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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

winning isnt everything, but it feels damn good!

Sorry I didnt post last night. I forgot.

Yesterday was pretty boring. Not much going on. We were supposed to have a game. But luckily it was raining. I called one of our coaches, he was a few hours away, still at work and it didnt look like he would be back, and the other two were out of town at work. God was smiling on us to make it rain. I called the other coach and asked him if we could cancel cause of the rain. He said yes. I was SOO relived. I didnt want to coach, and that is what it would have came down to if he had insisted on playing. Of course since I didnt go into town it also meant I didnt get my gun. Oh well.

Today was Bretts field trip. THey went and saw Beauty and the Beast. I had told him that he didnt have to go. But he wanted to.

The first thing he says when he comes home today is :"you were right, it sucked. worse than Junie B Jones" Last year they had went and saw Junie B Jones and I went to it. It did suck. I am sure the girls enjoyed it. But its just not something boys would enjoy. or at least not mine.

Matt had to hurry up and get dressed this evening, cause I wanted to leave early to get the gun before we went to the ballpark. and I had a few erronds to run. Plus I needed groceries. MAJOR need. like we are almost out of milk and bread. and I am running out of meat.

Oh and I got a phone call today. It was GREAT news! about 8 months ago I had a guy drive up and ask if I would be willing to put a tower on my property. I jumped at the chance. Heck I had been begging AT&T to put one up forever. They finally agree'd to take a look and asked for a platt of the land and such. I had gotten it together and was going to send it in and the next day this guy drove up.
Then we never heard from him again. Then he came back with a contract. Then weeks and weeks went by. No word. then a differnt contract had to be signed. this went on for a few months.

Then all of a sudden Friday I was driving down the driveway and took the last turn right before you get onto the main road and almost ran over a guy. He was surveying for the tower!!

Then Yesterday I got a call from the architect. They were here and wanted to take some pics of the site.

Then today the people call wanting to get a soil sample!
I am praying I get this done pretty soon. I want wireless internet so bad. I am on dial up and 24.6 is slower than stick off.. well you get the point.

I am soooo excited.

Anyway, we were all about to load up and a mom from the team called. could I pick up her kid for the game?
Sure, I didnt mind.

But first I had a date with a shiney new gun!!

I got there and he opened the box and it was so much prettier than I remembered!
He ran all the paperwork and I was looking around the shop. I found a bumper sticker that has a swatzitca and a sicle, and it says "politians love gun control" I HAD to have it! :)

Once I got the gun and the new kid we headed to the ballpark. We were a little early and so there was a little practice. Not much mind you, but a little.

My grandfather was able to make the game. It was very nice. He hasnt made any this year so Matt was super excited.

We were playing a pretty decent team. Matt went up to bat and got a line drive. He did real well. And then he ended up flying out on a foul pop up the next time at bat.

He is pretty upset though. He got moved to the outfield. Granted he has missed a few balls. BUT I keep score. his errors are NO where worse than the other kids. He actually has a better batting average than 75% of the team. and the rest of them are running neck and neck. He had a few bad games. BUT he has caught balls headed to him. And there are quite a few that havent. At all. BUT I wont argue the call. I am just not going to. I raise hell on everything else. but I always said I wouldnt be one of the moms insisting her baby play a certain position. And I wont.

He also got moved down in the batting order. but again, thats okay. Its not that big of a deal. And he hasnt beentrying his hardest. he really hasnt. So I am just going to leave it alone. I will fight the fights that matter. No making them run because they struck out. NOT stuck otu LOOKING. but struck out swinging. I refuse.

ANyway, he did really well and maybe he was just off his game for a few weeks. They did loose tonight, but it wasnt a blow out. Thats always good :)

Once the game was over I was trying to round everyone up and A friend said "michelle, I am not trying to be mean, or get anyone in trouble, but isnt that an orange bat I see laying there?" It was laying on the field where the last kid at bat had thrown it. I looked. sure enough.. it looked familier.

I just yelled "HHOOOOOVVVEEEERRRRR!!!!!" he was standing right beside me, but I didnt know it.
He just looked at me like he had never seen me before. I asked him where his bat was. He turned about 3 circles trying to see if it was in his backpack. Finally the friend pointed him in the direction of it and he spotted it. He ran as fast as he could to get it!

Brett had helped out in the dugout tonight and as he came out he told me "Mom, I think my head is hurting"
Then less than 3 minutes later he was bawling. real tears. I hustled him to the truck, got everyone else loaded up and by now he was screaming. and crying. I got the extra kid home and Brett was hysterical. I had to go and drop off a check and while we were there he puked. I got him back in the truck and he was still screaming bloody murder, begging me to get him home. We really needed groceries. But I know how a headache is. I get quite a few of them and dont have the luxery of laying down and getting over it. SO I started home.

He is alternating between begging me to get him home, asking me when we would be home and telling me he needed medicane.

I was driving as fast as I could. and he is begging me to go faster. I really couldnt. I was already well over the speed limit. Then we hit a rough patch of road. The truck started bouncing worse than usual. I drive a 4 door, one ton 4x4 doulley. so its rough as a cob anyway. they just are. But when we bounced a little he started screaming again. TO slow down. NOT drive fast. every bump was making his head hurt worse.

Then he said " I think I am gona puke"
I was already driving well over the speed limit and had to get on the shoulder in a hurry. I got almost to a stop and I heard it. not alot, but a little. About this time I got stopped and he tried to open his door. it was locked. I HATE this feature. it is nothing but a pain in the ass. He hurled before I could hit the button. ALL in my floor board. my CARPETED floor board. Finally he was able to open the door and he almost fell out. He couldnt stand up strait. and was still puking.

I went around to comfert him, on the side of a narrow ass road, with cars whizzing by at 70 miles an hour. He just kept telling me how sorry he was. It wasnt his fault and I wasnt mad. AT ALL. I just got paper towells and scraped most of it out.

By now he is laying on the ground. I was trying to get him in and Rayley needed out. She had to pee. GOOD LORD!
I went around and got her. brought her back around to BRett, who was back out of the truck by now, puking again and laying back down. ANd then MAtt gets out to 'look around' it was 8:30 at night. dark as could be and he just bails out on the side of a major state highway. I made him get back in, got Rayley back to her side of the truck and finally got Brett back in.

When we got home I had to unload everything and when I got in the house Brett was in the livingroom floor asleep. I had to wake him up to get him in bed. This made his head hurt worse. Finally I got him in bed, got everything unloaded and into the house. and tried getting the other two go to bed. Poor Bow was screaming his fool head off by now. cause I wasnt in here with him. But everytime I left Bretts room he would start hollering for me to come back and pat him. Then bitch cause I was patting him and it was making his head pound. ANd there was Princess metoo right under me where ever I went telling me her head hurt, and she was sick and all that. And A very hyper Matt wanting to talk about his day, and his girlfriend (she tried to hold him down today and kiss him, but he managed to deflect her with his coat) and his 'boys club' and who was liking who, and who didnt like who, and everything else.

Bow is wanting to nurse, Rayley is wanting to whine and Brett is thinking about puking again. I finally just had to tell them all to go to bed and walked out.

4 minutes later all of them were asleep.

I am afraid all my kids got my miagraines. I didnt have them as a child. I was actually pregnant with Brett the first time I ever got one. But all of them have had these episodes. And from what they describe its a miagraine. There is no pain worse. I promise.

For a long time I wasnt having them. But here lately I have at least one or two a week. and its all I can do to function. I have 2 levels. one is excrutiating pain, every breath hurts, but I can function. I dont want to function, but with 4 kids you have no choice. Then once a month, I get the projectile vomiting, shaking uncontrollably, screaming at the top of my lungs makes it feel better, ones.

The ones I get a few times a week are pretty bad. And no amount of tylonol will help them. But I can live. The others will make you want to throw yourself under a bus.

I just wish I knew what I could do to get rid of theirs. Headaches are hard to diagnose.

Anyway. aside from Brett being miserable this evening, and me getting my share of the mothers day cards to cut out (100 of them), I am pleased. I got my gun, I have seen headway on the tower and I am off duty till Friday. No more games this week and if I can talk my MIL into getting me milk tommorow I wont have to go to town till then! :)


Karen said...

Oh Chelle! Poor Brett! Poor you! I hardly ever get headaches, so I can't imagine how bad that would be. And it's always hard to watch you kid suffer and know there's nothing you can do to help. I'm glad he was able to sleep and that you finally got them all calmed down. Maybe one day there'll be a cure for them.

Tara said...

I had awful migraines...until I had my first kid (knock on wood) haven't had a single one in 4 years. Poor Brett, he is so young to start getting headaches, I hope it's just a fluke.

I wanna see your shiny new gun, you post a picture! Congrats again and good luck cleaning your truck, lol.