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Monday, March 23, 2009

Some people live and learn, some people just live.

Its been a while, and its been a busy week. Last week was spring break. Which meant that I was busy chasing kids. I did go to town by myself on Tuesday. I was able to shop alone. It was nice. I was able to get 90.00 worth of stuff at walgreens and paid 4.00 Out of pocket. I will be getting 3 of that back in rebates. Not bad for a days work.
I only saved about 30.00 at walmart. But thats to be expected.

I only went grocery shopping and ran some erronds, but, still barely made it home in time to get the kids back to town for practice and our 4-H meeting. While I was at practice a friend of mine who we are in 4-H with called me. She was in charge of the BBQ sandwich fundraiser. She had called the sherrif, and he was going to cook the meat, for us. Kinda. But she needed help. So she asked if I could meet her at 7am the next morning.
Of course I said yes.
So I met her, another lady, our sherriff, who I have known for years, and one of the county commisioners. We had to cut the fat off 24 briscuts. Then he seasoned them, and threw them on the pit. It was a really nice pit. But he had to go to work. He is the Sherriff after all. So we were left with the briscut. The commisioner stayed with me till about 11. Then he had to leave too. Not a big deal. I can manage a BBQ pit. I just had to keep it at 350 degrees.
We finally got them off at around 4. Then we put pickle slices and onion slices in ziploc bags. by then the briscuts were cooled off and we ended up getting the rest of the fat out of them, slicing them up and putting them in the fridge. we didnt need them till Friday.
Thats when we had to meet back there at 7am to put in the sauce and get ready for the sale.

The sale went okay. I had alot of fun. We were in a grocery store parking lot, so when we needed something we ran in there. At one point I took a few kids to the bathroom, and one of them got gum. Well, Matt snuck around and got him some too.
On the way back, I realized it and took it away from him. There are more than one reason I dont let them have gum. First and formost, getting them to brush their teeth is like...well.. pulling teeth, and two. you never know where you will find it.
PLUS they hadnt eaten yet.
So, he got mad at me. Granted, the kid had been up till 11 the night before.
I had forgotten to make cookies until 9. And I had to make a few batches for the sale. Then we all had to be up by 5:30 to get ready. Anyway, he went missing. Finally we got to looking for him. It was VERY hot outside. Well into the 80's. and this is where we found him.

Yep. he is under my truck. Asleep.
We let him sleep till he rolled out into the sun, We were afraid he would burn. This kid has always had the ability to fall asleep anywhere. Standing up, sitting down, eating. He is my sleeper.

Once it was over though, I had to rush back home, because although I had brought the boys with me, we hadnt brought their uniforms. We had a few things to do before we came back home.

We had to go to walmart, then lowes, and a few other things. On the way home, because I was proud of the boys for not being too awful bad, I let the boys have the gum. It was a package of hubba bubba or something. Strawberry flavor. I told them they could have it, if they promised to brush their teeth the minute we walked in the door. They swore they would.
I dropped them at the driveway, told them to get their gum out, brush their teeth, and get dressed. NO fighting. They swore. I went and picked up Bow at my moms.
I got back, we had almost 20 minutes to get ready and get gone.
They were almost dressed. then, I found Bow some new clothes and shoes. The boys were sent outside to fetch some stuff out of my truck. Instead, Brett comes running back in. "MATT BROKE HIS LEGS!" "I SWEAR HE DID!!"
"okay, where at?"
"the driveway!! I was riding my bike and he was running beside me, and I flipped adn he fell, now he cant walk"
"okay, calm down. Watch Bow, put his shoes on him and I will go and check"
So I start down there. Brett is right beside me. I told him to NOT put him down in his stocking feet. I didnt want his socks all dirty. I got down to Matt. He had fallen, and scrapped both knees, and his palm. I helped him up and told him what an idiot he was. Then I look over and Bow is patting him on the head. IN HIS STOCKING FEET!
I told Brett again to pick him UP.
I helped Matt to the truck, told HIM to buckle in Bow, went back in to get him some ice and got in the truck, Still full of the stuff I had told the boys to get out of it, and I started to back out of the driveway. Bow was in the backseat saying "ewwww" and pulling at a HUGE wad of gum on his sock.
After I got him some NEW socks, and HIS shoes, and again we left.
We didnt quite make it back to town in time. We were a little late for practice. Oh, I would have been there on time, BUT, when I stopped at the store to get some ice, my cell phone rang. it doesnt work here at home, adn the store is close, but this time it miraculously worked. THANK GOD! it was my mother in law. She had Rayley already, she had taken her to the park with the daycare, and kept her. Anyway, she said instead of me dealing with Bow at practice to bring him over. So I turned around and hauled butt back to her house.

Saturday we spent redoing some wireing on the chicken coop. Since I had put my older chicks out and lost 2 the first day. I think it was to hawks.

The kids came in and brought me some of their 'finds'. Its never fun when they just show up with stuff.

I have never seen a lizard quite like this one.
its blue on bottom...

and of course, Rayley had to show off hers.

But here is their real treasures. A bucket FULL of various nasty creepy crawly things.

Oh well. The chickens at least enjoyed them.

Matt was the 'getter' of most of these. I am not sure why I dont have a picture of him and his lizard. Although he kept putting it on Bow, I really thought I took that picture.

Then we went back to practice. We had a scrimage, and 5 kids showed up. 2 of them were mine. Brett played catcher, and Matt shortstop. Till they told Matt to pitch. This kid has never set foot on the mound. Yes, his daddy was a pitcher, BUT, just in the last month has Matt actually started throwing the ball where you could catch it. We havent spent time learning to pitch. This is his first year on a kid pitch team. They put him up there, he threw a few across the plate and they realized what they had done. NOT spent anytime coaching him. So they pulled him off, put him back at shortstop. He was so mad, and embarressed. I understand that. I was mad and embarressed for him.
they started warming up a new pitcher, and Matt and Brett were staying warm on the field by throwing the ball back and forth. Brett was on first. Matt was zinging it to him. it was hitting the glove with an audable pop. So Brett knew he was mad. Plus it was VERY accurate.

Thats a good indication that Matt is not happy, when he hits you so hard with the ball that it hurts. We have to fiqure out how to piss him off before he starts each game. Especially when he is pitching.

Sunday I planted a few flats of tomatoes, and we cleaned out BR's truck. Then he took Matt out and showed him how to pitch. The kid might be pretty good. As long as he will THROW the ball, as hard as we KNOW he can. Like I said, getting him mad might be a good idea.

Finally today they went back to school. It was really quiet around here.
even once they got home. I was on the phone with BR when they drove up. But they never came in. Then Brett busted in the door and said "MOM!! Get your camera!! You gotta see this snake we caught!"
Yep, here I was frying pork chops, trying to get supper ready. And they pulled another stunt.

So, I told him to hold on, Very calmly I might add, and turned off the burner on the stove.
Then I grabbed up my camera and headed outside. Not really sure what I would find.
I walked out to a snake, belly up, in a coil, hissing up a storm. It was TICKED OFF!
I still had BR on the phone, and was trying to tell him what it was. I really had no clue. But fiqured it was just a chicken or rat snake of some sort.

But it did have a flattish head.

So I flipped it over. Just a brownish color on top.

Yes, that is Bow, diaper and all. Him and Rayley had ran out to meet the boys when they drove up. On the way into the yard, they had heard Darla barking her "I have something cornered bark" (like the time she had the HUGE, TERRIFYING, and Heartattack inducing Toad Frog... ) and they went to investigate. THey found MR Spreading adder.

So, Bow and Rayley were out there to help them. and I was constantly telling the boys to keep him back. He has no fear. Kinda like Rayley the time the boys left her outside with the snake and the baby chicks while they ran inside to get me.

I wanted a better look, so I picked it up with a shovel and took it to the kids playschool table.

All of them were right behind me. Screaming at me to not kill it. I dont know what they think I am going to do with it, but, I DONT want it getting my chickens. PERIOD.

Yes, she is in a snow white dress, has rings tied around her neck and is all dressed up for some wonderful snake catching fun!!

I put a bucket on top of it, and a brick, and told the kids to come in and do their homework. I told BR (who I was STILL on the phone with) where it was, and that he would just have to identify it when he got home. I told him it was about a foot long.

When he got home we went out to feed the hogs and he told me he had already seen it. He doesnt like snakes at all, so he was quite perturbed at me for failing to mention that it was as big around as 3 fingers, and he said it was HIGHLY pissed when he picked up the bucket.

Now tomorrow I have to deal with it. I will kill it in the morning and feed it to the pigs. They should enjoy it, and then I know it wont be getting my chickens. or a kid.

The whole time I was growing up, I heard from my grandfather, "dont bite a snake" meaning watch where you are going. And I have always said it myself to my own kids. But I dont think they get the same meaning out of it.

Oh well... They'll learn, and live, or just live....


Karen said...

I swear your kids would be the death of me. I totally could not handle the snake, or that bucket of creepy crawlys. But I love Rayley's snake catching clothes, LOL.

maidto5 said...

you get somewhat used to it. LOL or at least conditioned to it.

And yes, even when defying death and risking limbs, we have to be dressed properly....