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Friday, November 28, 2008

I forgot to post their 'Thanks'

"Is this a test?"
" No, its a list for you to look back on"
"ahhhh Okay,"
My family
what I have
to have a home
for having friends
for making good grades
for getting out of ISS
that its close to my birthday
and almost Christmas
for living in a place where I have the oppertunity to be Thankful
"you aint going to publish this are you?, LIke in the newspaper?"
"no, it wont be in the newspaper"
"good, cause I dont want people thinking I was in ISS cause I was a terrorist"

For getting to go to somebodys house to visit
that its almost Christmas
that princess' get to wear pink.
For Aunt Manda giving me Curtsy (a pink beanie baby cat that she has lost about 5 times and gotten replaced...)
For getting to come to your house.. (her own home)
for all my barbies
I am Thankful for you letting us have toys.
For you painting my room, and buying me CO Co puffs.
And for cutting coupons for everything cause that means more cereal
I AM NOT thankful that you are mean and cruel, and dont love little girls.

"I would like a list of everything you are thankful for" says I.
"like a list I have to make?" says Mr. I hate the W (work) word
"yep, but its not like its hard or anything"
" okay.... what was I thankful for?"
'what DID I give thanks for?"
"I dont get it. What did people tell me THank you FOR?, or what did I say thank you for"
"Things that when you wake up in the morning you say "gee God, Thanks for ...Blank..."
that I found something I lost.. "like what?" a car, a toy car
Oh and I thanked Meme for some pie.
I am Thankful for Bubba giving me one of his old phones. will you buy me some minutes for it?
for Amanda letting me use her cell phone last night to call you (me) and say I love you and good night. See thats why I need a cell phone
For Bowdrie being born
FOr dad letting me go hunting with him
cause you (meaing me) let us (meaing them) go to Me'mes house
for you (meaning me) taking pictures of us (them) cause otherwise I wouldnt remember what I looked like as a baby.
for you (me again) letting me (him) play baseball, and taking me to all my practices
For you (me..) promising them I will take them to a football game (opps I forgot all about that...)
Thankful you let us keep Rabbit for a while, and for buying fish and taking care of them and for giving up your goats so we could have horses, can we ride today?
I am thankful for you making us those plants and keeping them all these years.
And for you and dad giving us guns and teaching us how to use them.
I am Thankful that you and Dad love me.
For our house, and all the stuff we have again since the burned down house burned.

So, here it is. Sadly it shows me that I need to work on them some. It sure does seem like its all about them..

I'll take a stab at Bows..

I am thankful for..
being the baby
eating any time I want, which is all the time
all these toys that I can throw all over
sneaking into the kids rooms while they are gone and throwing THEIR toys all over
clean diapers
all the dirt in the house plants
daddy's shoes to hide toys in
y'all turning your backs so I can climb on stuff
when people drop food on the floor, and when I find food I dropped on the floor
when someone doesnt lock the dishwasher and I can climb in it.
when the dishes still have food on them after I have climbed in the dishwasher
when someone leaves the door open enough for me to get out
when someone leaves the bathroom door open and I can get in the tub or play in the toilet
when TV shows go off and the commercials come on so I can dance
when mom forgets that its cold outside and I need shoes on
when I can find an unattended phone to play with
when I can find an unattended remote that works to play with
when mom or dad leave their drink unattended. I love Dr Pepper and Mt Dew.
when mom lets me take a bath
that the cat loves me and lets me body slam her and pull on her and bite her
and when I get a nice long nap

I am Thankful for the DVR, with out it I would never see all of a TV program.
and for lots of mushy stuff liek family, friends and having a roof over our heads, enough to eat, and BR having a good job.

I am also thankful for bed time, (or bednight as Rayley calls it), school hours and nap time.

Dishwashers and micorowaves. and Computers. so I can talk to other adults.


blacx said...

Chelle, This what you're looking for?

Tim Wilson

Trailer Park


Might want to check out this one too, For BR. Think you'll Like it too.

100 Things Every Man Needs to Know


Blacx from the board.

maidto5 said...

Thanks blacx, I loaded it, well I am still loading it.. LOL

its not the one, but I have heard the first line and cant wait to load the rest! it will take a while :)

BR said he hasnt heard the other. its not on the CD's we have, so I am saving it for him for in the morning.

I appriciate you trying :)