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Sunday, March 30, 2008

crankiness is catching.

Well I slept in a little today. Bow woke up a few times, but he feels so bad he would just nurse and go right back to sleep. Poor thing, he is a little stuffy and is teething.

Then at 10 my sister in law drove up. She dropped off 3 very pissed off kids. They had woke up and came strait home. She had some stuff she had to go and do. Heck, she picked them up at 9 last night. After a day of them being at the ballpark in the sun all day. They were so tired they couldnt have identified themselves in a picture line up. I reckon if they even made it the 3 miles to her house they were lucky.

They never really got over the attititude. Rayley was close to falling apart all day, Brett was jumping on everyone and Matt was close to tears if you looked at him wrong.

On top of all that is was raining out there. a 30% chance. well we got all 30%.

I went out and got the stroller and the chairs out of the back of the truck last night in anticipation of the coming rain.

I managed to get my fingers caught in the stroller, it was folded up, but not quite all the way and my fingers got in there, then it folded up te rest of the way. I couldnt open it with one hand. It was awful. moving the stroller hurt, I couldnt pull my fingers out and couldnt open it back up.

THen I got it off and stood on the tire to reach into the back to get the chairs. Its those fold up chairs in a bag and I had 3 of them out and 2 more to go. Since I drive a four wheel drive I cant just lean over the side ( I am five foot two inches). And its a doulley which means I have an extra foot between me and the inside of the bed. Well the last chair's drawstring was stuck between the cooler and the black box I keep in the back as a 'trunk'. Its the only concession I will make to not having enough room in the front of the truck.
There is LITELRY no room for anyone else to ride when BR and I both go somewhere with the kids. It seats six. we are six.
anyway, I pulled and tugged. I was trying to avoid having to climb into the back of teh truck. I am too old for that. I tugged and I pulled. next thing I know I am lying on the ground with both chairs on top of me. I wasnt hurt, but even though I live in the country, cant be seen from the road, and noone was home but Bow I still jumped up and looked around, making sure noone saw me.

The kids begged me to go outside today. I didnt want them to. I just wasnt in the mood for mud. I havent really felt good today. Alergies I reckon. I didnt want to do anything except sleep. I was really looking forward to a kid free day. I am not sure why folks tease me like they do. Once the kids got home Bow wouldnt sleep. He would try. I would get him to sleep and they would make a noise and he would wake up again. Most times they have to get pretty rowdy to wake him up. But today he was just not feeling well. They did go out once. It had been a good hour in the making. them begging, me saying no, it was gona rain again, them telling me they would COME right back in the minute it started. and they promised to stay out of the mud. Me saying no, cause I didnt belive them. ( seriously, would you?) Finally about the 8th time I got Bow asleep and they woke him up less than 3 minutes later I ordered them out. They wernt to the back end of the trucks and it started to rain.

Bow tried to be a good baby and to play, but wasnt up to it. I ended up having to hold him ALL day. Literly. and I fried hamburgers and french fries for lunch. You cant hold a baby and do that. He just sat in the kitchen floor in his bouncy and cried. Rayley came through once and said "why cant you turn him off?" I asked what she meant. "give him some benadryl or something. He is getting on my nerves."

Ahhhh to have more than one nerve again. I can only dream and reminice.
The boys did play with him off and on. Rayley tries to play, but she ends up wanting to 'love' on him. and doesnt realize he doesnt like being smushed.

I was lazy today, I only did 2 loads of laundry. one was baseball uniforms. Thats something I didnt factor in to the 'pain in the ass' list of baseball. the added load of laundry after every game. and with sometimes 3 a week thats 3 extra loads.

The kids tried to find a movie today. They wanted to watch sme of BR's movies. I told them they would have to make sure they were appropriate when their daddy woke up.
The minute he walked out of the bedroom they pounced.
"can we watch 'the enforcer?'
or 'Cool hand Luke?'
'magnum force'

He looked at me all perplexed. I told him I couldnt remember if there were some scenes they shouldnt see. He started thining.
then Matt said "we wouldnt have this problem if we had our own movies"
BR really looked confused then. "what happened to all your movies? I know your mom doesnt let you leave here with them."
"she threw them away"
He looked at me like I was an absolute idiot.
"I 'threw ' them away because I was tired of stepping on them. they were scattered all over the house and I had gotted tired of them being grounded for a week from movies every time I found one, they dont watch them enough for it to work"

"OH! So y'all screwed up, lost all your movies and now you want to borrow MINE?"
"why not??"
"cause if you leave one of mine on the floor and she throws it away I will have to kill you, then her, and I dont like prison"
they got mad and went to tear up something. He asked me if I had really thrown them all away. NO, I didnt. I have just hidden them. Then he walked over to the rack. There were about 6 cases there for cartoons. "what was wrong with these?"
"their empty. At first I was picking up movies and finding the case, then it dawned on me, coming in here, setting your heart on a movie and then opening it and finding an empty case will be MUCH worse"

"ahhhh, your devious"
"Thank you"

"so where are all my 7/16 wrenches?"
I swear I DID NOT throw these away. honest. cause the kids I can take movies away from. Him, I have to buy toys for.

Tomorrow I have to drive Rayley an hour away to the dentist. We have to be there by 8:30. Why in the hell do I set these appointments so freakin early? I am glad its early, we have to be back at the ballpark for BOTH boys at 5:30 But DAMN. that is way early.. I hope Bow feels better. If not it could get interesting.

About 7 I gave Matt some benadryl. by 8 he was a walking zombie. He kept trying to go to bed. and I would make him get back up to make his lunch or find his socks. then he had to get back up and find his backpack. I finally relented and Brett was n here. ALl of a sudden we heard a thump.
I hollered out "Matt did you fall out of bed?"
"I dont think so"
"What does that mean?"
"I cant remember if I fell asleep in the bed or on the floor."

Brett was just the opposit, I couldnt get him to go to sleep for anything. He kept coming back in here to see if I needed anything, to hug me goodnght for the 12th time, to find out why Bow was fussin. Anything to find an excuse. Finally I walked into his room and told him that as long as he was awake to hang up those clothes, clean off the other bed and get the dresser strait. He decided he was exhausted and went right to sleep.

Rayley has done WONDERFUL on sleeping in her own bed. She acts like she has done it for years. Its been real nice. She was getting too big to share the couch with. Me and Bow dont fit on it as it is.

Speaking of which. I HAVE to have a new couch. and a new chair. BR's lazy boy has been kinda broken for a while. It finally gave up the ghost about a week ago. The thingy that you use to push out the footrest just twisted off. It was old when we got it so I cant complain. I need to really start looking. I just dont know where to start. I wont buy a new one. couch or chair. For one, I cant imagine the thought of letting the kids near a new peice of furniture, and second, OMG have you seen the prices for new furniture? I aint bringin NOTHIN in this house that costs that much for my kids to puke, pee or put their muddy shoes on. I'll wait till they are grown.

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