tooth fairy has forgotten before, he told me to "call who ever you need to call, cause I havent lost them tonight and plan on putting them under my pillow"

Of course all I had was a 10.00 bill. I refuse to give him this. EVEN for 2 teeth. So I dug up some quarters and put them in a little decorative bag.

I am just lucky he doesnt remember his first tooth. He was at my MIL's house. and all she had was a 5.00 and she gave him that. I could have killed her. Do you know how much money it would cost me?? 5 bucks a tooth, for (at the time) 3 kids? heck, these teeth were PULLED by a dentist, I've already paid for them ONCE!

well, when he woke up and his tooth was gone he threw a running, screaming fit. He DIDNT want to sell his teeth. He thought that was stupid. and he took the 5.00, and told my mother in law to BUY BACK his tooth. She tried to appease him and tell him that you couldnt buy it back, they had taken it to Heaven to give to a new baby that was being born. Before it was over he had offered his prized toys, all his money in savings and anything else she wanted. He was appalled that someone wanted his teeth.

I am not sure what his plan was to do with it, but she gave it back to him. She did wait till the next day. She told him to put the money back under his pillow and he did. He had that tooth for the longest time. Then hit me for a double whammy when he lost another. I opted for the cheaper fifty cents per tooth. And he was still at the age that he wanted coins, not paper.


Karen Rucker said...

We had the tooth fairy visit this week, and the stinker girl stayed up til 1 am so she could meet her. I just went in and laid down next to her and told her I'd heard her wigglin' and wanted her to go to sleep. And while I was snugglin' I made the swap. She never even noticed. But then the next day she found some of the Easter stuff, so I fessed up. She cried and cried. She's almost 12, mind you, but she had really, really believed. She asked why I told her I still believed and I told the truth... that after I was married a noise woke me up on Christmas eve and the first thing I thought was "Santa!" Course the second thing I thought was "Duh!" But clearly I still believe. And I kinda do.

maidto5 said...

Awww poor baby! Brett is starting to listen to the kids at school. But he still wants to be a kid. He swears last year my dad adn BR hid the eggs. This year I am gona get BR to do it in the dark, before the kids get up. I am afraid this might be his last year. I want it to last at least till Christmas. Then I will tell him that I have seen santa in everyone. Strangers and friends. And start to teach HIM to be santa.
Till the day my grandma died we never got a gift from them, even to BR and I, she wrote From Santa on them. And it was always something we would LOVE to have. But would never mention. I kinda miss getting those presents. Not for the gifts, but the tag that says "santa". :0)
It was neat how you did that though. I just know I will get caught one day. He toted that money around all day too. He was so proud of it! LOL