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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Growing pains

It doesnt matter who is in my lap. Any of the kids, BR, the cat, or just my own hands or drink. Bow, is fixing to get in. and if you try to resist he will scream and claw and push and pull until the offending object is gone.

He doesnt appriciate anyone sitting in 'his' place. This has got to stop. But everyone thinks its so funny that they do it on purpose and pick on him. He DOES NOT appriciate a good joke.

And poor Rayley, she will try and get in my lap, she will wait until Bow is otherwise occupied and then come and jump in my lap for some hugs. Its like the kid can smell when the enemy is near. cause here he comes like a surface to air missle.

I have been having problems with her lately. well, its actually been forever. She or actually any of them, or all of them, ask to spend the night somewhere, OR worse, the grandparent, talks to THEM in a low voice about spending the night, and then asks ME infront of the kid. I dont appriciate that. I then get the 'why'? from the grandparent, (because I said so??) and the "Wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????????" from the kid (again, because I freakin said so!). I am FED up with that crap. The water works start, the begging and me being as nice as I can and tell the kids we will discuss it later. It might be that I have a suprise for them. It might be that their daddy will be home for the night, or it might just be I am having a 'bad feeling' and dont want them out of my sight.

I have been being nice about it, but that is fixing to change. and grandparents can just kiss my foot. I dont care if it 'breaks your heart' to see them cry. It breaks my heart to be treated like their babysitter. I have explained to the kids time and again, that when I say no, to just deal with it. wait till company leaves or we get home then cry your little eyes out.

But tonight Rayley pulled it again. When mother asked if she could go and spend the night and I said no. SHe welled up and started to bawl. So instead of just walking out, my mom stands IN the door, and says "tommorow baby, I promise, we will do it tomorrow" or "please dont cry, it makes me feel so bad" and of course "mommy's not trying to be mean, she just doesnt understand". I am trying to hold my tounge till after the holidays.

Anyway, enough whining..

Tonight has been interesting.. Rayley is in a picking mood, and Brett is being loving, so Rayley is constantly running by him, behind him, or past him and hitting him. So he will then attack her and kiss her and hold her down. Bow LOVES to get in the middle of it.

They have been having a blast all night.

ANd Bow started a new thing a few weeks ago. He loves to head butt you. I am not kidding. and he doesnt do it easy. all of my kids have done this, but Bow is by far the one that is meanest.. They think its a game. and for them it is. And the kids will let him do it forever. But they definatly come away from it the worse for wear. They dont 'participate' they just sit there, and he does the banging.

and he has started kissing. He has only given me a few kisses, but they are definatly, open mouthed, slobber hanging kisses.

I am the ANTI head butter. I just cant do it, if you do more than rub my hair I get a headache. I cant help it. so I surely cant do the headbutting game. Bow hasnt quite grasped the 'okay to headbutt' and 'NOT okay to headbutt' people.

But he does enjoy it, he will hit you and then squeal, and then go in for more!
I would worry about brain damage but he doesnt have the nessasary equiptment.

Of course before the evening was over, I had Rayley on a crying jag. I swear she is worse than a drunk sorority girl. she changes moods quicker than she changes from a ballerina to a princess. next thing I know she is bawling cause "Matt hates" her. and how they dont like her cause she is just 4. and all kinds of other crap. Nothing they have said has started this. She just wasnt getting the required attention from Matt. I know its middle child syndrome. She was the baby for 3 years. and I do try hard to keep her feeling loved.

of course all the playing turned into a full fledged fight eventually. Maybe I need to rethink that lack of video games that we have decided on...

Mostly cause I am tired of being the 'safe zone' and having all of them pile on top of me. Its all fun and games, till someone gets hurt.

Oh and as far as Thanksgiving. No, I am NOT cooking if I can help it. I usually LOVE to cook a huge meal like that. But for some reason this year its just not there.
BR will be working, and Mother wants everyone to go to her house. I tried to veto all the expensive dishes, its just redeculas to spend 150.00 on one meal. We had also decided to not do a big meal at my MIL's house. we were going to have a family dinner on Saturday when BR and Luke were both off. Then Amanda's mom died, and Martha (the MIL) decided that since Amanda had been going to spend the day at her moms and now couldnt that she would cook. Of course she got sick today, a stomache virus, and I dont know what I will end up having to do. My mother in law doesnt do 'sick' well.

We have all debated at one time or another just shooting her and putting her out of our misery when she is sick. She will wail and whine, stomp and beg to die. Its amazingly stupid. Normally, I love her to death, but her sick is not something I deal with well. I dont deal with stupidity well at all.

I really wouldnt mind cooking, but I have bought NOTHING for Thanksgiving. AT ALL. no cranberry sauce, no turkey. ANd I dont plan on it. I will help all I can though, but wont go to her house to do it. I also plan to try to find a few Turkeys on sale after Thanksgiving. I refuse to spend 1.27 a pound on one. No stores in my town ran a single special on a turkey or a Ham for any decent price.

BR pulled a long work day, so he will be off tonight, and then tomorrow. Although he does have to go and get his health card tomorrow. He will go back on Thanksgiving Day I just dont know when.

I will honestly be glad for him to be home, so he can corral these kids for a few hours. I am thisclose to telling them to just put on a movie. I really dont do that, but honestly. one minute they are nice and loving, then they are fighting and screaming.

And as soon as I get one to settle down and start doing something constructive or less DEstructive, the other 3 start to climb the walls, or get into a fight. Its enough to drive a saint to drink.

Now I know why my grandmother was fond of saying "your going to give me a nervous breakdown" when me and my cousin got together.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. I plan on making the kids write down something they are Thankful for. I am sort of apprehensive about what they will come up with. But we shall see :)


Kimmy2303 said...

Happy Thanksgiving Chelle! We all go to my grandmother's house every year so this holiday is usually fairly stressless for me. Christmas on the other hand, is at my mother's and somehow I get stuck doing more than she does. I'm not sure how that works! Stay sane! :)

Eboni said...

Have a happy holiday, Chelle. Thanks for posting such great articles! I can understand why other people like your children, they are full of life!

blacx said...
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blacx said...
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blacx said...


Hope Thanksgiving brings you all something to be thankful for. Best wishes to you and the family.

(Sorry about the repeats. Was trying to get the url to fit. Live and learn.) :)


maidto5 said...

I hope you had fun at your grandmothers Kimmy! and I knwo what you mean about Christmas! LOL

Eboni, I hope yours was wonderful, And I bet you have some great food!! Full of life.. full of poo... basicly the same thing.. ;)

Thanks :) and I hope yours was grand as well :)