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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I forgot what I was going to say

hey everyone!

Not been alot going on around here. Just normal catch up stuff. I did get the house spotless the other day. I even cleaned out my bathroom and bedroom. I rearranged my stockpile of toilet paper, toothpaste and shampoo's in the tub. (I ran out of room in the one cabinet I have in the bathroom for these things)

Since this is all stuff I get for really cheap or free using coupons, I like to stockpile it. That way, I dont run out and have to pay 4.00 for a tube of toothpaste that would have cost me .25 if I had bought it on sale and with a coupon.

Anyway, I have been just throwing it in the tub. So I decided to stack it neatly and see what all I had. Making it easier to get, and BR less likely to say something about it taking up the bathtub..

That night BR came home. He didnt say a word about the house being clean, all the clothes off the bathroom and bedroom floor, or even the fact that it no longer looked like a shelf had fallen half hazardly into the tub. Which truthfully hurts my feelings. Of course he doesnt really say alot when the house looks like a toxic waste dump, or that we have had a huricanne hit it inside either. So, I guess I am lucky.
Instead he came out and said
"I was thinking about the bathtub. And I have a question for you" OH crap... here we go.. I have actually been waiting on this for a while now...
"THREE! I have gotten THREE baths since we bought the house."
Cause I fiqured he was going to mention the fact that the garden tub was STILL unusable. He has never said a word. Cause he only takes showers. BUT truthfully, him not using something, but seeing me using it wrong has never stopped him from saying something before.

And there is a stand alone shower in the bathroom. I use it. I just never have time to run bathwater and take a bath.

Then he said "no. thats not what I meant."

"oh. okay, what was your question then?"
"how would you feel if we took the bathtub OUT of the bathroom..."
So, I can get shelves?? PLEASE???
"... and take the washer and dryer out of the laundry room..." .. which is just a glorified closet with a backdoor that we have never used....
"and putting the washer and dryer in the bathroom, and another freezer in the laundry room....." so now I am thinking... I have to go through the bedroom to put stuff in the washer.. but its closer to my closet. and he DOES work days now...
"...there would be enough room for hampers in there... " REALLY? REAL HAMPERS? NOT the 18 baskets that I have now?? WOW!!
"....and you could have shelves in the old laundry room/ new pantry for all your stockpile crap"

OKAY! I am ON board with this.

BUT, in the new room remodel that we have been saving for, there is a 15 ft by 10 ft laundry room/pantry. So, do I really want to do that? take away my bathtub, that I might get to use in 18 years, and put my washer and dryer in there? Then what will I put in the new pantry? Shelves comes to mind. a second fridge, and at least one freezer. Maybe more.

I am seeing this as a good thing. I mean the kids have a tub/shower if I ever decide that I have the time to lay back and relax. Its not a garden tub like mine, but even its not that big.

and since I really did have something to blog about, BUT forgot it about the time the page loaded to start typing. I am going to give you another installment of 'how you got here'

kids cavities

Yep. They get them...

dentist started drilling
They do that.

Ummmm good. I am down to 2 jars of jelly. Need to make more..

anything less would be uncivilized

around here, everything is uncivilized

pink bouncy ball lucky bags
Purple spin tops marble bags .... :shrug:


I'm with ya.. not sure where we are calling, but go for it.

what animal uses its tounge to drill holes in clam shells?

I am NOT sure, but I am pretty sure I havent ever talked about it. oh wait. Certain fishes drill holes in snail shells. loaches I belive. I had some once. trying to get rid of the trumpet snails I have. It didnt work.


ugggghhhh. Dont even say that word!

licks hurt principal

DUH, they are supposed to!

bouncy chicken easter

Usually, if chicken bounces, it really isnt good to eat. means you cooked it to long,and it will taste rubbery.
Good luck though. Maybe if you cut it up real small, mix it with the easter eggs and make chicken salad...

snappy volcano titles

I am pretty sure they have all been named already. BUT, if not, I have a kid I'd like to name one after. Talk about nasty explosions....

100, 101, 102, 103,

104, 105, 106 were you googiling to make sure you had them in the right order? Tsk Tsk.. you shouldnt do your homework off the net...

peg hole hair pin
leg, milk, bald, broach!

sleep nap baby

googiling wont make it so...

mamma always said life was like a bow of chocolates

dang.. I will NEVER live down using this line in a post... oh and you got a typo.

my mom always said life is like a box of forrest gump

Nope, its a box of chocolates.. not a box of Forrest.

the disease. you are the cure

Hmmm.. Axel says:
If you got the money, honey
We got your disease
You know where you are?
You're in the jungle baby.

but there is nothing about a cure there...

Maybe social Disease.. by Bon Jovi?

......Because love is a social disease ....
.....Now you know for sure, you know the cure....

Naw... got to be Welcome to the Jungle.
Good song, Good albulm.. Gosh I am getting old.

how much can i get for selling prozac

I'd say at least 5 to 10. But your state may be more lax. Depending on if you are in a school zone or not. Any priors? that might up the time..

how to make a snake trap
put out chicks in a cage. They will come. eat them all and not be able to get out of the cage. its like shooting fish in a barrel.

bats battery and biceps

These words are connected how? Maybe you were looking for B words? Ball, Beef, Bratworst, brain, buck.

hooked up like a sugar mill mule
We usually say "Bowed up like a Sugar Mill Mule" but....

needless facts
WHOO-HOO you found them! :)

snak trap for children
Did you mean SnaCk? okay, you get a box, and a stick and a string. put in some chocolate, run the string to a good hiding place, and then when the kid climbs in you..... oh wait.. could CPS find this as cruel? trapping kids? hmmmm.... forget I said anything.

nurse legs between her

I am thinking I dont WANT to be in this search anymore...


Dang.. did I mispell it THAT badly?

asleep yet

NO, they aint. and its DRIVIN ME NUTS!

toys in babyland

I think a cuter title would have been Toys in Bratland...

leaky pissy panties

Hmmm thats not good. Can I recommend some good absorbant pads??

brett feild
Really? there is one? wonder if I can get a sign for his room?

elemetery school ar test.com
this is great program. if your kids will read the books that qualify.. mine wont..

1 2 3 ... 99 100 101=

Did you really google the entire numrical list? the ones I see are in the correct order. you should get an A+

mamma always said life was like a bow
Nope, its BOX. of CHOCOLATES. I am thinking about deleting that post..

dirt devil m087300

Not sure if its any good or not. But I have blown up a few dirt devils in my time. BR says it cause you are supposed to use them DAILY, not once a month. He says NOTHING could handle it once a month...

Are you still humming Welcome to the Jungle?

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