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Monday, March 3, 2008

The dentist and the candy

well since we didnt have to leave at 6:30 I let the kids sleep in. I decided an hour would be more than enough time to get ready. They do it every other day in 10 minutes. BUT NO!

Instead I was having to beg, plead and threaten. I finally got them out of the house and off we went. It was already raining and I needed deisel. 3.63 a freakin gallon. This is just pitiful. Heck my husband makes his living haulin crude oil. He takes it to an unload RIGHT here. They make this crap down south. I am paying out the nose for the crap that is left over AFTER they make regular gas. I hope my kids like S.O.S., cause they will be eating it alot during baseball season!

Once we got on the road I realized that I couldnt see real well. And I had remembered my glasses. I cleaned them. twice. NOPE. It was on the windshield. luckily it was on the inside. Come to find out Matt had used a few Armour all wipes when he cleaned out the truck yesterday and one he used on the windshield. And he didnt miss a single spot! That was awful nice of him. Luckily I had paper towells and a bottle of water in the truck.
We made pretty good time and got there a little early, despite the fact that we were running 30 minutes behind. I hit a few dry spots and took advantage of the turbo :)

Hey, when I bought the truck they said if I drove it like I stole it, it would last longer. They aint meant for Sunday drives and puttering around.

When we got there we waited no time and were called in. Of course I had fed the boys on the way there, but they started wanting more food half way there. By the time we arrived it was all I was hearing.
They called them back, cleaned their teeth and then offered to do the dental work they needed today, if I was willing to stick around for a while. HELL YES! I dont mind waiting 3 or 4 hours when its an hour drive over there and back! I hate to call a dentist with a problem tooth and they want to set you up with a cleaning, consult and then an appt. Matt needed a baby tooth root canal and fillings on 2 teeth. Brett needed 2 baby teeth pulled. Sounded good to me. They sent us back out to wait, I was expecting at least another few hours. But since they took them both back at the same time for x rays and cleaning I was afraid they would take them back together for the pullin and packin. NOPE, they were smarter than that. They called Matt back.

Matt is my 'good' dentist kid. We usually use a dentist here in town, she is a few years younger than me, I went to school with her, and she is really pretty. Matt BEGS to go and see the dentist. He had to have most of his baby teeth pulled. his permanent teeth were coming in behind them. He never said a word, and she doesnt use gas! He LOVES her. IS always asking when he can go and see the pretty dentist.
30 minutes later he came out, he was a little wonky. But when I asked it was cause he had fallen asleep. LOL, okay. he wasupset though, cause his mouth was numb all over. That is all that bothered him.

Brett was next. He is my idiot kid. He refuses to sit still, swears it hurts and screams like a baby. Even when you KNOW its numb. I told him as he walked out that he couldnt cry. I didnt hear him, but he did tell me he screamed.
We were out before noon. It was about a 2 hour appointment. Heck, I have waited longer for the Dr to come into the room for his 4 minute visit than that!

They were still starving, so I took them to eat. They managed to wolf it all down, so I reckon they wernt hurt too bad. Brett kept telling me that he was hurting. I asked him how badly. He said he didnt know yet, the numbness hadnt worn off.

They had not sent home any pain killers or anything, so I gave him some tylonol and told him that was the best I could do. He had 2 molars pulled, one from the top adn one from the bottom.

We drove home in DRIVING rain, it was awful. I drove in 4 wheel drive and with my flashers on the whole time. We did see a truck on the side of the road, well we saw the underside of it. Seems they were flipping and the trees stopped them.
I talked to BR on the way home, he said the worst of the storm was passing us. But he was waiting to go to work till it got good and gone.

He just called me again, according to him it has turned cold. I know it was trying to when we were on our way home. I havent seen him since he left for work yesterday. He got home and I was alseep, he spoke to me, but I never opened my eyes, I just told him that I had reset the alarm clock here in the living room and he could turn off the bedroom one. Actually I didnt tell him all that, he asked and I grunted. He left before I got home and I wont see him tonight or in the morning. And I will be back in town before he wakes back up. I reckon I will see him sometime on Wen. This reminds me, I need to put his uniforms in his truck tomorrow. I already have to wash a few pair of his pants since he is out. I dont want to have to wash the whole weeks worth!

When we got home my mom brought the mini monster home and even bathed Bow. He enjoyed his bath, ate and has been asleep since. He really enjoyed talking to everyone in the dentist office. He just played and squeeled and smiled. And chewed. That child is teething, of this I have NO doubt! When she came over she brought in their easter stuff.. Now I have 4 chocolate rabbits hiding in my house just begging to loose an ear... Truthfully I should eat Bows, I mean, how else will he enjoy it if I dont go ahead and get it eaten? I would be doing him a favor. I mean he does deserve to get to enjoy his too, right? I wouldnt let the other kids have theirs tonight. Of course you would think that both boys would have remembered the tramatic events of the day and thrown the offending, cavity causing, pain inducing objects into the trash. Instead they begged to eat it! I feel sorry for them, they have my teeth. I got them honestly, my mom and grandmother had bad teeth too. But such is life. It could be worse, they could have gotten their dads attitude.

oh wait, they did..

Tomorrow I have to go in early to the school and get Brett, I am going to take him and Rayley and Bow to Matts school to take pictures with the easter bunny. Then we have ball practice. And I have to get him some cleats. We tried to find some today, but couldnt. I hope this is not indicitive of the cleat avalibility in all of south east Texas. BR swears it will be.
Matt is disapointed cause I wont be the easter bunny this year. I have tried to explain to him that I will be very active in his school next year, when he comes over to the school Brett is at. They just dont need me at his school. He still doesnt understand this. Oh well, one day he will, I hope.

I just pray that I am able to stay active in their schools and start being active at the primary school again when Rayley gets there. I really miss the primary school, its such a blast, and they do so many more things. Bretts principal decided they were too old for pics with the bunny, bulldog ( our mascot) and a few other things.
But something will have to break loose with the gas situation if its gona be possible. I fiqure by the time Bow gets there I will be going in for a bill of groceries once a month and using a horse and buggy to do it! And that will look funny. I have a mustang thats scared of men, and a miniature thats just plain dumb as a box of rocks.

The kids were getting cranky by 7 tonight. Every little thing set one of them off. I understood with the boys, they did have a pretty bad day. And with Rayley you can look at her wrong and she will either crumble and her whole world will break, or she will look at you with a go to hell look and ask you what you want, and why are you looking at her like that. Tonight was a 'world is falling apart night'.

I got a call from Matts coach tonight, we start practice on Thursday, and then go back on Saturday.
This means I will be running every day except Wend adn Sunday this week. I have baseball Tue, Thurs, Friday and Saturday.

Rayley might be a drama queen, but she is smart as a whip. Tonight after supper the kids wanted some veinna sausages. I told them that was fine. Matt opened his and said "there's 6 on the outside in a circle and 1 on the inside"
Rayely IMEDIATLY said "that makes 7 you mo-ron" Yes, it does. I dont think Matt was confused as to the number, just intriqued by the set up. But Rayley was letting him know that either way, it was 7. LOL

Anyway, I told her that was very smart and I was proud of her. So then it became a 'math problem' night This is where the kids throw out problems and I answer them, or make them do it. Brett and Matt like those PITA questions, like "whats 8X35."

Well they threw out a few and Rayley threw out some, then she switched over to addition, and asked "whats 8 plus 4?" I was busy cleaning up a spilt drink and didnt answer right away, she said, "gosh mom, its 12. didnt you know that?"

So I asked her what 3 plus 5 was. She got all rude and said "EiGHT!" Like I was a compete idiot. Unfortunatly before I could really test her abilities the dog decided to attack the cat. or vice versa. Either way, the moment was lost. I just hope she retains this information till school.

I sent all the kids off to bed at 8. They were really starting to fight. SHe just didnt want to go. She kept coming in here and wanting something. I kept sendin her right back. Well she eventually got mad at me and went in her room and shut the door. I could hear her playing, adn the light was on, but I just ignored her. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later I checked and she had fallen asleep in the middle of her floor. I covered her up and left her there. I aint takin the chance on waking her up!

Now I am going to finish my nails. I found my acrylics yesterday and put on some tips. I feel better about myself already. I dont know what the big deal is, I am not into fashion and all, but I need my hair poufy and my nails done to feel good. The rest I could care less about. And usually do! Give me crocs, some jeans and a smart eleck t shirt and I am dressed for the ball.

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