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Monday, August 27, 2012

To lock or not to lock, that is the question.

ACK!! its been months!! :) Bertha Sue got her a pretty shotgun for her birthday, Bow is growing every day, my boys have decided to break the 'texts per day' record set by a teenage girl, and I am slowly loosing what little sanity I have left. well, things are the same here- still working on JYSSA, and still homeschooling kids. We had our big 4-H banquet the other night, my boys racked up on awards- I was very proud of them- they were awarded rockers and pins for the advancements they have made in the marksmanship programs with their shooting, and both were awarded most helpful for shotgun. I gotta admit, BR and I rely on them ALOT- they really do work hard for 4-H and JYSSA. And then Hoover got the biggest award our club gives out- The Community service award, He was awarded a gun case with his name on it and what he won it for. I was reading his application for the award (even though he told me not to) and one line really jumped out at me. He said that 4-H had taught him that you never fail until you quit trying. - I was impressed After the awards were over we walked out to my new expedition, one of the kids had turned it on, and put their stuff in there, and BR was bringing out some more stuff so we could go- THe doors were LOCKED- the car was running and the doors were LOCKED- My F350 would NOT do this- PERIOD- if you left the key in the ignition and tried to shut and lock the door (even with it off) the lock would pop right back open the second you shut it. (it took me hours to fiqure this out why I couldnt lock the door one day) you COULD lock it WITH the key fob, even with the truck running, but not by clicking the lock button. SO, we were flabbergasted. and of course I have been so scatterbrained lately I couldnt remember my cotton picking code for it. I HAD had the card with the code on it on my display, so I could look at it and try to memorize it, but it had gotten moved into the console and was covered up by a business card. There was NO WAY in. we called the brother and sister in law, they were riding around and went to the house and got us the spare key- bringing it half way to town where we were at. I was so agervated. A brand new car and it gets locked with the key, (which IS the fob) IN the ignition. My 04 TRUCK wouldnt do this. Of course, it was my fault, because I hadnt learned the code yet. UGGGG. Eventually we got in- THEN, Today I was running erronds- since this is a gas rig, and it uses ALOT of gas, I turn it off everytime I stop- My deisel I would let run, just jump out with the fob, lock the doors and run in whereever- but, this has the fob ON the key- not seperate, and it really does suck the gas when sitting still. SO, I kill it- BUT, I was JUST running into Lowes, checking ONE price and running out, the car was still hot from being in walmarts parking lot while I was shopping and I saw no point in turning it off. SO, I grabbed the card (I still havent memorized it, but did put it in my phone) and clicked the lock button and slammed the door to run into Lowes. It clicked unlocked. I did it again. It did it again. Here I was cussing a door in the middle of a parking lot. SO, I went to the passenger side door, thought maybe thats how the kids managed it. NOPE- same thing I would click it locked, shut the door, turn to walk off and 'click' it would unlock. I seriously have NO IDEA how in the heck they did it. NONE. So, I turned off the car/truck thing, and went inside- coming out to a hot car that now confounds me totally-

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