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Thursday, August 7, 2008

mama always said "life is like a box of chocolates"

And thats true, alot of times, you never know what you will get. Other times, I know EXACTLY what I am in for.

BR and I decided to introduce the kids to some classic cinema yesterday. Forrest Gump was on the day before and BR had recorded it. Well Rayley was not really into it. But had to be right in the middle of everything, so she was playing on the floor. Then we hear a 'bang' or a thump or what ever on the wall. I looked down. She finally looked up and said:

"well it was already cracked"

"what was already cracked?" She showed me the small dust pan. It has a small dust broom that goes in it. I dont know WHY it was in here. And I dont know why she was playing iwth it. BUT she was, and had broken it. I rely on this dust pan. It cleans up messes, its easy to use and less bulky than the big one. Plus it has a flippin broom that fits in it. So I tell her:
"Go get me your favorite toy and let me break that."
Well, Leave it to Brett:
"A dustpan in your favorite toy?"
I was waiting for this. I knew the second the words were out of my mouth that one of my dear loved ones would be rude enough to point this out. Then BR threw in (once he quit laughing):
"GO get something you dont ever use unless you absolutely have to and then bitch the whole time your using it"
SO it pops into my mind and BR and I say at the same time:
"Like your toothbrush"
SHe went instead and got me a cat that is supposed to purr and talk when you watch a certain barbie movie. Swearing it was her favorite. She could care less about this cat. BUT she does have a few favorite stuffed animals. So next time I sweep I plan on getting one and using it to wipe up the dirt.

Finally it gets quiet again and we are back to watching the movie. Then out of Bretts mouth:
"why does he always say Gump after his first name?"
Well there is ONLY one answer to this. Seriously. And luckily Matt was sitting there and gave it to him
"cause thats his last name stupid"

The kids enjoyed the movie, although they didnt get quite a few of the pop culture refrences. They were lost as to who everyone except Elvis was. At least they did know that.
and they are now walking around quoting the lines from there. THANK GOD. I was SOOOO tired of Brett pretending to be Ace Ventura. I couldnt imagine spending another day hearing "aaaaaaaallllllrightyyyyyyyy THEN" and he would even walk and talk like him. Throw his head like him. and get on my nerves just a little MORE than Ace ever did.

If we can just keep it between Forrest, Carl, John Wayne, and a few others, I can handle it.

TOday we went and picked more muscidines. Or I picked more. BR sat on his tractor and at first the boys were in the bucket with me, after about 40 minutes I told them the next time the bucket got with in 3 feet of the ground they had better vacate. One asked me why. I told him that I was on the verge of throwing him out of the bucket. They were NOT picking, they were just playing grabass 20 feet up in the air, giggiling, talking about inane crap, and trying their hardest to annoy me. or make me want to throw myself out of the bucket.
Then the other one had the nerve to ask me what I would do if they didnt get out. very few times have I left them speachless. and even fewer with a look. This was not one of those times. They bailed out the next time we got close to the ground. And then they proceeded to show their daddy just how worthless they were. He got a cane pole and started beating the grapes out of the tree. And you could just see them hitting the ground with in a foot of the sheet we had laid out. They coulnt even get those. And if they did, they would eat them.

BR and I tried to tell them the story of the Hen that begged for help planting her wheat, reaping her wheat, making flour, bread and then everyone wanting to eat it. BR told them that they sure loved the muscidine jelly I had made when we ate breakfast this morning. One of them said "well, if we dont get any more muscidine jelly, I'll just eat syrup instead"

Finally I told them that if they thought this was hard, wait till I make them help me make sugar cane syrup. Well that sounded like fun to them. Then one of them was smart enough to ask how you got syrup from sugar. I told them again, CANE syrup. as in Sugar Cane. and See'ins how I aint got no mule, I would need lots of work out of two asses. BR explained what "bow'd up like a sugar mill mule" meant. They decided they better go play somewhere before I make them start cuttin cane. Off they went into the woods. Uncle Gerald has kept trails big enough for a tractor cut through them for years. I told them to stay away from the pond, not to bite a snake and not leave each other. Then I went back to pickin. I got almost a bucket and a half. Then it was time for BR to go to work. So we decided to go and fetch the kids. They had checked in a few times, but not lately. We hadnt been on the trail but about 2 minutes before I saw a snake in front of us. It was a pretty long one, but it went to fast for me to identify. We drove around for about 20 minutes, then headed back to the truck. I set off the alarm. Then we set off again. We decided to check the oil well and then the aunts houses. Ice cream is a huge draw for kids. They were at neither. So we headed back to the truck, and I went into my moms to tell her what we were doing incase they came to where my truck was. Low and behold there they were. They knew better than to run off with out telling us. They are allowed all in the woods there. They can go to anyones houses. But they have to TELL someone. BR and I wernt worried. We were just hot, tired and ready to go home. and were close to leaving them. Just as a lesson. They would have went to someones house. Its like a 100 acre farm with 4 houses on it. they all own their own property, but are kinda close. The only way to get to our house is either get on the highway and drive 2/10th of a mile and come up our drive way, or through the woods, down a creek and across the national forrest. They can find their way home since they hunt those woods.

I had to drive BR to work, and will be having to go and get him in the middle of the night now. WE had to take his truck that we had rebuilt back to the mechanic yesterday. He is bringing his semi truck home, well to the old place, (where all the family lives) and parking it on the oilwell road. (dont think this is a Jed Clampet oil well, this is a 'got 82 cents royalties last year' oil well) And I take him to it and pick him up when he is done. Which is between 3 am and 7 am. Not a big deal.

Oh and he got him a new toy yesterday. A harmonica. Just like the one he lost in the housefire. Even the case is the same. He got a horner or what ever. So now I am blessed to hear that AND the stupid turkey calls. If I get them a banjo I will be living in deliverance.

I just about have the T shirts for the primary school ordered. I just have to wait on the final okay from the principals. I will be glad to get this done. I think we decided this year to pick a T shirt and go with it for the future. Not change it every year. Which is something I have wanted to do for years. But in the past it was thrown out when ever I made that motion cause it was such a good fundraiser. Well, kids do grow, moms will still have to buy the shirt. and its not like they stay in 2nd grade their whole lives. But its so much easier than having to come up with something cute every year. Once that is done and the school supplies for the Elementary school are all put together I think I will be done till I have to meet with the yearbook company.

I am actually looking forward to school. And not just cause I get to get rid of 2 kids for a few hours. But I really enjoy the PTA. I love being a part of something that makes some sort of a differnce. That accomplishes something.

Speaking of which. I finally remembered to call the NRA about the gun I won back in April that has an issue with loading the shell. they called me RIGHT back and got something set up to get it fixed. I also managed to volunteer for that. I volunteered to help with the banquet next year. Its for a branch of the NRA. The friends of the NRA. They are not the political part, they are the 'fun' part. The money they raise goes back into the shooting sports, 4H, woman in the outdoors, and other things. I have wanted to get involoved with this for a long time, but never knew who to ask. So I am REALLY excited about that.

BR even suggested I do it. I never expected that. He gripes enough about my deisel consumption as it is. And I am only on 3 boards. I almost voluneteered the other night at the Turkey Banquet forthe National wild Turkey Association, but refrained. Maybe when I get Bow a little older and Rayley in school.

Oh and I am still trying to make taffy. A friend told me to just add powdered sugar to some hot jelly and pull. Well she didnt say how much hot jelly. and it was starting to resemble the blob in my kitchen when I finally threw the whole thing away.

I am going to try to get a small plot of corn and okra going next week. It will have to be watered so I cant go too big. But some nice sweet corn would be SOOO good. and everyone loves fried okrie. I dont care for it boiled. at all. But fried... I could eat my weight in it. and speaking of eating... I have had to increase my cooking lately. More meat, more veggies, more everything. This morning I had to make 3 rolls of sausage and 2 pans of biscuts, over a dozen eggs and It took a half a jar of jelly and 3/4 of a gallon of milk. And Bow aint even really eating yet.


Tara said...

"Then BR threw in (once he quit laughing):
"GO get something you dont ever use unless you absolutely have to and then bitch the whole time your using it"

I had coffee coming out my nose- and if it ruins my computer I will hate you forever-LOL

maidto5 said...

Sorry, but you should have been the one sitting here trying to discipline her. Its SOOO hard to threaten a kid with in an inch of their lives when 2 other kids and an adult are laughing so hard that tears are coming out of their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hello.This is first time for me to visit your site.
I have three children (6year-old boy,4year-old boy,2year-old girl)
They are angel, sometimes devil, though...
I'm happy if you link to my site.It is written in Japanese(some of the words are English) but show pictures.
baratch family

maidto5 said...

Nice to meet you!! sounds like you have your hands full!! Thanks for the link!!