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Friday, July 8, 2011

Build it and they will come----

Ugggg maybe I need to discuss God and such with Rayley a little more- 11 at night, she gets up and comes back in the living room:
"hey mom, you know when you have the holy ghost in your heart?"
"yes Rayley, please go to bed"
"well, mine keeps saying "you need to EAT- please eat, its time to eat- my Holy ghost doesnt shut up- and he likes ice cream" -------

How do you respond to that?

BR and I went away for the weekend for the first time in 10 years. We went to Kenedy to see my dad, then to San Antonio to take a course for teaching Skeet and shotgun to 4H kids.

We had a good time, But I will admit, I am NOT made to drive 450 miles a day. and I HATE traffic, and I DESPISE other drivers.

Luckily even though he just sat in the passenger seat, BR was able to work enough during the day that he was exhuasted by the time we got to San Antonio- He wore himself out changing the channel on the satalite radio and griping at me for my driving.

I love him dearly, but he is NOT a quiet or stress free passenger... He is like a rabid driving instructor.

We had a BLAST at my dads, we were only there a few hours, but got to see some friends, and sat around and laughed the ENTIRE time.

The national shooting complex was nice, we didnt get to see much, we were in class ALL day, till almost 9 that night, and then for half a day Sunday, but it was still a good time. We learned alot, and cant WAIT to get everything on track to take our kids back to state next year.

we came back on Monday, and the trip wasnt bad- well other than the driving instructions, and the hollering.

We got the kids back last night and I swear they had grown a foot- The boys said they had a good time at the banquet they worked for 4H and Rayley and Bow had a good time bouncing from one house to the other.

Today of course started off like any other- getting up, working on cakes, and the foundation. I got a great phone call during class this weekend from someone who is interested in working with us that the kids will LOVE. I am keeping it under my hat for the time being, but JYSSA will benefit from him- and I hope him from us.

Anyway, I found out that we are on the Agenda for 2 differnt board meetings to request money, and so I spent all day making sure my proposal was well rounded and correct. This is really coming together and I am getting feedback and people interested that I never realized where even there!! Everyone at the class this weekend was interested in it and more than willing to help us- and since one of our board members was able to put an article in the newspaper about us we have gotten some good publicity.

My cousin brought over some chickens he no longer wanted, and the kids took care of that, and then I spent the rest of the day trying to fiqure out how to get the door knob off the door-
My kids somehow broke the durn thing. seriously- they had us LOCKED in the house. Well, 2 of them were locked outside and wanted in, and the 2 kids who wanted outside were locked INside...

Finally I opened a window and let them crawl back and forth. And low and behold, we had a visitor. or two. My sister in law and mother in law came over. They thought I was kidding when I told them they had to crawl through the window.

We did finally jimmy the door open. And Bow promptly closed it. ALL day long I holler "SHUT THE DOOR" and noone listens... say "DONT SHUT THAT DOOR!" ONE time and they will break their neck getting it shut.

I got it open AGAIN- and a little while later sent Brett out to make sure the chickens had water- He didnt feel that was the right job for him, got mad and ... YOU guessed it- slammed the door- locking us in AGAIN. I didnt bother to re jimmy it open until I saw BR coming up the driveway. Finally we got the knob out of the door- it was NOT easy. I tried for over an hour. and I get to take it back tomorrow. I swear that thing is less than 6 months old!!

I just honestly, dont quite understand how this happens... seriously.. I swear my life is like a country song.. I never did work on the two cakes I have due- and Lord KNOWS I gotta get them done- but there was just NOT enough hours today...

But its all good- I have got everyone asleep and am finishing off a gallon of Blue Bell Happy Tracks ice cream.... Life is goooood...

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