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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey, Football and Kids. oh... and Family

"Anticipation of Death is worse than Death itself"

This is written on the wall at the Death Chamber at Huntsville.

We shall see how this applies to my day.

I am going to do this blog a little differnt. I am splitting it up. Writing some now, and the rest when I get home.

My day started at 4:30.
The MO-RONIC dog was whining to get out. So up I got and got let her out.

I decided to go ahead and put the ham in. my mothers oven isnt real good, but my main reason for volunteering my own oven for the ham is simple. I wanted lunch ready by 1. I have a full day planned. and it revoloves around football.

My grandfather and I talked about it last night. He was thrilled his day will work perfectly for it. Mine wont.. But THANK GOD for my DVR. and plus, I can now say "I need to go home, the game is on... nono.. I would hate to ask you to turn off your lifetime movie "how my family hates me and why I am derpressed" just so I can see something that I look forward to 8 months out of the year...

ANyway, I got the ham going and headed back to bed. Then at 5:30 the alarm went off telling me to get up and put the kids on the bus. So I climbed over BR and turned it off. This is NOT an easy task. Anytime I sleep with BR its a night of me being sandwiched between 2 furneses. That both feel the middle of the bed is theres. And BR is like a mountain, so its not just leaning over him to hit the button, you need a raple, a few carabieners, and possibly a rescue helicopter. PLUS, its like being on an avalance prone mountain. If you move wrong you take the chance on waking up the imbonabale (yes I know thats mispelled) snowman. or as the family likes to call him : BOW. Once you wake him up, sleep as you know it is over.

So, I got that done. and promptly fell back asleep. Then, at 6:23 the OTHER alarm clock, the one in the living room where I usually sleep, finally had penetrated through my sleep fogged brain. and do you know what the first thing I thought of was? There was no brown sugar on the ham...

I didnt dress the ham. I just picked it up, foil wrapped and in its pan. But as I was trying to put a 13 pound ham in the oven this morning with out moving the racks down I tore the foil. But in my sleep walking state it didnt actually dawn on me.

So, I got up, turned off that alarm, and went back to bed. I slid back in the covers, not even waking BR. Bow had scrunched over to him, so I had the entire other side of the bed to myself. I laid down. closed my eyes and was JUST about asleep. when I had this awful urge. There was NO stopping it. and usually I can. I am famous for NOT sneezing. I just make a little jerk with my body and squeak a little. ( I think it is in defience to my grandfathers sneezes, of which buildings have been brought down by... ) but not this time. This was going to be a humdinger.

And I tried. I really did. so I sneezed. and then I looked quickly to Bow. he moved a little sighed and scrunched up his sweet little mouth, then settled into his daddys chest and went back to sleep.
BUT when you have had 4 kids there are somethings that just dont work like they should. and although each and every time my feet had hit the floor this morning I had made a visit to the potty (both on the way OUT of the room, and again before getting back into bed.. ) I had to go. okay, so I had to sneak BACK out of bed. no big deal. I did.
Then back INTO bed. so far so good.

BUT I had woken up Duke. who got up to make sure I hadnt droped food at some point. well instead he found the cat. So, he had to chase her. and they dont do this quietly.

This woke up Bow.

so, the day had started. I got up and went into the kitchen. BR followed. And sure enough there was NO brown sugar on the ham. Pinapples and cherries, but no sugar.

and the pineapples were few and far between. Cherries too. THis sent us into a search for pineapples. we tore the kitchen apart. and aside from opening the 8 cans of fruit cocktail and putting pinapple chunks all over it, there was nothing we could do.

So we flipped the ham. since it was sitting on its side, and the cut portion was not facing down, and moved the few pineapples and cherries. Then I slathered brown sugar all over it and slapped it back in the oven.

then BR made breakfast. bacon and eggs. it was pretty good. Then he washed the pan. and the pans that I hadnt washed yesterday.

Once we were done we came into the living room and made sure the TV was set for the games. Then proceeded to watch some things we had recorded. well, truthfully, I tried to watch the parade. But BR hates the parade. and truthfully, I hate all the commentary of it. show me the dang floats and shut up!

Then he turned it on a recorded bob and tom. They are on wgn or some such. But Tim Wilson was on there. and the first song he sang had me in tears. I kid you not. BR and I were both alternating between laughing, crying and saying "ohhhh thats US!"

It was mobile home schoolin, or some such. I have tried all day to get it on the computer. but I cant. This is my new theme song. You have GOT to hear it. I will try to find it.

If I cant find it (and chances are on this old dial up I wont), I will rewatch it and type up the lyrics on here.

Between this and Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson, These are the songs you need to listen to if you want songs that represent me. They will give you a glimpse into my life.

So, now I am sitting here, and its 11:30am. We are watching Dirty Jobs, and I look over at BR "This sure has been a nice day, I hate to ruin it with all this family crap"
"eeeeehhhhh, not really"
"what cha mean?"
"Its kinda like the saying they have on the wall of the death chamber in Huntsville "The anticipation of death is worse than death itsself" "
"aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I said with that dreaded feeling in the pit of my stomache.

So here I sit, supposed to be at my moms, and I am still in my jammies. But its so peaceful. Bow has slept most of the morning, and its been quiet.

Its now 7pm. I went and had lunch. it wasnt bad. And the kids were good. They went outside and played as soon as we finished eating and sat down.
I learned something very detremental to my being while I was there. It is impossible for BR and I to function in our lives with out a DVR. Redneck weddings was on. and something would catch our eye, or we wouldnt hear something, and we would both grab for the remote and damn the luck, she doesnt have a DVR. I kid you not. There was no rewinding, no recording, no nothing... I couldnt live like that. It shouldnt be asked of anyone TO live like that. Especially not with 4 kids. I never go through a show with out my kids arguing, fighting, needing a drink, to eat or just wanting to tell me they have to pee.

There was an awkward moment when we first got there. My mom picked up the remote to turn off the cartoons and put it on the ball game. Rayley started to whine. Mom told her "well you know how your mom and dad are about football." Brett said "yep, they are rabid about it, but mostly mom.. Dad isnt as bad"
I heard all of this and said "you dont have to change it, my game doesnt come on till 3. "
"there is a game on now."
"not till 3 for me"
"NFL! it said NFL on the guide. just cause I dont watch it doesnt mean I dont know what it is!"
"but its NOT either of my teams"
"well its ON right now, but just dont watch it smartass"
So, BR cleared it up. "The cowboys are not playing, its someone else, she doesnt watch anyone else"
"oh, I thought they were all the same"

So, lunch was good. and then we left, came home, dropped off the food and got back in the truck. When I was getting out I thought I smelled cat poo. I fiqured it was cause BR had just said that he had been smelling cat poo the entire time we were in her living room, but didnt think she had a cat inside. I said she didnt. Thn Brett is climbing over Rayley to get back in, and says "Rayley stinks", So, BR said "well she was in my lap most of the time I was there"

Then I really smelled it. I looked at my feet, then looked at Matts. we talked about it, and I went and got Rayley some new clothes. Maybe she had gotten in some outside.

So we get almost to the end of the driveway and Brett says "ohhh that makes sense"
and the WHOLE truck starts to smell like it.
It was on HIS shoes. and the fool is waving it around behind mine and Matts heads. We made him take them off and throw them in the back.
BR asked him where his shoes had been while we were at mothers. He said, "between the chair you were sitting in in the living room and the door" thats about a 2 foot space...

So we got to Marthas and BR's sister, her husband and all her kids were there. They are all grown, the youngest is 15. And his youngest brother and his wife - Amanda came over later, Luke worked all day so he wasnt there. We visited for a while, enjoying the conversations while the kids tormented each other outside. My kids LOVE to see Jamie and Garret. Kristian the oldest just wanted to play with Bow. which was fine with me! A cousin and her teenage daughter (who also LOVES bow and Rayley ) came over too.

One time Rayley came running in and jumped in her Aunt Amandas lap and was all upset. She said "The girls and Garrett are sitting on the lid of the trashcan and they put Matt in there and wont let him out!"
We all agree'd that was fine. Just to not let him stay in there too long, as he might fall asleep.

They were also putting them in the trash cans, putting the lids on and rolling them around the yard. Sounds fun to me.

I talked to Lisa and Jamie about Bretts birthday cake. I want to start making them. Jamie and Lisa do adorable cakes and stuff all the time, plus, I have a friend who is a GENIUS on making cakes. and although I will never be as good as her, she has inspired me. I keep begging her to do it profesionally. She is an internet friend though, and I cant afford to fly her to Texas for a 10 year olds party...

I want to do a baseball diamond. I was thinking about the hamburger. Then a pirate ship. But, decided the diamond might be easier. :)

Unless he ticks me off between now and then. Then I will do a football field. make it a cake for ME :)

Lisa asked me when I was going to put up my tree. She couldnt belive I already didnt have it up. Used to it was up well before Thanksgiving. I told her as soon as I got rid of this dang bunny I would. I am so tired of it being in my living room. I dont know what I am going to do with it. I dont even know if it could live in the wild.. But its not a friendly bunny. It doesnt want to be held, or loved. And honestly, I didnt know a rabbit ate so much or their cages had to be cleaned so dang much. I mean ALOT. But I have to put up the tree so she can take our CHristmas Pictures.

Finally around 6:45 BR came in and said he needed to go to work and to bring him home. He said I could go back over. I told him that was okay. We would go on home. Bow was becoming way too much to handle. He was about to drive me nuts. He has been off his game all day. I am not sure he isnt teething or something. Nothing I could do has made him happy and he has been awful clingy! :(

We went out on the porch and I told the kids to load up. Martha said "I want them to stay here tonight"
So, I hauled butt to the truck, didnt even stop long enough to say goodbye, just hollered over my shoulder "BYE! Love you!" and got in.

I have GOT to clean my house. its a disaster. I mean LITERLY. PLUS, I want to watch my games. And Bow needs some quiet to sleep.

When we got home it was dark, but I could tell my screen door was open slightly. So I came on up on the porch and sure enough, there was a black trash bag stuck in the screen. I fiqured it was more greens from Uncle Geralds garden. But no. it was clothes. kids clothes.

I brought it in and looked. There was no note. So I checked the caller ID. no one had called.

I have NO clue where they came from, or who gave them to me. I am thrilled, I havent looked through them all yet, but there seems to be some nice clothes in there. I just cant imagine where they came from.

I called Martha, to make sure that she really wanted the kids. She said yes and I told her that I hadnt gotten a peice of chocolate pie. My brother in law, Lisa's Husband Gavin makes a wonderful Chocolate pie. but I hadnt gotten a peice, nor had I gotten any dressing. So I told her NOT to eat it all. She asked me how long I would be awake. I told her hours so she is going to bring me a peice and my dressing later.
I told her about the clothes fairy. She had no clue either. It had happened between 3:30 and 6:30.

I am used to friends or family giving me clothes their kids outgrow and I do the same. But seldom do I just come home to a bag dropped off. and since it has no note, I am starting to get a complex. Does someone want my kids to start dressing better? Feel that we are in need of clothing but too proud to ask? or is there a complete stranger out there doing clothes drive bys, and saw the bikes in the yard and the basketball goal and decided I had a few kids that might need them?

All in all, this hasnt been a bad day. It could have been worse. But its been a tiring day. and I STILL dont have that song.. I WANT that song by Tim Wilson.

Now, I have a football game to watch, 2 actually. After I watch the 'boys I have a Texas-Texas A&M game that I also have to watch. You gotta LOVE the DVR!

I had told Lisa about being at moms today, and she felt the same way. She wont watch anything with out it being recorded either. you have to be able to fast forward through commercials! I cant watch something now with out that luxery.

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