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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Identity Crisis

we have been having all sorts of identiy crisis' here lately.

Bow: He cant decide which sport to play, right now he has a plastic bowling pin, a baseball glove and a small plastic football, he is putting the football on the ground, hitting it with the pin and then running to catch it with the glove.

Rayley: This child is one of a kind. she cant help but be. She is surrounded by boys. she goes in and puts on all kinds of necklaces, tutus, or evening dresses adn then goes out to find worms and snakes with the boys. She gets mad when they wont let her climb a tree, yet her fake heals are not exactly climbing friendly. She hates that she is the only girl, having to sleep in her room by herself, and getting that big ole space all for just her.

She also eats like a horse. I swear she is wormy. This kid eats more than 3 normal kids. BUT, aside from her feet (size 11) and her legs (size 5 is getting too short) she is too little for clothes her age.

This Tree: It survived the hurricane. two as a matter of fact, and when we logged. We logged all the pines out here, and I think it was hit by a falling tree at that time. Plus, when you log it can put the other trees into shock. Its poor top was knocked out during Ike. No, it was during Rita.. yeah. Rita almost killed it.
Anyway, it thought it was just a normal tree. Nope. Not with my kids.

But it seems to be coming back pretty good. It would do better if we would get the bush out from underneath it.

Its a magnolia tree. Big pretty white flowers. See the one about 2/3 of the way up? It will be relevent later.
here is Bow walking under it, looking for his brothers and sister.

The chickens: This was supposed to be a Hen. But she acts more like a rooster, but doesnt have wattles. I am currently asking the experts about her/him/it. Hopefully I will find out soon.

I can assure you, it would rather be a hen, cause I dont need two roosters and BR had me buy him a Jersey Giant rooster. If its a rooster then he will be taking up residence in the freezer. MAJOR identity crisis...

The boys:
they want to play baseball, yet they wont practice at home. They want to help us build stuff or cook, yet they refuse to help with the prep work or clean up.

And they are apparently part monkey.

This was actually taken when they were told to GET DOWN. THey had already started their decent. Do you see the flower that I told you to remember?

I had made them get down. I told them I didnt care next week, but we had TWO games left. TWO GAMES. I didnt want a broke arm or leg!!

they were standing on branches that are smaller around than my wrist. Matt was in cowboy boots. and I KNOW that Bretts shoes wernt tied. PLUS, they were pulling the flowers and cones off and throwing them down. Bombing Rayley. If one of them was jerking on the branch the other was standing on, it could have been a catastrophy.

Our baseball team: All year we have not totaly been IN the game. Till last night. The powers that be decided that our 4 teams would have a playoff. Putting everyone on equal ground. It was a single elimination tournament. 2 teams play, the winner goes into the winners bracket, the looser into the loosers bracket.

Well, we got out there and actually PLAYED. In the top of the 2nd inning we were up 7 to 2.
Once we got to the bottom of the 2nd though, we had walked 3 and allowed one hit. This made it 7 to 4. The team we were playing has been pretty good all year.
They got another run on a bad throw. making it 7 to 5, with the 6th run walked to 1st.
Then Brett came in to pitch. the first kid hit, getting to first. The second hit, right to Matt at shortstop. It was a force play. He fielded the ball and stepped on base, but it was after a little confusion, he wanted to tag the runner, went after him, did tag him then stepped on base.

Brett had went to the mound with only one out. Matts out made it two. Then there was a hit, Brett fielded it, overthrew first, and first overthrew 3rd, they did this until the kid came home. since there was a kid on base already it was 8-7.
The next kid hit into an out, but the damage was done.

we went back up to bat in the 3rd, down by one. It was Hoover up first. He swung at the ball. And I am VERY happy with this. because this is the first year he has even done that. But he did strike out. Come to find out, when he got back to the dugout, the other kids were griping at him about it. I didnt know this part, All I knew was the dad in the dugout told me that Matt had thrown his glove. Well I was PISSED. We dont play that game. So, I told Matt he was in trouble for that. Well, come to find out, the other kids were running their heads about him striking out. Since he had HIT in the first inning, AND gotten in a few runs, I only explained to him that we dont throw fits. Instead you tell those kids that ALSO struck out, to shut up. OR ask them just what THEY Did to help the team. All but 2 of our boys batted twice. This means 19 at bats. 4 hit the ball. 1 was thrown out before he got to first. 6 of them were walked, two walked twice (brett and another), and other than the 2 that walked, NOONE else made it to base twice. They ALL struck out. at least once.

Anyway, in the 3rd, there was 4 kids go up. one was walked, the other 3 struck out. Matt was very upset. his team convinced him that it was his fault. And sadly, the adult that was IN the dugout didnt aliviate the problem. he tattled on Matt to me. Which was fine, I did need to know. Because I dont allow it at all. Whip them after the game, but during the game we stick together. BUT, tell me the whole story.

Of course, this is the same adult that tattled on me. or so the kids said. They heard him. I think the whole thing is funny.

See, Matt forgot his bat one night. I actually now know how it happened. It was the night they were running laps. The boys didnt get their stuff together, they left it, to run their laps. Well, while they were running, some of the team ran, some went out and played pitch to each other. Matts bat was handy, and they picked it up. I do remember hollerin at someone to quit trying to trip the other kids with the bat as they ran. He had ranout to centerfeild with the bat.

Anyway, it got left there. Another coach picked it up. I appriciate this. I have done it myself. I have picked up bats, gloves, batting gloves, balls, helmets, another teams scorebook, all kinds of stuff. I always bring it right back with me, or if there is a phone number try to call the owner. I have a black box that stays in the back of my truck, I keep ALL baseball stuff in there. Mine and the others I find.

Well, this coach brought the bat home. This is understandable. And I appriciate him picking it up. Starting 3 nights later, we (BR and I) started asking every coach on our field (there are 4 teams) and other feilds if they have seen the bat. its bright orange.

Everyone said no. Finally we asked the last coach in our league, he told BR that he didnt have it, but another coach (one we had already asked and one that had coached Brett before) had said he found one in the outfield. So the next game I sent Matt to ask that coach. He said that he didnt have it, but his assistant did. So Matt asked him if he had an orange reflex bat with his name engraved on the handle. He said yes and Matt asked him to bring it next game.

It doesnt say MATT on the handle, it says BYERLY. And very few people out there dont know us. For one, my kids are identified as 'BYERLY' on the field, by other parents who cant tell them apart (and sometimes by me) , for two, every coach is told at every game: 'Mrs Byerly has the books, take her your lineup' and our coach uses last names on the lineup, not first names. Also, when its time to leave, you can hear me holler "BYERLY'S LOAD UP!!" all over the park. or so I have been told. Personally I dont belive it.

Anyway, when asked by someone if we got our bat back, I said yes. Then he said "are you sure its yours?" well, aside from the fact that its bright orange, there are only about 3 of them out there like it because its an expensive bat, AND it says BYERLY on the handle, I was the only one missing a bat of that description. But I picked it up, and said "yep, see, it says BYERLY on the handle, which confuses me, cause there aint a whole lot of *#!$*^@ Byerlys out here, you'd think if someone picked it up and took it home, they'd at least see that and try to ask if it was ours."

And I was telling the truth, speaking from the heart. I will NOT excuse the fact that my child forgot it, didnt take care of it, and basicly was careless. But you show me a 8 or 9 year old that isnt. Heck, half the stuff I find at the ballpark, belongs to an ADULT. I mean if any parent out there can prove to me that thier child hasnt left something at home, at school, at the park, in the car, outside, what ever, then I will retract my statements. But I am pretty sure that you cant. Kids forget. And although I am IN the habit of checking the dugouts after EVERY game, (hence me finding owners for misplaced items), I didnt check the field. So I missed that this one was missing.

Anyway, my kids overheard this adult, telling the other adult that had the bat, what I said. No big deal, I am pretty strait forward. Of course, it offended the other guy. who said "well, I picked that SOB up by the visitors dugout, and took it home, if she has a problem with it, she can talk to me". as much as I appriciate him bring it back and being honest. I do have a slight problem.

Honestly, I dont know how it got BY the visitors dugout, we were home team that night. But, the whole thing was rediculous. We are at a ballpark, during the little leauge season and a game had just ended. I am pretty sure, whoever dropped their bat, will be back. And if its NOT a kid on your team, it is more than likely a kid on the OTHER team. A quick look at the score book will tell you which team it was, and since our coach uses last names, it will tell you that it was either batter number 2, or batter 5. A B. Byerly adn an M. Byerly.

BUT, if this is out of your realm of comprehension, or too difficult, you could always take it to the concession stand. Where the guys who run it went to school with BR and I, and actually BR was best friends with one of, when they were in school. They could have at least pointed you in the right direction of a Byerly missin a bat. Since thats the FIRST place we asked.

I dont think this guy is a bad person, I know his wife and love her to death, and I dont think they were tryin to steal a bat. I just dont know why it was so dang difficult to get it back.

And finally ME: I am not having an identiy crisis perse. BUT the kids are confusing me with a maid. its THEIR responsibility to keep up with thier uniforms. I made this rule at the start of the season, when I handed them a mesh bag and asked them to assist me in not loosing their stuff. All I asked was that they put their uniforms IN the bag, I would wash, dry and put them back. Then they would ALWAYS be right there.

This is a VERY hard thing to do apparently. Anyway, since they wouldnt help me, I told them I aint messin with it. They have to wash them and keep up with them. All weekend I told them to get their uniforms together. They ignored me, or halfassed did it. THEN, yesterday came. I had even asked them yesterday morning to please make sure their uniforms were close and together, shoes included, because I just had a feeling.

They instead opted to go out and sit on the porch to wait on my MIL.

At 4pm I called the daycare. The kids wernt home yet (20-30 minutes late) and we had to leave here at 4:30 to make it to town by 5. I already was too late to buy feed. I called the daycare. My MIL wasnt there, she was at walmart buying groceries for the daycare. Well, she gets off at 3. She buys groceries on the clock, in the morning. But anyway, I knew there was NO way she could get them home, even if she walked in the door right then, in time for me to get them back to town for a 5:30 ballgame. we have to be there by 5. Usually I dont care if the kids are late. If we dont have plans or somewhere to go its not a big deal. I do appriciate a phone call telling me that you will be late though... BUT today they needed to be home quickly. Of course I didnt tell her this, she is usually only late on Fridays, when she gets paid and runs and pays a few bills. I never thought it would be an issue.

so, I tried to search out their uniforms. If they were not on the same team, it would be easier for them to skip, BUT, they are, and if they dont show, and one other kid doesnt show, then we are one down and have to forfit.

PLUS, I have the books. I had to at least drive in and drop them off. AND, its the championship game. I really do need to teach them a lesson, by NOT going behind them and fixing everything. I really do. But dang it. When it affects other people you cant. GGGGGGRRRRRRR

So I started searching. The shirts were easy. The pants, were too, and the belts were with the pants. One pair of socks was there, and another sock. not its mate, but another sock. So I had to search for that sock. THEN came the shoes. I had seen 2 on the floor of the boys room the day before. I went and got them. And one was by the front door. I got it. Then I proceeded to search the entire house for another shoe. Starting in the livingroom. That was the logical choice. I mean one was found in here.. right??

Not under the chair, the couch, the other chair, not in the toyboy, under the fishtanks, in the laundry basket, Not in the kitchen, the launry room or my room. And it wasnt in Rayleys room. I know. I tore it apart.

No, after 35 minutes, I found it under Bretts bed. 30 feet from its mate. To say I could have bit a nail in two was an understatement.

I got it all together, loaded up Bow, Rayley had went to daycare, and we hauled butt to town. I got there at about 8 minutes till 5. She was JUST walking in the door from the store. Still had to unload it all. It was a good thing I called and asked about them at 4. Cause we would have missed it for sure if I had waited on them to show up.

I loaded them up, told them to dress on the way and we got to the ballpark in time. Of course, this could have been one day when we were late. We didnt have an ump. One of the dads ended up doing it. Not a good position to be in. His son is playing, and he has to be fair, -- if it were me, I'd be harder on my sons team, so I looked more fair. Its just common knowledge that if its a close call, you go in favor of the other team if your kid is playing on one. Thats the only way to look fair, even though your not really being fair... But its the way its called most times.

But he did a great job. Noone else would do it. And he really was a pretty good ump. even if my baby did strike out. Of course, since he swung at all 3, I couldnt argue the calls.... But we started 30 minutes late. By then Bow was already on my nerve. I usually have a hour and a half to 2 hours where he is somewhat good. We ate into that time pretty bad with the 6:07 start time.

OH and to add to my blood pressure. Tomorrow is carnival at school. Its a Right choice event. That means you have to NOT get more than 21 points off during a 6 weeks to go.

Well, Matt didnt, he got like an 87. Brett DID, he had like a 76. Fine. I had told them the whole time to be good, to keep on the strait and narrow, or they wouldnt get to go. Brett just ignored me. He kept on talking. Matt got off his normal points. SO, Brett has known he didnt get to go. Matt has known he did.

Then came the H1N1 virus, and them canceling all school activities. So they cancled the carnival. they hoped to make it up later. Later has came. its tomorrow. yesterday Brett and Matt came home, Brett gets to go. Matt on the otherhand doesnt. WHY? no this is not a case of mistaken identity. THIS is a case of ..... I dont know...

Come to find out, the principal decided that if the kids had improved their conduct in this last 6 weeks, they DID indeed get to go. If they had NOT, or if they had gotten worse, (getting a potential C for the 6th 6 weeks) they wouldnt get to go. Since there is no right choice event for the 6th 6 weeks they just combined the two.

Well, Matt hasnt gotten an abnormal amount of points off this 6 weeks. And Brett has been better. So Brett gets to go, Matt on the other hand doesnt. Because he did get caught with that menecing popsicle stick. And was suspended for a day. So, his teacher put him on the "not going" list.

Being the parent I am, I decided that if neither of my kids were going, I wasnt going to go and help. I know thats selfish of me, but, ..... Oh well.
Then it hit me. Matt had been good during the time he was supposed to.He was suspended during the 6th 6 weeks, and if the carnival had happened when it was supposed to, he would have gotten to go. He earned the right to go. and he has been punished already for the other incident. Plus, when Brett said he got to go, I was floored. I called and asked. I fiqure the worst that can happen is they take it AWAY from Brett, who doesnt deserve it anyway. The Assistant principal is checking into it for me.

we shall see how that ends up...

Oh and the dishwasher. I havent cut into the cabinet yet. The reason?: everytime I get the chance, BR is home.
Of course, I am getting tired of hearing "dishwasher guru, have you given up on it?" everytime he walks by it sticking half out of the wall. I wanted to get to it this week. But Bow wont let me alone, I have 6 cakes to make, and possibly will be at the school all day tomorrow.

Maybe next week I can get some time alone. *fingers crossed*

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