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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I dont suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it

Thats what my T shirt today says. and I lived up to it.

I did NOTHIN today. AT ALL.

IT was sooo nice.

When the kids came home they didnt even come inside. Rayley met them at the door and they threw down their packbacks on the porch and were GONE. Of course she was wearing a brand new skirt and shirt. And Red Cowboy boots.

I let them play for a few hours and then called them up with the truck alarm.

I dont know why I felt the need to torture myself with daylight still left in the day. But I did. I was in the laundry room when Brett came through and he asked me what I wanted. I was telling him that I didnt want anything, I just thought they should come in and eat and stuff. Then I looked down at his feet. I have never bought black socks. They only have black leggins for baseball. And I was washing them. He saw me looking and said "oh, dont worry its not that bad"

"whats not that bad?"
"uhhhhh, nothin"

I still have not seen his tennis shoes. And I dont want to. I will wash them tomorrow. Maybe. Rayley and Matt had on cowboy boots. Both of them are wet.

They found a mud hole somewhere. I knew they would. I have faith in my children.

When I did get them back in I asked Brett and Matt how school went.
They both said "good"
Then Brett said "I got sent to the principals office"
"for WHAT?"
"the lunch teacher saw my lunch and asked if that was all I brought, when I said yes, she packed it up and sent me to the principals office"
"well, it wasnt a very good lunch. and you were trying to poisen me"
"the chips were expired, I pointed that out to the principal"
"what do you mean?, I just bought that bag of chips"
"yep, well they expired yesterday"
"okay so?? your chips were a day old.. and thats a sell by date, its not like milk and a 'drink it and you will die' situation, its a suggested date to not eat it after a year of it being past that date"
"oh..., well they tasted bad anyway"
"what did the principal say?"
"about what?"
"your lunch goofball"
"oh. that it wasnt very nutrisious"
"all I had was a koolaide thing, a peice of candy and a bag of expired chips"
"and WHY is that?"
"oh I told her it was cause I forgot to bring my sandwhich"
"she just said something about it spiking my blood sugar and not being good for me"
"So you forgot your sandwhich, And I look like a bad mom...way to go. I hope you know, when CPS shows up here I am packing your bag and sending you off with them"
"CPS is gona come?"
"More than likey, I tell you every day. DONT forget your sandwhich, then I tell you AGAIN, to go and get it."
"I dont think it was the sandwhich that upset them."
"then what was it?"
"the bad chips.. those could have killed me"
"not nearly as quick as I can...."
Then Rayley says "I wana go sleep over!"
"sleep over where?"
"at Cee-Pee's house"
"you said Brett was gona get to go to Cee-pee's house and sleep over. I wana go."
"ahhhh... I tell y'all what, if you keep it up, I will call them myself and send you off."
Now tomorrow I have to go and talk to the principal and explain I am not neglecting my kids. That I am just raisin mo-rons.

And I am actually the mom that refuses to allow them to take a soda to school in their lunch. Or lots of candy.

I tell them to sit down and eat. THen Matt says "My sandwhich was moldy"
"there was mold on my sandwhich"
"how much, where at and what kind?"
"not alot, on the outsides and in the middle"
"what do you mean, MOLDY?"
I went and got the bread, opened it up ( this one was bought on saturday and doesnt go bad till next week) there was NO mold. it was even still soft. I am confused.
"I dont think I got it out of that bag.. where is the other bag? "
"the one that had scraps in it for me to throw out?'
"hmmmm yea, I think there was some tortillas in there too."
"You used that bread?"
"I dont remember.. I remember getting it"
Brett says " and I told you not to use it, I thought you put it back over there" (on the counter on the OPPOSITE side of the kitchen, no where near where we keep the bread)
"yea, I remember that" matt says
"so did you use it? or the other one?"
"I dont know...."
"was it green or black?"
"the mold?"
"uhhhhhh.. I dont know. it was just a little."
"could it have been the koolaide you spilled on the table while you were supposed to be making your lunch? The grape koolaide?"
"I didnt spill it on my bread though.."
"could you have sat your bread in it?"
"ohhhhhh, maybe so...."
I will have to call his teacher too.

OMG! All I did was leave them alone while I went to pee while they were making their lunches. THATS ALL I DID!
ANd I laid the bread for them to use ON THE TABLE. And I went down the checklist of what to put in there. I do it EVERY TIME!

If I make their lunches I dont do it right. too much this, not enough of that. I dont pack it right.. what ever.

ANd I will be honest. I get blamed for enough crap around here. I get tired of the constant whining cause I dont squeeze the toothpaste from the right end, or make sure there is extra toilet paper BESIDE the toilet. So I make them make their own lunches.

The good news is Brett DID manage to pass his Taks test. there were 36 questions, he got 35 right.

This was for reading. Math is next month.

After about 5 minutes after calling them in from outside I came to the conclusion that I had screwed up. The did nothing but fight all night.
I guess they dont fight when they are outside as much cause they fiqure they need each other in case of an emergancy or if they get lost again. But once they are here its a no holds barred type of situation.
I tried everything to seperate them. nothing worked. So I would send one to take a bath, one to fold laundry (there is ALWAYS laundry here) and one would help me, or when baths were over I added play with Bow and some other minute tasks. The rest of the evening would be peaceful till they walked past one another again.

And dingbat Rayley, while in the bath, her second of the day mind you, got ANOTHER comb stuck in her hair. Dont ask me why or how. BUT she did. Luckily I was able to get it out.

I was so glad when 8:30 got here. Matt was too. Brett kept trying to stay awake. One time he came in to tell me he couldnt sleep. and while explaining it to me he would kind of go into a stouper and stutter and mix up his words. Rayley was the same way. I had to read alladin to her twice.

And since I have fallen asleep twice while typing this I too am going to bed. Tomorrow I have to be at the school at 8:30 to do yearbooks and then Bretts game starts at 7. I dont know what I am going to do till 7 with 4 kids that costs me NO money, but I reckon we will find out.

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