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Monday, June 30, 2008

Well, there was mud.... just no bog...

Well, after driving for 45 minutes I found out that we wernt going to a mud bog. It was a 4 wheeler thingy. we still had 30 minutes to go. When we got there I found out that there was not gona be a single 4 wheel drive truck. It was a pit dug with about 3 feet of water and they were just racin 4 wheelers through it. I dont like 4 wheelers. I have flipped a few and tend to stay away from them.

Of course we only arrived an hour early so the really board rednecks got all the good places to sit. If I cocked my head just right I could see them come up over the hill. that was it.

And I swear people would walk between where we were sitting the people in front of us and STAND there. How rude. had I actually cared I would have said something. As it was I just sat back and laughed at them. There were some doozy's.
There were 12 of us that went. all 3 brothers, their wives and then my 4 kids and my sister in laws 2.
When we get together and pack up for something like that its like moving an indian villiage.

We hadnt been there for 20 minutes and BR gave my neice 40.00 to go and get the kids each a T shirt. Then Matt walked up and told me that he wanted a sausage on a stick. His dad had told him to come tell me to get them and get him one with a bun. I swear, I had 30.00 in junk food in my diaper bag. all bagged in ziploc bags, ready to eat. I had tried to feed them all before we left so they wouldnt be hungry.

I went and got BR a sausage, matt and Brett decided on nacho's and Rayley wanted a pickle. So much for me not spending money. But I guess it would be worth it if they had fun. although I was still thinking they should have had fun just with the money I spent in Deisel.

THEN, we sat down. Bow was a live wire. He was so happy and cheerful and jumpin up and down. It was like tryin to hold a greased pig. I spent the next hour and a half playing with my blackberry, my sisterin law played with hers and BR with his. We just transfered the rest of the stuff I had put on his phone before I had them changed over and the old ones turned off. I could have cared less about the 4 wheelers. And had I known what I was going to see I wouldnt have went.

Speaking of my old phones, they have been the cheapest presents I have ever given the kids. Once I turned off the service (which REALLY pissed them off.. like I am gona give a 8 and 9 year old a cell phone..) I let them have them. I do wish they could bluetooth each other. They would freakin LOVE that! But, they are happy as clams running around and taking pictures. THey cant do anything WITH the pictures, but LOVE to use the phones to take them. Oh well. cheap entertainment!

About the 3rd time Brett came over to BR and asked if it was gona be over soon we all decided to load up and drive back home. When a kid dosnt enjoy mud and seeing vehicles play it in you KNOW its boring.

And I was tired of wrassilin houdini. that kid cant be tied down. I swear.

We got home around 11:30. The kids had ridden home with Luke and Amanda and they brought them in. I swear I never even saw them. Nor heard a word. They went strait to bed.

Today was pretty boring. I didnt do much, just transfered all my pics that I had emailed to BR's new phone from my old phone (I had transfered everything from HIS old phone to my old phone, then text'd everthing to his NEW phone, then last night we text'd my stuff to MY new phone) to the SD card thats in there, then put them on the computer. There were pics on there that were 2 years old. I had never gotten them off. thats sad.

It came another storm today. Its rained like the proverbial bovine reliving herself on a horizontal rock for 4 days strait in the middle of the day, then stops and clears up. They were finally able to make the hay yesterday. They have been trying for a week. Once the rain let up and BR went to work I ran and got me a sunday paper. I am trying this coupon thing. With a vengance. I am also getting my grandfather to save his coupons for me. I have to do something to combat the price of food. Not cooking is not working.

Speaking of cooking. I was complaining yesterday about my slight pooch, I have been lax in the excersize department since Bow was born. Not that I was ever big on it. But apparently age is catching up with me. Anyway, I commented about it to BR. I said that I really needed to do something about it. My current excersize regimine wasnt working.
He said "what are you doing?"
"Sittin on my butt mostly"
"well, keep working hard at that, I am sure it will work eventually"
I think he was being rude. But I didnt care, I was headed into the kitchen. There is a new bluebell ice cream, Southern blackberry cobbler. it has real blackberries and peices of pie crust. flakey pie crust. OMG heaven.

Blue bell will send you ice cream by fedex out of state, so if you have a little money to burn, I recomend trying it. If you do, get cake batter while you are at it. Its to DIE for. I dont really like ice cream that much. But could LIVE off that stuff. I kid you not.
But it has to be bluebell. I think there are other ice creams out there. But I have honestly not ate them. Its just Un TExan to do so. And NOTHIN is anywhere near as good.

Oh, while I went into my grandfathers today I left the kids in the truck. I came back out and they had the stereo blaring. Jambaliya was on.
I asked them who sang it.
Matt says "Hank Williams Jr's Dad"
"whats his name?"
I swear I was met iwth total silence.
"Was it George?"
"ahhhh No"
"Stephen WIlliams"
"again, NO, what is the sons name?"
"Hank Williams Jr"
"OH I know, " says Matt " Bocephous!"
" No, thats Hank Jr's nickname. His daddy called him that, Try one more time"
"ohhhh... Is it Hank Williams too?" says Matt
"YES! Hence the JR at the end of Bocephous' name"
"well what was his name before he died?"
"well, since he got drunk and did drugs and died at like 29, ...
which was interupted by Brett saying "why again was that such a bad thing? isnt that old?".. and "that must be sad, to not have any parents"
Matt kept going "..... is that why they named Bocephus, Hank Jr?, Cause his dad died and they wanted another Hank Williams?"
"No, thats not why, sometimes people are named after their fathers, and they are Juniors. Like Pop. He's a Junior."
"did they name him that before his dad died?"
"yes, when he was born. He was older than me when his dad died"
"well, thats just stupid, it would be confusing. Like if we were both named BR, then if you called BR we would all come"
"y'all dont come when I call the names I gave you"
"sometimes we do"
"yeah.. like when you say 'Brett! Matt! suppers ready!!"
"Right! or 'Matt!!, Brett!!, come get some candy!!'"
"I never say that!"
"I know, but it would be nice to hear."
"you dont name 2 kids the same name. You can have a JR, thats one kid named after the father. And he can have a kid, and name him the same thing. Then you have a third, and so on"
"wow, those graves must get confusing..."
I swear, I dont know where my kids minds are at half the time.
"yeah, and how do you choose who gets to be named like the dad?"
"usually its the first born."
"well that sucks!"
"yeah, what if its a girl?"

I was SOOO glad to drive up in the driveway. SO glad. and by the time they got in the house they were on a differnt subject.

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