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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3 days till D day. Or should that be H day?

Yesterday was my FULL day.
PTA meeting at 9
pay bills
get 6 tires rotated (they freakin HATE to see me comin!!)
pay bills
another PTA meeting (and a meeting about that belt fiasco)
pay bills
Baseball practice (Matt did VERY well!!)

Since my day had started at 5:30, by the time I got home I was ready to colapse. It wouldnt be so hard, if it wasnt so dang hot out there. Just miserable.
I did manage to go to walgreens. I got about 60.00 worth of stuff and paid about 12.00. Not the best, But I am proud of me. I got bottled water and chexmix. and some cleaning supplies.

Oh and I had two tires you could see the air in. they wanted to sell me two more. 379.00. And the guy was shocked when I told him to just put them on the back on the inside. I know I need new tires. But dang. The guy tried to tell me why I had wore off all the tread on just the inside half. he started by saying
"its a little out of line"
Hmmmmm.. NO, its ALOT out of line It looks like I took a razor and shaved half the tire off.
"that can happen when you hit a little pot hole"
hmmm. How about when you bounce up your driveway like a mexican jumping bean? its a 8 inch ditch between my road and my driveway. And at times it gets so rough that I have to use 4 wheel drive and a heavy foot.
"and since your truck sits up so high it is easier to get out of line"
Yep.. that height comes in handy with that 4 wheel drive.
"dont you worry, its not really anything you did wrong"
I finally had to tell him "I drive a One ton, 4 wheel drive ford. The Engine outweighs most passenger cars, Of course its out of line. I am just lucky all 6 tires are still headed in the same general direction"
"we can fix it, and it will only be 50.00 with the new tires"
I decided to get back to him on that. I have free rotation for life since I bought all 6 tires there 2 years ago. If I keep going in, get the good 4 rotated and turned and all that, I might can get a few more miles out of them. I just have to remember to go in and get it done. these actually still looked good. on one side. The other side looked like you had taken a filet knife and cut them to the bone. Which you could see a little of. Little wires sticking on in a few places.

Now I didnt see BOTH tires, they just brought in the one. I knew it was bad. Been saying for months I needed to do something about it. But I didnt realize my tire rotations were free. Had I known I would have been in before now. I dont think the other tire was as bad. I know it wasnt. But One really is.

The sad thing is, I dont have mud grips. I have little street tires. I would LOVE to put mud grips on my truck. It would look SOOO good with mudgrips. But I cant afford it. I thought about doing it two at a time. They'd cost about the same. But last longer. More tread for me to wear off.
I didnt have time to go to walmart or anything else. Now I wished I had. I will be going back Friday, BUT that damn huricanne is bearing down on us and our store shelves will be wiped out by the time I get there. I have to do the Bulldog store on Friday, get started getting the yearbooks together and run more errands.

I just hope they have school on Friday. Beaumont has already started canceling schools for tomorrow and Friday. And BR has warned me that he wont be working this weekend, he cant work with all the evacuation traffic.

Brett woke up this morning with a headache. After about 10 minutes of crying I sent him back to bed. when 6:07 came I told Matt to load up and got Bow headed out the door. Then Brett came running in and asked if he had time to get ready. I told him to hurry. Amazingly enough he was dressed and ready in less than 3 minutes. There is something to be said for a shaved head. ;) Matt said it was because my grandfather was coming to eat lunch with them today at school. It was grandparents day and they had asked him to come. He had to be there at 11 for Matt and 11:45 for Brett. They were thrilled to death.

I got Bow back to sleep and fell asleep about 7. The phone rang at 8:03. the school nurse had Matt in her office. He had a tummy ache. She had sent him back to class, but was worried about him. I told her if he came back to let me know, and send the brat home with my grandfather. She said she would. Aparently he got better, cause she didnt have to call me back.

Rayley pulled something today that I have tried to avoid since the day I had children. I keep ALL sissors put UP. I dont let them have them at all. Well, I still find them in the boys room. Aparently Rayley found them too. She cut her bangs. plumb up to the scalp. this child has no hair. never has. we just now got some length back on it from when the Brett got the comb stuck in it. And before that (on the day of a pagent) there was the incident with the drill. That left a bald spot.

I tried to cut it as best I could. I was sorta able to fix it, but we lost alot of length and I am NOT a beautician. It looks awful. You cant just cut blonde hair and expect it to look good, you have to know what you are doing. Every sissor mark shows. I dont know why she doesnt have hair like the boys. They HAVE to have a hair cut once a week at the least. BR shaves his head every day. But it has taken Rayley over 4 years to get past her shoulders. And now I had to cut 3 inches off it.

Matt had homework tonight and I asked him to get on it as soon as he walked into the house. At 9:41 I sent him to bed, crying and screaming that I hated him. There was no talking to him. He still has a page to read, 5 sentences to write and 4 questions to answer.

OH and one of the sentences is "Did you watch Johnny Carson last night?"
How old is this crap that they are using? I used to sneak and watch Johnny when I was their age. Jay Leno is getting ready to retire. I know that the structure of sentences havent changed in 30 years, But honestly, Couldnt they find something that would appeal to the kids more? Thats like asking them if they watched the Brady Bunch. Matts teacher isnt even old enough to have watched Johnny!

I have gotten a few loads of laundry done. The kids are supposed to wear Red, white and blue tomorrow. In honor of Sept. 11th. They call it Patriots day. Call it was it was. 9-11. The day our world as we know it changed. The day we were attacked on our own soil. Instead of turning it into a 'feel good' day, use it to show who we are. That we are a country that you cant hold down.

But I have ironed and hung up 6 pair of jeans, and 6 shirts so far tonight. And I am through. The kids dont have the concept of 'take it off when you get home' so it doesnt get dirty. They could wear most things more than once. Instead they take them off and hang them on the floor.

Tomorrow I will try and get 'ready' for the influx of problems that only a huricanne will bring. we have until Saturday before he hits. And he should be a Tropical storm by the time he gets to us, so we are safe. Its just the evacuation and having all the kids and BR home for 4 days.

I want to pray it doesnt hit close to me. But that would be wishing it on someone else. Thats hard to do. Either way, someone somewhere is going to loose their house, someone somewhere is going to spend money they dont have evacuating, and someone somewhere is going to have an awful weekend. I just pray that everyone is safe.

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Barbara said...

Just hoping you and yours are all well and safe through this storm :>