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Monday, March 31, 2008

The boys of Summer

Well I sure didnt want to get up this morning. AT ALL.

Rayley woke up while I was getting the boys dressed. I fiqured this was best. I could get her dressed and fed and we could leave by 7:30. I got them up and dressed and it was 5:40 when they got done. I asked them to please watch Bow, I had to have a shower. They did. I came out of the shower right as my mother in law was pulling up. So I took over Bow duties. I went looking for Rayley. She had went back to her room and crawled in bed. Poor thing was snoring. I woke her up again and told her to get dressed.

She wasnt happy but complied. We left here with not quite enough time for me to fill up with deisel and when I got there I had to wait on two little piddily cars to get out of my way. There are 4 pumps, 2 of them sell deisel and gas. these are the only two that are ever used. I kid you not. I didnt think these idiots would ever leave. I even went in the store to ask if they had abandoned their cars. they were chatting with some other folks and getting coffee and such. I might have pissed them off. I sure hope so. I was trying.

We left about 10 minutes late. thats 10 minutes ontop of the 10 I was already late.

But we did get to the dentist at 8:31. Not bad. It took an hour to be seen and then 10 minutes for him to look and say "come back in about 6 months, we will clean them then, she doesnt need to be tramatized." No, but its okay to traumatize me everytime I go to the gas pump for that kind of stupid crap. Last year we had to have a few thousand dollars worth of dental work done on her. Her teeth wernt rotten, they were just breaking off. or eating away. So we had them all capped. So I want to stay on top of it. But not pay him to look and do nothing.

We got back home by 10:30 and Rayley went immediatly and brushed her teeth with her new toothbrush. She got toothpaste on her shirt and got it wet.
So she had to take it off. God Forbid the queen of mud be wet.
She went and found a new clean shirt.
15 minutes later she had a pudding. Then came back in here with a NEW shirt. seems she got a spot of puddin on the last one and it was in the laundry room.

I told her that she was NOT to put on any more shirts. Not until we were headed to the ballpark. To run around with out one on. She didnt like that idea. So she waited about 10 minutes. Till she thought I had forgotten. This time she came in wanting me to button the back of the shirt and I offered her two choices. Go hang it back up. or get her butt busted and then go hang it back up.

She opted for the first choice and I didnt see her again. LITERLY. She went in her room, shut the door and got real quiet.
BR woke up around 1:30, I was trying to fix lunch and Bow was NOT happy about it. His bellyachin woke up BR. (durn)
He asked me where the mini monster was. And it dawned on me, I hadnt seen her in a while. It had been so quiet. and so peaceful.
I didnt dare open her door. I just cant bring myself to sleep a waking baby.

She slept plumb through till after the kids got home. I had to go in and wake her up to get redressed to go to the ballpark. She told me she "just couldnt open her eyes"
I asked "why"
"cause then I wont be asleep and I need my sleep"
"why do you need your sleep?"
"so I dont get old like you"
gee thanks. I used to sleep just great till I had kids.

She did get up. I fiqured she was 'in a mood' so I just grabbed a skirt and a t shirt and told her to put that on. she LOVED the outfit.

Of course she did. She looked like a ragamuffn. I had to rewet her hair to comb it. and we had to look for her shoes.
We were JUST about to walk out the door and she wanted to take her cape and her stuffed cat.

I told her to knock herself out. I didnt feel like arguing. She looked a site. With a white slip turned into a cape. a dirty stuffed kitten, and 3 differnt shades of pink (shirt, skirt and shoes).

she is the first one I have just laid back on sometimes. When she was little and especially when the boys were small I NEVER let them go to town with out a full suit of clothes on ( no onsies for me unless they were with shorts or pants), socks and shoes. Or socks or shoes. Once they started walking shoes were always a must. And Rayley always had a bow taped in her hair and was dressed perfectly.

Granted I dont let her dress herself very often. But there are times when I think its okay to just let her be her. plus it blends in nicely with my lazy demeanor.

Both boys had a game at 5:30 tonight. I asked BR to go with us, but he said he needed to go to work. Luckily he changed his mind and called me to tell me he would go and then go to work after the games.

In the meantime ( once we were on the road) I got a phone call that Matts team would be playing at 6:30. Not 5:30.

So we started out at Bretts game. He didnt have any balls hit to him the first few innings and when he went up to bat, he got a foul ball then he was walked. There was a man on third so they wanted him to run to first and round it to go to second. But had never taught him that. He didnt understand the whole concept of it. Heck the walk confused him. He is used to pitching machine. You get 5 balls, you either hit, strike out on 3 or sit on 5. thats all there is to it. We have mentioned walking, but its never been "shown" to him. Poor thing. I felt so sorry for him.

Then it came time for Matts team to start and BR walked him down there. He took Rayley too. He told me that I needed to stay and watch Brett and someone else could take care of the score keeping for the night. Come to find out one of the moms did step up and do it. I was glad too. I hate that I am torn between the two games. But I really dont have a choice.

BR hadnt been gone but a few minutes and Bretts team was on the field. He had waited just long enough for Brett to bat and steal second on a walk (he got out) to score a run. its not an RBI for Brett, but he still helped it be done.

Anyway, they had 2 on base and a kid hit a LONG, HIGH fly ball. RIGHT to centerish left field.
All of a sudden this kid comes running towards it throws his arm out and catches it. Not Willie Mays basket catch, but a sure enough, glove turned up, kid stretched out, catch. It was Brett. I was screaming and hollering and so was everyone else in the stands. It was what you dream of seeing.
When the inning was over the coach came to the fence and asked some of the bystanders "how do you like my centerfeilder?" Everyone was impressed. Then he looked over and saw me. He had thought I had went to Matts game. He asked how I liked him. I told him I reckon'd I'd keep him. He said he KNEW he would!

Not only was it a potential triple for the kid (hell an in the park homerun has been made on lesser hit balls in this league) it was the 3rd out and saved us at least 2 runs!!

He went back up to bat a 2nd time and fouled one off, but ended up walking again. I am just happy with contact. But walking is an added bonus. :)

I finally called BR to tell him that Brett had hit that ball when I saw that we were going to be running well into Matts game and I might not make it over there. He told me that Matt had hit a triple and then was knocked home by the next kid who got an in the park homerun. He also said he had gotten a handle on a few balls that were hit to him.

Oh and Rayley had done a face plant into the concrete. Matts team was taking the feild again so he was coming to watch the end of Bretts game. They ended up loosing by 3 runs, but afterwards the coach singled him out as a wonderful player and four or five of the other players parents walked up and told him how good he did! He was beaming!

As I was leaving that field pushing Bow I got a phone call that Matt was going up to bat for the second time. I made it to the outfield where I could see right as he was swinging for his second strike. He ended up striking out. But they won by about 5 runs. I was proud to see it! I didnt get to see much of the game. they took the outfield and it was 3 up and 3 down.

The mom that had said she would watch Rayley told me that right after BR left she had hit her forehead again. She told me she felt bad cause she had told BR she would watch her. Then let her get hurt. I just laughed. You dont let Rayley get hurt, you just wait for it to happen and hope you dont have to get stitches.

The boys were bundles of energy when we left. They had both done great and were so happy.
Once we got home at a quarter of nine they had to eat and do homework. I couldnt keep them on task. We did get most of it done. I think. Matt has practice tomorrow. But there are no more games till Bretts on Thursday. Its at 7 adn he has a program (singing) at 6:30. I told him it was up to him which he chose. He definatly decided on baseball. I am glad. those singing programs SUCK.

I didnt get them in bed till after 10. And Bow was wide awake too. He was not fussing or anything, but wide awake. Not even a minute after I got the boys and Rayley out of here and in their own beds (where he couldnt see them) he was GONE. conked out. and I have moved him about 8 times and changed his diaper. He never even grunted. The boys were asleep within 5 minutes and Rayley was back to the land of nod before them.

The good news is I got the new schedules. AGAIN. Matts games have been cut down to 13.
Brett has 14.

There are 5 nights when both boys play. Both games start within 30 minutes of each other.
8 nights I go in just for Brett
8 nights I go in just for Matt ( one for pictures, and one for practice)

6 weeks I go in twice a week
2 weeks I go in 3 times.
I dont know when we are going to practice in addition to the games.
But I am sure we will. Rodeo falls in the middle of all this. And our entire town shuts down for Rodeo. heck they even get out of school early on one of the days.

This isnt really too awful bad. I just wish I could find a solution to the shared nights.


Karen said...

Congratulations! Wow, that is something! I'm so impressed. Tell those boys they have fans all over the country now.

maidto5 said...

LOL thanks karen! I will tell them that! :) I was proud of them, and thats saying something. Usually my pride comes when we go visit and they dont break something or make an inapropriate comment! LOL