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Friday, October 31, 2008

Well Happy Freakin Halloween.

For MONTHS I have been getting together the kids costumes. I have drove all over, scoured goodwill and the Salvation Army, trying to put together or add to the costumes they had to have last year. BUT didnt get to wear. Cause they got in a BUNCH of trouble the week of Halloween.

I was SOOO looking forward to this year. I LOVE halloween. I planned on taking the kids to various realitives houses, then to a carnival uptown.

I had let Rayley spend last night with my mom, so at 1:45 I went to get her. When I got home there was a missed call from the school. So, I called my voicemail. After going through 24 messages I got to the important one. Brett had recieved his 3rd bus referal for misbehavior and was being suspended next week for 3 days.

I called the school back. The principal was busy. I fiqured this stemed from the altercation that Matt got in this week. He had came home and told me that he had hit a kid. Come to find out this is the kid that sliced Bretts finger last week with a broken pencil sharpener blade, (cut it pretty bad too), and the one that had ripped Bretts backpack earlier in the year, and was constantly kicking Matt and hitting him in the top of the head. The kid is in 5th grade. Well, he managed to kick Matt in or around the stomache on Wen. I think. And Matt popped him in the face, making his nose bleed.
BUT she had said BRETT. this happens alot. Brett actually got in trouble at school one year and was home sick that day. It was Matt in the first grade hallway, a teacher saw 'brett' down there, and when asked was told by 'Brett' that he was 'Matt' and supposed to be there. When pushed he swore he was (have I mentioned this kid has HIA syndrome and doesnt always 'get' things?) who he said he was. When she turned her back to tell some kids to quit running he ran. strait to class. This took alot of straiting out. She didnt see him disapear into the crowd, he never said a word and she couldnt 'find Brett' again. So she told on him. Easily fixed.

BUT the principal also said "this is his 3rd write up". UHHHH NO. I have NOT heard a SINGLE thing from the school. Granted, there had been a few issues, but with out school intervention I wasnt worried about it just yet. My boys aint angels and I am sure they were doing something to instigate or at least agervate this 5th grader.

SOOOOO. She calls me back. I told her that I had NO knowledge of these write ups and to my knowledge I always have to sign and return ANY write ups that they recieve. Had I known they were already in trouble I could have taken measures to stop the behavior. But, this was the first I had heard about any problems.

Oh yes, she assured me, they were in her office just yesterday. Both boys. I told her I knew nothing. And she wanted to know why they wouldnt tell me. Uhhhhh Cause they are boys, they aint that dumb and they KNOW they would get in trouble.

I said they wernt perfect. But they are smarter than your average bear. So then she said "well, Brett mentioned it would be a problem being driven into school"
Uhhh yep. I aint wastin 100.00 to drive him back and forth. he can stay here and work his rear off instead.

She did admit that she was lax in not following up on their previous reports. And I agree'd. There is NO way that I could have gotten away with not giving over a note as a kid. If it didnt come back the NEXT day, they were calling. I know. I tried that ONCE. on a paper I had failed that had to be signed. I never tried it again. But come to find out, they had also been in back in September. No note then either.

Well today Brett had gotten in trouble wiht out Matt. I am sure he did it. The first two were for bouncing around in the seat and throwing paper balls. Today was cause a girl had set in his seat and when he got on and told her to move out of his assigned seat (which I am sure he did) she got up and moved. But apparently he assisted her in moving. And then the bus driver told him to come up front and he ignored him. (both boys swear he never said to come up front) so the bus driver stopped the bus and walked back to get him. On the way he 'spoke' to some friends. I will take this as he was being a brat and showing off.

Anyway, she recinded the suspension. this time. So when BR woke up I told him. I also told him what I thought should happen punishment wise. I asked him to take care of it for me.

They dont really listen to me, they do, but NOT like they do their daddy. when he speaks they listen. When I speak they pretend to listen. Unless I twist off. Now they are semi good. And in their defence I do boss them around alot. Go brush your teeth, go to bed, do your homework, dont talk, answer me, dont do that, quit fighting, be nice to your sister, get your brother, dont holler in the house, take off your shoes, get dressed, get up, eat supper, go outside, be quiet, dont run in the house, clean your room, put up these clothes, feed the dog, feed the rabbit, pick up your dishes, bring me your dirty clothes, put up your shoes, find your homework, pick up the bathroom, quit playing in the kitchen... you get the picture.

SO, they came home. I was already getting the younger kids ready to go Trick or Treating. Brett jumped right in to help me. I asked about the notes that the principal promised to send home. I tried to find out what had happened. Of course it wasnt their faults, they were innocent, and everyone else was throwing paper too.

Then BR came out of the shower. He asked questions, got told "I didnt do it" and "I dont know" alot. Finally he got to the bottom of it. ANd took away Halloween. That was it, some hollerin, some griping and taking away Halloween. I had requested a slightly differnt punishment.

I could have pinched their little heads off. Easily. I LOVE halloween. and this is the second year in a row they have pulled something stupid.

Well, although it wasnt as much as I wanted for them, I just kept my mouth shut.

I loaded up the kids, took BR to his semi (his truck is still in the shop) and started Rayley and Bow trick or treating. We just went to familys houses. I made the boys sit in the truck. They were not to MOVE for fear of loosing a limb.

all the greats wanted to know where the boys were. I would tell them. Then they wanted to know if they could have their candy. I would say no. Then they would have to go out and love on them.

Our last house was my mother in laws. SHe had just left, we had passed her on the road. but my father in law was there. Rayley and Bow got out and we went up and talked to him for a few minutes. Then she drove back up. She asked about the boys. I told her. we chatted a few minutes and then she went to talk to them. she was out there about 5 minutes and then started back up. Next thing I hear is a truck door shutting.
I looked around, the boys were unloading themselves from the truck.
"what are you doing?"
"what are you doing?"
"me me said we could get out"
"did I say you could get out?"
They got back in.

In the meantime my sister in law called. Her teenage daughter had made the kids brownies and cupcakes and such. She is SOOOO good at decorating. I tried to take some pictures, but they didnt turn out. PLUS I was scheduled to meet her at my house later and she was going to take pictures. I told her to come over when ever and explained the situation. She said she would be here at 8.

So at 9:30 Lisa showed up. I had decided to dress the boys in their costumes. They were NOT supposed to have fun, just to sit there, shut up and take the pictures. After about 15 minutes they were rambunctious as they could be. But when she showed up we got down to business. I had spent too much time to miss this photo op. So we were going to do it.

Here they are:

Incase you dont reocognize them, this is

Davey Jones, Holding Jack the monkey, Elizabeth Swann, and Jack Sparrow.

plus a closeup of Jack. (the human not the monkey)

and NO, he is NOT a bear. He is a monkey. He has a tail behind him somewhere.
And we did NOT pose Matt, he not only had the movements down, he had the VOICE of Jack Sparrow down. and was quoting the movie all night in what ever fit the situation best. Brett played the part of Davey Jones to a T. If I hear "DO YOU FEAR DEATH" again I just might show them the fear of death.

I know they had fun dressing up, but it was a 30 minute thing and they are NOT getting any of the candy, and the costumes and all the toys that I found to accent them are already put up. But I couldnt miss this picrure. I just couldnt.

But I will have them make up for it tomorrow. I have walls that need scrubbing, floors that need a handwashing, laundry soap needs to be made, the yard cleaned, the rabbit cage cleaned, and a zillion other things. My dad will be in for Bows birthhday so I will need the free labor to get it all together.

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Connie said...

They look great! Good for you for sticking to the punishment.. it had to be SOOO Hard!