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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting to the bottom of it all

Well, I went to the school today and did a little work, then went off on my quest to bling some shoes. I couldnt find a pair of plain canvas shoes at walmart. Last year they had a gazillion pink ones and white ones. This year-- zip. I did get me some rhinestones and glue. Then I went to payless and got some colorful ( polka dots, and plaid, and hearts) canvas shoes. Not what I wanted, but good enough for goverment work. They were BOGO so all in all I spent less than 60 bucks. I do feel guilty spending that much. BUT I got the next size up and Rayley really is out of shoes to start with. Nothing she has fits anymore. And maybe these will take the place of the highheeled flip flops she insists on wearing in the kitchen when BR and BOW are sleeping!

Of course my morning started out with me talking to Matts teacher. Last night I was going through his backpack, it was leaking. I found 3 lunches. FULL lunches. there were 2 sandwiches in various stages of decay, one still in pretty good shape and sporting some lettuce, so I know it was Fridays sandwich. There were 3 bags that up until recently had held chips, and 3 empty plastic juice bottles. And a recently exploded pudding. Aparently he had sat on or stepped on his backpack while transporting these relics thus the sticky, chippy, puddin mess I found on the bill from the cafeteria.

When I asked him why they were in there he said "I dont know. I found them in my cubby and meant to throw them away"

So this brings me back to the moldy sandwich a few days back. After speaking with his teacher it seems that sometimes he has a slight memory lapse between the time he walks into the class, puts his folder on his desk, his lunch in his cubby and hangs up his backpack, because when she calls roll and asks who brought a lunch he forgets and doenst raise his hand.

I find out from him, that in these instances he is then too embarraressed to speak up later and instead just eats the hot lunch. OR he forgets that he DID bring a lunch. Now I would be inclined to belive either of the above reasons. BUT I know his level of embarresment is WAY low, almost non existant. AND he has brought a lunch almost every day for the last 3 years. MAYBE in his ENTIRE career as an elementary student I have allowed him to eat in the cafeteria 20 times. So bringing a lunch is NOT a new experience.

I have found a few of these smushed sandwiches or empty lunch sacks in the last few weeks. But they were more few and far between.

In conclusion, one day he DID take a lunch to lunch with him, but alas, he grabbed one that had been in his cubby for a few days. Therefor he brought out a nasty sandwich.

OH and when I asked his teacher what was so bad in his progress report that he wouldnt bring it home she was astounded. She couldnt belive he hadnt brought it home. Now I remember back when I was in school, them things had to be SIGNED by your parent and brought back the NEXT day. Now its more of a suggestion.. He has all a's except an 89. Seems he is just 'forgetting' it. I swear, this kid would loose his head if it wasnt attached.

I also had a "I brought you into this world, I can take you out" moment with Brett today. I was in the PTA room working and the door opens. In comes my eldest child with a sullen look and his teacher, who looked like she could bite a nail in two. Seems he was just sitting and staring at his math work and not doing it. When asked why, he continued to show attitude. Biting off his words and acting like the north end of a south bound mule. I could have killed him right there and told GOd he died. When I was asking him why he kept saying he didnt understand it, same excuse he gave me for getting a 67 on his progress report in social studies. I made him ask her for help in that department and then she left. I started to read him the riot act and it wasnt long before he was crying. Well then he wouldnt go back to class because his eyes were red.

I finally got him back to class and spoke with her for a few minutes and told her that I was sorry. Seems he had been in a bad mood all day. I can take the blame for this. I tried 3 differnt times to wake him up this morning, but he kept ignoring me. I took his blanket, I turned on the light, I hollered, I made him get up physically. Finally I sent Matt in there to tell him I was gona get a glass of water. He just ignored him. So I did. That woke him up, but ruined his day. I know they are tired, but how much earlier than 8:30 can I make them go to sleep? heck its still light outside at that time! I know the 30 minutes earlier that they have to get up is really getting to them.
On the way to the ball games tonight they both fell asleep and we literly had to shake them awake once we got to the ball park. Once they were up they did great. But if they get still they are gone.

Both their games were earlier tonight, so we got home at a decent hour. They ate and were in bed before 8:45. And asleep before 8:46. They didnt get a bath, but I guess its a small price to pay for them getting some sleep.

Princess whinesalot was even alseep with only 3 trips in here tonight to tell me she "had a problem". One was her throat was dry. Then she was hungry. Then it was cause her teeth were sharp. It was those pointy teeth, the ones that are supposed to be sharp? well after 3 years of having them she decided tonight she could no longer live with them.

Sometimes I really wonder if I will survive the 'best years' of their lives. Or better yet, if they will survive them.

Matts baseball game was pretty bad. That practice that noone seemed to think we needed sure couldn't have hurt. They got beat 12-0. noone even got to bat more than once. And I am not sure what all happened. It was over so quickly I wasnt able to watch anything except Matt batt his one time. He fouled off enough that one bad swing and he was out. I had left Bretts game to finish up with Matt and honestly, that is 30 minutes of my life I will never get back. And come to find out, it was decided the DID need to practice. Gee, I sure wish I had been the one to think of that.. So now we have to go BACK in on Friday to practice. Too bad there wasnt a better time, like when we were all allready in town, dressed in baseball clothes, and the park was empty to do it. That would have been the PICTURE PERFECT opportunity. Heck, his game started BEFORE Bretts and was over BEFORE Bretts ended. Not only did they win by the 10 run mercy rule, they ended each inning on a 5 run mercy rule.

Bretts game was just as lopsided. But in their favor. 18-3. It should have been 19-3 but a batter was blocking home plate and got our runner called out at home. He was safe by a mile, the ball actually hit the kid that was up to bat when it was thrown in to throw out the runner. Hit his helmet. It was a screwed up play, and there was NO way their pitcher could have caught the ball at the plate BUT since the kid didnt move way out of the way they called it. He was about 4 feet from the batters box, thats how bad the throw was, when he was hit. But I reckon you cant pitch a fit when you are so far ahead you are meeting yourself.

Brett did score twice. But it was sheer luck. Or bad throws. He stole EVERY base his first time out. He was walked and then his coach kept sending him around. Now this is great fun with a kid that can run. Mine cant. He is slow as molasses. And indecisive to boot. But he made it home twice. on walks.

I still havent decided what to get the boys for Matts birthday. I reckon I will go with jeans again. Matt needs a new pair of Chukka's.. I might get him some of them. I really wanted to get some new 2 way radios' but fiqure waiting on those would be best till Rayley's birthday. So I have an excuse to buy pink ones. I want to find a nice pink one. Not the barbie crap. Some like we already have. Those things come in real handy. The kids can play outside with them and talk to one another, but I can also keep in contact with them.

We even used them when we evacuated. There were 4 cars of us and I brought along the radios. We were able to talk back and forth with no problems and even in areas that our cell phones didnt work.

But back to Matt's birthday. I just dont know what to do. I told my mom to get them some canteens and bug house things. I might ourta veto the bug house things.. I can just imagine what they will bring home in those. AND try to bring IN. They do need new Bows and Arrows.

OH and I talked to BR about his party. I think I am going to call my grandfather. Since they are not comfertable here at my house I reckon we might just shoot for having it as his. I dont like the idea, but I do think BR is right. No sense making someone uncomfertable. And what can be more comfertable than having all the family over to your own home, when you wont go to theirs. :)

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Eboni said...

Whenever I need to chill out, I come here to read. It never fails! You give a good dose of real life, parenting and more than a few hilarious belly laughs! Here's wishing you a great new year even though it is nearly March, lol. Three fully made lunches in the backpack. I love your kids :)