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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quick update, the bed is calling my name

and its not whining, crying, or bitching at me!! Plus, it doesnt drag the word mom out into 8 sylabals...

I am sorry to have kept y'all hanging. SOOOO sorry.

Bow did run a fever all day and through last night, he has been lowgrade today. and jut half cranky.
I called the DR. They told me to give him the same antibiotic as the kids are on.

He is doing better (fingers crossed).

ALl the big kids are doing much better also. only a slight fever from Rayley this evening. They are still a little cranky and tire easy. But they are much much improved.

I have to get up early, perferably around 6 to go and pick peas (again) from my great uncles garden. they MUST be picked in the morning and he cant do it. And it gets WAY too hot by 8am. I went this morning around 7:30 and I bet it was already 85*.

Anyway, Everyone is better, I am hopeing that Bow can whoop it too. And I am heading to bed. more than 3 hours of sleep would be nice :) So since its 1 am I am shooting for 5 and a half! :) WHOO-HOO!!

So thank y'all for your prayers, and when I come back to write about the last few days remind me to tell you what the princess of criesalot has been doing lately... she is getting a real smart mouth on her.... REAL smart.. And the sad part is, I dont know where she gets it from!!

I see alot of trouble in her future..

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