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Friday, April 4, 2008

A whole new meaning to the spit ball.


I can honestly say I am SOOO glad today is over!
After waking back up at 3 am to finish the blog I fell back asleep around 3:30. Or a little after.
Boy did the alarm piss me off this morning. LOL

I got up, got the kids up and was glad to see them leave. I went back to sleep, but since I had to be up and going soon I kept hitting snooze. I 'snoozed' for about an hour.

I did make it to the school at the right time. Rayley went to my moms today. I knew it would take WAY too much out of both of us for her to be in town for that long.

We worked on the yearbook all day. I wont get back on my soap box about mothers too lazy to help at the schools. But I will tell you, DONT EVER gripe because you feel its not being done right. Get up and HELP! We are down to 3 doing 3 schools, Its NOT looking fun.

anyway. I spent the day there and then went to get my children from Daycare. I let them go there because I didnt want to sit in the lines at Matt's school to pick him up. I knew SOMEONE would walk up to me and ask why the PTA was doing this, or wasnt.. Today was NOT the day to ask.

I visited with my mother in law for a few minutes at Daycare and got some relief from holding Bow. Actually, the minute I walked into the school this morning I hadnt made it 10 feet in the door before I was kidless. I LOVE this school! LOL They kept him down in the PE room for a few hours. One time a kid came in to the room we were working in and said he was sent after a binkie. The three of us scrambled to find it!

Once he was brought back he slept for a little while and then woke up happy as a clam. He was squeeking and laughing and moving all over. He is SUCH a good baby. I am blessed. I know that. But he is a laplander. His philosophy is that he will entertain himself for a short period of time, BUT you had better not expect it too much!

Anyway, I took him to see my mother in law. I had called her earlier in the day and asked her if she would take him home tonight so I could go to the ballpark.
Now my MIL and I get along great, and she has never turned me down when I needed a babysitter. Actually there are times when she and my mom both call just to ask for the kids (always at the same time though...) But in this instance she went plumb off the deep end.
I cant repeat the conversation here. It would require too many astriks and stars. Even though I was just kidding I thought it was funny. I dont know what the deal is. Rayley was the same way with her. We always thought it was cause Rayley was so tiny and she was so scared of her, and Rayley felt that. But Bow aint tiny..
I do notice that folks who try to hold him like a baby and treat him like one dont get a real good reception. He wants to stand, and jump and talk.

The kids and I left around 3:30. I was on a count down. 3 and a half hours to go!
I went and paid a few bills, unfortunatly it didnt take long. So we went to walmart. I found a few more things on MASSIVE clearence. Easter items. I got Rayley an easter basket with a Disney Princess dress up dress, shoes, crown, wand and candy that was priced at 15.00 for 3.74.

I hid it at my moms when I went to pick her up. I forgot to tell my mom, so I will need to call first thing in the morning. So she doesnt give it to her! I am going to save it for Matts birthday. I plan on taking it OUT of the basket, eating the candy and wrapping up the dress up clothes. This is the same outfit you can buy on the shelf in the toy section for 14.00. I know. I have priced it :(

I did get some stuff for next year. I got 4 of each thing. I know Brett will be too old, and maybe Matt too, but I will continue to make them baskets. You never get too old to get something from mom. Even if you wont admit it.

OH and when Matts van showed up at Daycare the driver came running in with them. (she goes back to Bretts school after picking up and dropping off Matts) She said that matt had gotten in and said he kissed his girlfriend today. So she told him "Ohhhh I cant wait to tell your mom!" he said "you never see my mom, you cant tell her" and she informed him I was waiting at Daycare! He changed his story. said he was kidding.

I doubt it. Matt has never felt that girls have cooties. He has always loved the ladies. And isnt really shy in telling you. Brett barely will admit he likes a girl. I didnt press Matt on the kissing thing. I will later. But today he was still embarressed.

Anyway, at walmart we killed about an hour and a half. I really didnt buy much. But I did get me an iced tea maker. I LOVE tea. BUT I cant make it. I can cook everything else from scratch. But cant make tea to save my life. Maybe this will help. I spent 23.00 on the maker and a box of tea. Since I drink 3-4 gallons of tea a week at 2.00 a pop it wont take long to pay for it!

We decided to leave when Bow had worn out his welcome in the cart. He decided that he needed to be held instead.

Brett had to get dressed in the truck, I had brought his uniform with me and he managed to get ready before we made it to the park. We had to wait on the other teams to finish playing and took the feild. Brett got to bat twice. he fouled one off and then ended up drawing a walk. He didnt just sit and wait on it either. he got ahead in the count and then luckly didnt swing at the ones that hit the dirt or were aimed at low flying birds.

He got to steal a base while out there, and got to run home. He doesnt run fast, and stealing bases scares me to death. he aint real swuft.

The next time he went up was about the same. He foulded one off and then got a full count. He was walked and the coach used him as a ploy between 2nd and 3rd to try and get the ball thrown away while someone else scored. He did manage to get out, but the run scored. We are gona have to work on his avoidence of rundowns..

He didnt have much action in the outfield, Thank GOD! BUT I did hear from other people out there that they had heard about his wonderful catch earlier this week. Apparently his coach has been bragging!

Bow didnt want to sit in the stroller. He wanted to be held and swung and bounced. He wasnt fussy, he was just entergetic. He has a fun new position to be played with in. you grab his hands and feet and he throws his head backwards and wants to be gently swung that way. or walked around. He looks like a drunk monkey. And he is a kisser.. actually I think he is trying to bite. If you get him anywhere near your face he opens wide and starts to gum you. slobber is flying like a dog with its head out the window. Once I was paying attention to the game and realized he was trying to chewing on the metal pole that holds up the bleachers. YUCK!
I dread teeth, but the poor thing is sure tryin to cut them! If he ever gets your hand in his its slobbered on. and bit. OR your checkbook, or your notebook, your Dr pepper bottle, your leg, it really doesnt matter.

Matt came through once and gave Bow a baseball. He was really giving me his glove to watch, but used Bow as an excuse. 5 minutes later he came back for it. He wanted to play catch with someone. He took it away from Bow. I promise you, there was slobber DRIPPING from it.

He opted to NOT play catch.

Bretts team managed to win 9-0. Matt spent the whole time playing on the dirt pile and playing with other kids. I think he had more fun than Brett.

Once we headed home I had to go and get Rayley. While I was getting out her basket Brett ran in to get her ( I didnt even see him get out.. why cant he run the bases like that?) , She started crying. something about Matt not being with us. I told her he was in the truck.. She didnt belive me. I put her in the truck and drove home. It takes 3 minutes. She was dead to the world when we got here. I brought her in, put her in bed and she NEVER even woke up. Matt fell asleep on the floor playing peekaboo with Bow. I am guessing this means that Bow won. He got to slobber and chew on his prize.

I got everyone in bed. and it was only 10. Noone made lunches, and baths were out of the question. I hate that. But sometimes we have to prioritize. and quiet is my main priority tonight!

Mom made Rayley a new dress. I cant wait to put it on her. But it reminds me I have to set up that website to sell them. I guess I need to get on that. But so far everything she had made has been so cute I want it for Rayley! LOL

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