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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our new war cry

For a while now, there has been 4 words spoken quite often in this house.
Usually with a pleading voice, sometimes with a angry voice, but always with heartfelt need.

Sometimes the tense of the first few words change.
Sometimes its preceeded by please, or WILL YOU PLEASE, and there are times when a socially unacceptable word has been thrown into the middle of it.

I hear it all day.
And I have been known to say it a time or two.

I heard it for the first time today, early this morning.
the 3 eldest kids were gone. and BR was in the shower.
Then I hear
"MICHELLE!" and this now infamous line follows.

I went in, on the floor was a very nasty diaper, and behind the shower door was BR, attempting to bathe, holding a smiling and happy Bow. Who, when I put my hands out to take him, reached out and pulled the door shut.

I picked up the diaper and threw it away, then went back and got a very unhappy Bow. He wanted to stay in the shower.

Then he said it again when he was trying to close the fridge door while making breakfast, with his hands full and Bows head stuck in it.

Since the kids were gone for a while, I really didnt hear it much. Till they got home.

They were not here 5 minutes and Rayley said it.
Bow was opening the door (it doesnt latch when you push it to. We blame that on Rayley, but truthfully, BR is the one that broke it. Not sure if I have blogged about that or not. I'll have to check. I know I wasnt allowed to speak of it for a while. Because I was threatened with bodily harm if I happened to smile or display any mirth while retelling the story)
So, anyway, Bow just walked over, stuck his fingers in there and pulled it open. Usually this is followed by him opening the door and going out on the porch, so its a NO-NO. So Drama Queen that she is, Rayley started screaching, in her VERY southern drawl, the cry of need.

She is one that adds a few words to it.

Then, the kids went outside. they came back in a few minutes later. WIth Brett DEMANDING. He spoke the sentence, like someone was going to jump over hoops to accomedate him. Cause Bow was interupting their play.

I heard it when Rayley went to the bathroom and Bow was unwinding toilet paper.

and BR said it to noone in particular about the 8th time I picked Bow up, walked out of the kitchen with him and set him down in the living room, while I was cooking supper.

I heard it from each of the three oldest when they were taking baths-- They of course would leave the door open, pretty much inviting trouble. Not that he cant open the doors now. Because he can, and does. And before you become shocked that a year old kid can open a door. Dont be. All the interior doors are those handicapped handles. not a nob, just a handle you pull down. So, he has become adept at standing on tiptoe, and pulling them down.

Now, that the kids are in bed, I have hear the cry of futility from each. Simply because Bow wants in there with them. And they usually will not rat him out. They see it as a way to stay awake for a little while longer. But since they are all mad at me for sending them to bed, at their bedtime no-less. And not letting them stay up and watch another Dinosaur movie.

There were a few other instances. when the UNO cards got spilled, When someone was at the kitchen table eating an apple and he was climbing on top, When I asked for some help in getting the socks sorted (2 FULL baskets FULL of socks... ) and he insisted on attempting to get IN the baskets and throw the socks, when they were trying to play with Bows toys (hmmmm) and didnt want him down there, and.....

If I had to count the times, in a normal day that I hear these same words repeated (with a few changes-depending on who is saying them) no less than 25 times a day.

I can honestly say I get tired of hearing "COME GIT THIS BAAY-BEE"
or as Rayley says it "WILL SOMEONE come GIT this BAAY-BEE?" with a foot stomp and a hand on hip usually added.

and for BR its usually "Someone go get that baby"

Not "someone help me with Bow" or "someone please entertain Bow" he is "THAT BABY," or "THIS BABY" Like there is a second, more well behaved baby in there who is not annoying anyone.

The phrase that runs a close second in me hearing it constantly is "cant you do something with this baby?"

I dont know why they think I can hold him down. make him sit or stay when he doesnt want to, or make him leave them alone.

I have to deal with him while I am in the shower, I have to pee with him right there, I step over him to cook, clean, and do laundry, and although I am not above pleading with someone to relieve me of him at times, I cant get him out of my hair any easier than they can.

Just tonight I have been told by each of my lovely children "Just get him to sleep"
RIGHT. like I can snap my fingers and he will start to snore. If I could do that I would keep my legs shaved, hair washed, coupons clipped and sorted, laundry done, dishes washed, and floor vaccumed. Not to mention make myself a little less crazy.

He is not doing as they wish, so they want me to turn him off. Well, I am sorry. Unlike the dogs, who I can throw out the door, The cat, who I can look at sideways and she hides, and the toys, which I can burn; like them, I cant make him stay put, sleep at the drop of a hat, or find his batteries and turn him off.

there are time I wish I could.
BUT, it aint gona happen.
I just hope his first words aint "Darn Baby" and that he doesnt get a complex from everyone calling them "THIS" or "THAT".

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