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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The joy of commercials

Well I found Rayleys Lolli Calli shoes.

They are these cute canvas tennis shoes, with rhinestones and beads all over them. decorated in dots and flowers and beautiful patterns. Exactly what a wana be princess would wear. AND they come with an icecream cone with lip gloss and body glitter in it! She saw the commercial this morning and would sing the song with them. And tell me how beautiful they were. And how she HAD to have them. The commercial came on at least 30 times. 3 pretty little girls, dancing around showing off their dolled up shoes, flashing them to catch the eye or every little girl in America.

They are called Lelli Kelly's and a French Husband and wife team started making them a little over a decade ago. They are for sale here.

I looked them up on the net. I decided I would get her some. Although by looking at me you would never know it, Shoes are my weakness. I ADORE shoes. I can only wear crocs, due to a cruel foot inheritance, but I have passed my shoe fetish on to my little prima donna and buy her cute ones when ever I find them on clearence.

Well, My darling, and most loved daughter. My favorite girl, and spoilt darlin will NOT and I repeat NOT be getting these. 80 freakin dollars for a pair of canvas tennis shoes? with rhinestones glued on them? NOT NO, but HELL NO!

I dont even buy clothes for my kids unless they are on clearence. it has to be a REALLY cute outfit, one that I just CANT live with out for me to spend more than 12 bucks on it.

But my darling sweet beauty queen will be getting some chelly-rays. I will buy a bedazzler, some rhinestones and beads, fire up the glue gun ( dont tell BR I have one.. I am banned from sharp knives, corded saws and glue guns) and go to town on some itty bitty plain ole tennies, makin her the belle of the ball.

I fiqure I can make her 4 pair of shoes, to match her new dresses that my mom made for 3 bucks apeice and STILL have some money left over for some cute tights.

My only saving grace is she is too young to read and wont know the sole of the shoes dont have the high priced name on them.

My sister in law called this evening, she said she had went to town looking for some of the shoes. She hadnt seen the commercial, so she just had Rayleys description to go by. I told her the price. She was astounded to say the least.

She offered to buy me some rhinestones. I told her that would be great.

I think we will bombard little miss with bejeweled shoes on Matts birthday. I had planned to get her some walkie talkies. But couldnt find any pink ones. I know she wants one. She gets to play with the boys and ours, and even gets to wear one when its time to 'be gettable' as she calls it when they go out in the woods. BUT we are down to 3 walkie talkies. One has lost its rechargeable batteries. I thought maybe I could find some pink or purple ones that connect with ours. But I think this is the perfect thing to get her. AND it gives me a few more months till her birthday to find the pink walkie talkies for her.

Although I have lots more to bitch about from the day, I am gona go to bed now. I woke up at 3 am with a miagraine and it hasnt gone away yet. Tomorrow I will tell you about Brett getting in trouble at school. and how fun it was to get them to clean up the yard. Plus how long it took them to find their uniforms for tomorrow. And I just realized, we still dont have our cleats found..


Tara said...

OMG eighty dollars? I'd be doing the same as you no way in hell, I wouldn't spend that on shoes for me, let alone a 3 yr old who will outgrow em by next week.

Barbara James said...

I'd go for a pair of Chelly-Rays right now for the BIG THURSDAY NITE OUT in VEGAS this week.

Have you seen the new, hot pink, wedgee crocs? I want a pair of those too! :D

maidto5 said...


Girl, I found me some rhinestones, got a bedazzler type thing ( will probebly take it back as I dont think it will fit in the shoes) and bought 4 pair of canvas shoes at payless today on the BOGO thing.

WHen I take back the bedazzler I will have spent less than 60 bucks on 4 pair of shoes that look like 100 bucks a peice. AND although I DONT usually spend that much I feel much better :) I will admit, I kinda went crazy. BUT concidering that a pair of white flip flops (plain) at walmart was 7.00 I think I got out real well with less than 12.50 each! :)

maidto5 said...

Barbara, OHHHHHH I REALLY am MAD at you!! I wana go to VEGAS!! have fun!!! and put ina quarter for me! :)

and NO I have NOT!! I need some new crocs, I havent bought any new ones in a few years. I need purple and yellow and black.

OH and I need a pair with out holes in them. To wear in the winter.
OH WAIT.. I really really want the crock mud boots.. have you seen those??
Or the tie up shoes?? LOVE those!!

And I might just send you a pair of chelly-rays! ;) LOL