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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Anything less would be uncivilized

I woke up this morning at 5:52. The boys have to be out of here at 6. I had been hearing the alarm go off for an hour and it didnt dawn on me what it was. I just heard it in my sleep. I guess its between daylight savings time, and this 30 minutes early crap thats killing me.
If you put them together its an hour and a half earlier than it was 2 weeks ago.

I did get them dressed and ready to go before she got here.

Then I went ot get me a refil of tea. There sat Bretts sandwhich. So all he had was chips and a drink. ggggggggRRRRRRRRRRR

Rayley woke up this morning and when she came in here she sat down in my lap. I am used to hearing "I want that" when a cereal commercial or toy comes on TV. heck I am even used to hearing "you need that" when relicore, or slimfast comes one.
But today she comes in and there is a commercial for the new messless benadryl. Its a dose ready apperatus that you can take with you. She decided she needed that. RIGHT THEN.

So now they are marketing meds to kids? Making it cool to take benadryl. Oh well. at least its a small bit helpful for her to think its cool. I have to buy her pink or purple medicane as it is. We call it 'princess medicane' and its the only way she will take it.

She was real good all day. I have enjoyed her the last few days. She has been a pretty good kid.

And she will play with Bow for short periods of time. Speaking of Bow, he loves to get on the floor and play, he will chase his 'cat toy' all around the living room. And now he has found the wipe box, he gets over on it and kinda climbs it. He wants to be UP.

Rayley found out we were going to the ballpark at around 11 and got dressed RIGHT THEN! She wanted to know when we were going. She put on her Jasper Bulldogs Cheerleading uniform and wasnt to be detered.

I honestly used to look at the kids that picked out there own clothes and think "never my kid. I couldnt go to town and be that embarressed" and I never let the boys wear boots and shorts or anything like that. But its not even embarrising. I guess cause I know there are too many of them to care. as long as she is clean, fed and with in 10 feet of me I am content.

I still dont let the boys wear stupid crap. But when they got home I told Matt to get ready. Brett didnt have practice or a game. But he put on his uniform anyway. I asked him why. "cause I dont want folks to think I am just out there for no reason, I want them to know I am a real player"


thats just something else for me to wash.

Ball practice was not bad. A friend got out a blanket and we laid Bow on it. He had a blast! And Rayley played with her little friend the whole time. Brett either helped or agervated. I dont know. None of the coaches hit him the head with a bat, so I reckon he wasnt too much of a hindrence.

Of course when we left there we had to go to walmart. I was out of bread and milk. We drove into the parking lot and Rayley asked "why do we have to go to town?"

Rayley has a skewered take on things. For her when we go to town its "Jasper". When we go to walmart its "town". I have a feeling that its my own fault. I will say "we have to go to town" and the only place we end up is walmart. LOL

As we were getting back in the truck after shopping Rayley said "Is Lowes part of town too?"

Sure. why not.

While we were shopping the kids were in high spirits. ALL of them. Rayley sat in the buggy, but Bow decided he needed to be held. I had to tote him the entire time. You would think that toting 15 pounds isnt alot. It will KILL you. I promise.

And Brett and Matt were arguing over who would push. It wasnt long before Rayley was burried in groceries. Literly.

Of course I got to hear every pitch line for all the products ( I am taking away all TV) , hear the jingles for everything and alot of the nutritional information on items I could have cared less about.

"milk, it does a body good"
"There's 20 fewer calories in this milk than that milk"
"Pork, the other white meat"
"beef, its whats for dinner"
"dont get spray and wash, get spray and wash max, it has foaming action"
"yea, you can dry it with a hair dryer"
"get this peanut butter, more moms prefer it"
"thats the stronger picker upper"
"a nose in need, deserves a puffs indeed"
"that aint good english"
"Roll that beautiful bean footage"
"so, its what they say!"
"theyre great!"
"this is good to the last drop"
"once you pop, you cant stop"
"betcha cant eat just one"
"This has 25 calories per serving"
"you disenfect to protect with this one"
"yep it kills up to 99.9 % of germs."

"will you buy some eggos?"
"yea, so I can say 'leggo my eggo!'
"NO, I wana say it!"
"I DO!!"
"it was my idea!"
Matt Sneezed and I hear "you need nasonex."
"no, flosenex would be better"
"you should get this toothpaste, it fights cavaties and gingevitis"
"can we have some rediwhip?"
"yea to put on our cereal?"
"its only 15 calories"
"mom, dont forget bandaids"
"Im stuck on bandaids cause bandaids wont stick on me!"

I wont even repeat the ones I had to shush as I went to the rest of the hair care/bath/personal care isles..

I swear, it was like having Billy Mays trying to sell me something the whole time I was shopping. I think after about 30 minutes my brain blocked otu the rest of it.

BUT I swear when we were in line there was someone beside us singing the oscar myer song. And I know where he got it!

When we got home I had to get them to help me unload. Bow was NOT having any of the 'floor time' and wanted to nurse. It was almost nine and they still had to get baths and eat.
Rayley kept on wanting a 'bednight' story. I told her to put in a movie and when it was over I would tell her one.
Luckily she fell asleep before then. I couldnt come up with a good one tonight to save my life. I have finally succumb to the headache that has been nagging at me all day long somewhere between the macaroni and cheese ("its the cheeseiest") and the V-8 Juice ("Coulda had a V-8, 'THUNK!'")(yes, they insisted on hitting each other). And she told me the other night that she was tired of hearing about girls who dont clean their room and it didnt make a good bednight story, cause it wasnt nice and soothing. It was mean and aggervating.

There is nothing like a 3 year old telling you that you are agervating them. It sure makes you feel good. But at least I got it honest. It came from them. I was a nice easy going person before I had kids. I swear I was.


Tara said...

LMAO! My daughter insists on bed night stories... but only daddy is allowed to make them up. I actually have to read her a book. Apparently my storied about the monsters in the basement that eat bad little girls don't help her sleep. I will now be singing the band-aid song in my head for the rest of the day.

maidto5 said...

LOL tara, basement monsters.. ROFLMAO>

Sorry 'bout the bandaid song, but as mine left the house this morning the were singing "viva viagra!" I HATE that they put that stuff on TV!!

Karen said...

Billy Mays is too funny. I keep picturing him trying to pick up girls in a bar. "If you come home with me tonight, I guarantee not one, not two, but five whole minutes of foreplay. But wait! That's not all!"

maidto5 said...

That is too funny!! I wont be able to watch an infomercial the same ever again! LOL