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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Some days are just too easy and they scare you.

I will be glad when Friday gets here. I am just so tired of getting up so early. Next week my mother in law will start back to her normal time of going to work. She will have to be there at 7 instead of 6:30. I know 30 minutes doesnt seem like a long time, but belive me it is when you are dealing with kids.

This morning the alarm was going off and Rayley came in and woke me up. She wanted cereal. At 5:27. I got up and got the boys to start getting ready. I was so tired. Then Bow started to stir and so I got him back to sleep. I dont know what on earth had woken Rayley so early, but she was awake. The boys were dragging a little. Not bad, but a little. But they were being pretty quiet cause they knew Bow was already on the verge of waking up.

Then BR drove up. The minute he opened the door Bow raised up his head and started to smile. I could have killed him. 15 more minutes and the boys would ave been gone and I would have been back asleep with the baby.

once the boys left Bow was wide awake and so was Rayley. I tried to lay back down. I would doze a little. But noone really wanted to see me go back to sleep. They have a sadistic streak.

BR went on to bed and I was getting Rayley some cereal ( she had forgotten all about it when the boys woke up. She talked for a while, and Bow nursed, and then played. and squeeled, and played. He played on me, on the couch, on the floor. He was happy as a pig in the sunshine.

So I decided that much as I didnt want to, I was going to have to start my day. First I put on a load of laundry, decided what I was going to make for lunch and put up the dishes from the dishwasher. Then, I turned on the computer and started to do some surveys. Speaking of which, I have a cool new money place where you can get 25.00 Free. Its like paypal was in the old days. And if you sign up under me, I get 10.00 :)
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oh, anyway, I decided to do a few surveys while Bow was playing on the floor being good. I am half way through my first Dr Pepper of the day trying to wake up and I hear snoring. SNORING. Rayley had crawled up on the couch and was fast asleep.

It wasnt 10 minutes later that Bow was back over here wanting me to pick him up. I did. He was asleep with in minutes.

I tried to convince myself that I was awake for the day, that I needed to do some laundry, that lunch could be started this early adn I would ruin my day if I went back to sleep. Luckily I dont convince real easy :)

I laid down and was out like a light.

I woke up a few hours later to a flat Dr pepper and a smiling Bow and Rayley. who of course needed more cereal. She knows that she only gets cereal once a day. In the morning. She even wakes me up by asking "is it cereal time yet?"

But this time she says "mom, you know, I just woke up"
"yes Rayley, I know that"
"well whats the first thing I do when I wake up?"
"I dont know"
"agervate me?"
"go pee?"
"nooooo silly"
"well you tell me... hey where are you going?"
"to pee"
"keep guessing"
"I give up, get me a diaper"
"I eat breakfast you silly mommy"
"ahhhhh, well didnt you already eat breakfast?"
"not really, it was still nighttime when I ate that. It was dark outside. and I was suppsed to be asleep"
"but you still ate it"
" I think I just dreamed it, cause I need some cereal now"
"but your bowl is in there, I can prove it wasnt a dream"
"maybe you dreamed it too, and since we both dreamed it I must really need to eat"

I gave her the cereal. anyone who can carry on a semi intelegent conversation, with the intent to convince you of something, with out getting lost or confused with in 3 minutes of waking up deserves some cereal.

She and I cooked lunch today. We had shake and bake chicken. She wanted to help me "powder the chicken" So I would put it in the bag and give it to her. At first she was real gentle. I kept showing her that she had to be a little more assertive in her shaking. She refused. Then she said "I dont wana be like Darla. She's a fish killer"... ahhh finding nemo.. I explained the chicken was dead and it wouldnt powder itsself. It didnt take long before she got into it. She got mad wen we did the 13th one LOL .

The whole time it was cooking she kept wanting to go and check on it. She didnt want to burn her first meal. I told her it would be a whle. and we couldt keep opening the oven door. So I turned on the light and she got a stool and sat in front of it till her Daddy woke up.

Once the boys got home we did some plant watering and visiting, their Aunt Amanda came over and so did my mom. Amanda brought Rayley a new pair of flip flops. just what the child needs, more shoes! LOL

The kids actually helped me pick up the house today and get some laundry done. I dont know what got into them. And they had a fight over Bow and who was going to change his diaper.

I am scared.

They even went to bed easily. Of course my mother in law had called and she asked Rayley if she wanted to go to Daycare tomorrow. OF course she was thrilled beyond words. She cant imagine a better place to be.

SHe had to have another bath, (we had taken one after we had breakfast, adn then again later when we spilled tea on our shirt. not US, just our shirt.)

Brett was still helping me get some laundry sorted and I asked him if he had made his lunch. He said no, and he didnt think Matt had either. THen he proceeded to make BOTH lunches. I asked where Matt was. He had went on to bed. it was 8:32 and he was tired. LOL

Rayley decided she needed a lunch too. Since she was leaving tomorrow. So I let her make one. SHe put all the same things the kids put in theirs in hers. And she had Brett write her name on it. She is all set.

She was even easy to go to bed. I am not sure what got into the kids tonight. But I like it and would LOVE to make it happen again.

Now I am going to call it a night and try to get a few hours of sleep before that damn alarm rings at that unGodly hour.

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Karen said...

Wow! Talk about a perfect day! That sounds almost like you made it up. Except I know days like that exist because every now and then it happens to me too. You should buy her a whole box of cereal :)

maidto5 said...

LOL, Yes, she wants Hannah Montanna cereal. All I ever buy is the 'real' corn flakes. I used to buy the bag cereal, but they still liked it too much, so I switched to unsweeted, cardboard. LOL

I asked her why she wanted Hannah Montanna cereal. She said "cause she is the coolest kid ever"

I dont even let her watch TV. Not cartoons or anything. She gets movies in her room. I guess she saw it at my moms. She watches TV over there all day if she visits.

Tara said...

"But noone really wanted to see me go back to sleep. They have a sadistic streak."

ROFLMAO!! I think that streak is implanted in the womb.

maidto5 said...

LOL tara.. You might be right.. But its from their daddy!!