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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Today was a pretty good day. Rayley was on a roll. Somehow Fido (the cat) and her got crossways, I think Fido wouldnt go in her room and play with her or something. SHe wanted to sleep at Bow's back. She was reading her the riot act. She told her that good kitties play with little girls, and even though Bow was a nice kid now, he was asleep and he would wake up and try to bite her ear off again. And how he would slobber all over her. OH it just went ON and ON. she would pick her up and tote her into the bedroom, and then as soon as she would let her go the dang thing would sling shot back in here and lay down beside Bow.

Finally she is picking her up and toting her back to the bedroom for the 47th time and she snagged her nails in the couch. well one caught Rayley and she REALLY lit into her. That is when I hear : 'Its all fun and games when someone gets hurt!'

I tried to explain to her that its supposed to be "its all fun and games TILL someone gets hurt."
She wasnt buying that. She said it didnt make any sense! I swear, she was lecturing the cat off and on for over an hour, and all the cat would do is stare at her. Once she did yawn. And Rayley explained that it was NOT polite to yawn when someone was talking to you. And when the cat got up to go to the bathroom she followed her in there and still griped. I wouldnt have blamed the cat for scratching her, or attacking her or something. I was ready to hiss and arch MY back!

Once she finally got over playing with the cat she went in her room to play. I had JUST got the baby to sleep so I was hoping it lasted. Then she came out and said "I drew you a picture"
Oh goody. There is nothing MORE FUN, than playing pictonairy with a 3 year old. They KNOW what they drew, but NOONE else does. But if you EVER get it wrong you have a broken hearted child on your hands.

So when I heard "I drew you a picture" I was very aprehensive. She came out toting her sketching thingy. Great, this always adds a level of difficulty. The picture is never really clear. and its got all the metal shavings around the outline.

Then she walks out and shows me this. I ALMOST blurted out "oh wow, what a great chicken". BUT then my prior expeireinces got the best of me and I tried to play it off and make her tell me what it was. I told her I didnt have on my glasses, she offered to go and get them. I asked her to spell its name and I would write it on there. NO GO. she reminded me she couldnt spell.
I told her how beautiful it was, how acurate. I was so impressed. She kept asking me if I knew what it was. I would tell her of course I did. So she wanted me to tell her. I didnt want to tell her.

Finally she got mad and said "FINE, if you dont like my chicken I will take it somewhere else!"

It WAS a chicken.

Now I dont have illusions of grander here. I know I dont have the next great artist on my hands. BUT I was impressed.

I was speachless. And wondering if it was a fluke I told her to draw me something else.

YEP it was a fluke. the rest were just scribbles with no meaning at all except to a 3 year old. ANd I dont even think she knew what half of them were.

The boys were pretty good today. I guess. I didnt get any bad reports. And they wernt home 5 minutes before they were back out the door and playing in the woods. Rayley played out there with them for a while. Then she came back in hungry. I told her I would fix her some food when the boys came home. She decided to make them come home. She has been watching me and she went and got BR's keys and set off the truck alarm.

The boys were here in 3 minutes. They came busting in the door and said "whats wrong?"
She said "its time to come inside, get a bath, we need to eat supper."
THEY WERE NOT amused. I dont blame them. I was enjoying the quiet.

They convinced her they were doing something fun outside. So out she went. Come to find out they had found a rich lighter pine stump and were dragging it up to the house peice by peice. she helped for a little while. Till it dawned on her that they were making her work and she wasnt having fun. Then she got mad and came home.

When she got here she told me that she was tired of 'fetchin that rinse light pine'.

I reckon they got it all broke out of the ground and brought up. They came in and everyone wanted something differnt to eat. Luckily they wanted to have a 'free night' so I let them.
Brett picked raman noodles with shrimp and Matt got a burrito plus a taco from BR's lunch. Rayley had corn, english peas, vienna sausages, and cheese sticks. I let them have a 'pick your own supper' night about once a week. Its easy on me and they think they have won some big battle.

I didnt think they would EVER settle down tonight. I bet I had to stop about 12 fights. and Rayley was the instigator in ALL of them. She would knock the hell out of one of them for no reason and then say "see, its all fun and games when someone gets hit!"

Bow was thrilled when they finally came back in and spent the evening playing with them.

I got everyone rounded up and in bed, by 8:20. Except Rayley. She was a live wire. I swear that child came back in here with something important to tell me at least 12 times.

And Darla, the Mo-ron dog. She kept wanting out. So I let her out. Then she wanted back in RIGHT then.

I decided to let her sit it out for a few minuets. She started buggar barking. I knew I had to get up adn go and see what she had. So I got up, got the gun and went to the door. You never know what will be outside around here. We had Coyotes attack them a few months ago. messed up Duke ( my old dogs) back real bad.. He is still crippled. So out I went. It was a possum. NOT what I want to see.
BUt it got under the house before I could do anything. I was still trying to regain my balance from the dog trying to knock me over to get in the house.

So I came back in, got her in her bed with a treat and when BR called I was telling him.
He said "did you shoot it?"
"no, it scurried under the house"
"oh, well at least you loaded the gun"
"no... it has shells IN it. Doesnt it? "
"no, the boys and I shot them all the other day when we were skeet shooting, I didnt reload it"
ahhhh good thing it wasnt a skunk!

I would have much rather known there wasnt any bullets in it a week ago. sometimes I have to wonder about his thought process. He knows this is my varmit gun.

Of course Duke saw me with the gun and wouldnt leave me alone for the longest time. He was dragging his crippled self all over the place, as excited as he could be. He thought we were going to go hunting. I dont know why he thought this. its dark outside, and he doesnt hunt anyway. He never was good at it. Oh he will tree a squirrel, but he wont bark. AT ALL. He just looks at them. then at you. Its the most agervating thing you have ever seen.


Karen said...

Thank you Chelle, for staying up late and typing that for me.

maidto5 said...

ROFLMAO, and thank you for reading :) LOL

Could you tell I was sleep typing? I think the 'cutting down n Dr Peppers' is getting to me. I am just dragging by 12am... :(