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Sunday, September 7, 2008


80 some odd years. The oldest person I can find in my family, that has lived here all his life, and NEVER has he evacuated for a freakin huricanne. NEver been told to before 3 years ago. That was said to be the storm of the century. Well, I reckon we are lucky and gona get to relive it.

I have a therory as to why we are getting huricannes. And everyone I have ran this by seems to be inclined to belive me. The newsmedia have sold their souls in exchange for a real huricanne to come into the gulf, and do something bad to New Orleans again. And they wont quit till it happens. Keep watching. the wind is going to blow and you will see the horns that Geraldo is now sporting.

I just cant fiqure out why Bush would conjour up this huricanne, when the last one went so badly. You'd think that he would give up. The huricanne didnt work, blowing up the levees didnt work. I guess he just feels the need to waste millions of tax payers dollars for no good reason. Other than to make us evac and use up all the oil and spend more money on gas.

Either way, I am NOT a happy camper. I truthfully cant evacuate. For more than one reason, but the biggest one being that its so expensive to do so. They havent turned the oil back on in the feilds like it was 2 weeks ago. They turned it off for the huricanne, BUT had already turned it down cause the price went down. So BR is not working as much. and even when you do come home there are all the bills waiting and if you get hit, you have to run a generator. Gas is high. Generators cost ALOT to run and you never know how long you will be doing it.

Oh well, the good news is, the kids will be out of school again. yee-haw.

I was talking to a few friends. We have done the PTA for years together. When Rita aka 'the huricanne that never was' came through I was President of the Primary's PTA. had a WONDERFUL network of people, and lots of projects going. We were RIGHT in the middle of making buttons that we had sold. And another friend had just opened a coffee shop. (she is to blame for my caffine habit. She introduced me to expressos. I even had my own coffee named after me. the Spe'chelle'tee its 5 expresso's, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of steamed milk.)
Well when RIta came through it blew apart the town. And my volunteers went every which way. We ended up having the WORSt year. I couldnt get help, nothing turned out right and I of course was to blame. It didntmatter that 3/4 of the ladies had substantial damage to thier homes, and the other 1/4 moved away. Or that the school flooded, loosing all our buttons, pictures and other things, or that we couldnt go back for weeks.

That was the last year, until this one, that I was a member of that board. This year I went back. I had been on the board for the other school. But had avoided this school. There were other problems other than the huricanne, but that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Anyway, as we were all sitting around last week, calling and bitching about the storm, discussing the fact that NONE of us could afford to evacuate, it dawned on me. I was talking to the coffee shop friend. She just reopened another coffee shop. Her other being lost in the storm.
I told her that ONE of us was going to have to give up. Either she gave up her coffee shop, or Rayley went her first 4 years with out me being on the PTA board at her school. She laughed adn said "I hadnt thought about that!". We tried to find another common link. Since in the ensuing years we havent even had the first inkling of being hit by another huricanne. not even close.

Nothing came to mind.

Later that night I was talking to the other friend, She was staying home too and just going to brave Gustav. After we discuss that, we got to important PTA stuff. She had called me and wanted to know if I remembered how to make the buttons, it had been years since we had done them. We had borrowed the machine from the primary school, so we could do pictures of the bulldog to give each kid as they got bulldog of the week.

Yep I said "3 to be exact".
She said "oh wow, your right!!, remember how awful it was when Rita came through and we lost ALL the pics of the kids with the bulldog!?!?"
"yes, I remember it, I was president and had to personally refund ALL that money. I am SOOO glad your president this time and will have to...."
"OH SHIT!" we both said at the same time.

Yep. common denominator.

Now I dont know which of the 3 of us is causing this. But I am still going to blame it on the news media. I am not sure if they are wanting it to totaly kill New Orleans, or if they want all the oil platforms wiped out. But either way, they just might get their wish if these stupid storms keep coming.

A hamburger joint in town even has their marquee up saying "go away IKE!" I agree.

Today my sister in law called, she wanted the kids. SO I woke them up, and asked if their rooms were clean. That Aunt AManda wanted to come and get them. Rayley got RIGHT on cleanign, didnt cry, didnt whine and actually did a pretty decent job! The boys didnt do too shabby either.

I got them dressed and she got here. SHe played with Bow for a few minutes and then they left. Bow followed them to the door and tried to open it and go with them. He got VERY mad when he couldnt pull it open. and really got mad when he banged on it and noone would open it back up. He wanted to go with them. I dont know why anyone wont take him. They use the excuse that he is still nursing. That does NOT matter. He can go all day with out nursing. and drinks milk if he gets thristy, or tea, or water, or juice.

He did play for a while in the floor. He gets into everything. And then eats it. He is starting to do real well standing up. And is learning to keep his balance.

My grandfather called when they had been gone for about 45 minutes. He wanted to take them to lunch. I told him the 3 big kids were gone. But he could have Bow. He said he didnt think Bow would enjoy a hamburger. He has never seen this kid eat.

So I was stuck with the kid. Finally they came home. And Bow was THRILLED!!
They finished up the laundry they had piled in their room and never put up when it was clean before. and they played with Bow. They really do love him and are great with him.

And he worships them. He will go and play while they do. Then he will come in here, crawl up, nurse for a few minutes and then get back down and go play. Or sometimes he will just come in here, crawl up and talk to me for a few minutes and then get down and go play. Its like he is checking in. making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

Well BR is home and wants to watch a movie. Something about a man eating croc.

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