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Sunday, November 30, 2008

a snappy title eludes me...

well, Hasim Rahman is doing much better. (if you dont get this refrence, you dont watch alot of boxing it was him vs holyfield in the summer of 01 He swole up like you wouldnt belive they had to stop the fight..)

By the next day the swelling had went way down, thanks, I am sure, in part to the cut that bled like a stuck hog.

I spent today in Lufkin at Kmart. It was Super Doubles, they were doubilin coupons up to 2.00.

I got 227.21 worth of stuff for 55.60. I didnt do bad, but didnt get to get alot of the stuff I wanted. I forgot about trying to find some of the grocery items. And most of the free's were already gone.

My mom had kept the brats, and Martha and I went. She was regretting saying she would go with me once we were in the 3rd hour. Of course had we been able to check out at that point all would have been fine. BUT we rang up all 76 items, then she screwed up the coupons. It was awful. She kept having to call over the Assiant manager. Finally the Assistant manager got rude and I told her to just void it all and redo it. So we did. At first the cashier was not very nice. Talking crap to the one behind me about having to work during this. I was nice, and tried to help her as much as I could. We were in the check out line for over an hour. And there were only 2 open. To top it off, the cashier behind me was running her head about 'someone be gettin in my lines with all thems croupons and I just gona haves to tell thems to go on to customers service, I aint fixin to be doin all that crap. Thats too much work, I dint sign on for alls this' Her next customer had 23 coupons, and wouldnt let her gyp her out of the doubles either. And when a manager was called she was told to drop the attitude and shape up. Right there in front of us, cause she was talking smack to even the manager. After that our cashier was real nice. I managed a 75.5% savings, so it was well worth it.

I also got some barbies for 2.99 and matchbox cars for the same price. I was happy with that. I got like 6 barbies, an uno game and 3 sets of 5 MB cars for about 29.00. Since they were 5.99, 6.49 and 5.49 respectivly I fiqure I did a pretty good job.

By the time we left our stomaches thought our throats had been cut, so we went to Jack in the Box. After about 20 minutes in line, We ordered and finally got up to pay and get our food. And there was a picture of this mini chocolate cake. Chocolate overload is what they called it I think. If you are ever in a hurry, having to get a quick bite and choose Jack in the box, I am going to suggest that if you see this advertisement you run as fast as you can from it. We didnt. I was looking at it, thinking (like the last few times I saw it) how good it looked. and Martha piped up and said "that cake sure looks good" So I heard myself asking the cashier "Is it too late to add on 2 of them cakes?" "no, it will be 3.56." and so we got them. I ate my hamburger and curley fries. (I LOVE their curley fries) and was pretty full. After we stoped and I picked up some bread, I came out and decided to eat the cake. I didnt want to bring it home. For fear BR or one of the kids saw it and asked where theirs was, or worse, expected me to share it. So I told Martha that I was gona take a bite or two and she could have the rest. She was also saving hers till she got home. I took one bite and imediatly put it right back in its cute little container. I didnt even lick the fork. Because I knew, right then and there that this was something that I would have to eat while alone. with no distractions, and leisurly. I brought it home, hid it and waited until BR had left for work, and the kids were asleep and I snuck into the kitchen, got a tall glass of milk and came in and sat down. I turned down the TV. and just savored every bite. It was NOT near big enough. And Jack in the Box is WAAYY too far away for me to get another just because I am wanting it so badly. So, again, let me say, RUN, DONT accept the tempation. YOu will regret it, when you are sitting there, with just a hint of the taste left in your mouth and the occasional smell of the fudge from the container lingering in the air (it has little grooves, so you cant lick it all out), take my word on it.

On the way to town Martha and I were talking about the kids. She said that she wasnt sure the boys hadnt been playing with that snake they found at her house behind her truck the other day. Did I tell y'all about that? Seems the boys and Rayley were out playing and came across a grey runner or something. They did go to the houe and get her, then they went and killed it. She said it was awful riled up, and was curled up right behind her truck. But it could have been the dogs had been after it too. They swear the minute Matt stumbled over it they went strait to tell her and get a shovel. Of course she asked "what kind is it?" and they said "I dont know, want us to bring it to you?" She declined. Maybe they learned their lesson last Easter. I doubt it, But we can always hope.

Then we got on the subject of the boys and their foray into less than stellar behavior. She was laughing and said "I might just get them a chemestry set for Christmas"
I said "Oh MY GOD! NO YOU CANT! they really will blow something up then! I did!"
and the cat was out of the bag. I told her that when I was their age I had gotten a chemestry set. and it had lots of chemicals with it. some perfectly safe. Others not so much.. well, I did some of the 'recipies' in there. Then, I got kinda bored. So, I went through the case one more time. and found the "DANGER" book. There was actually a book in there that said "DO NOT add these checmicals together, or with household cleaners, as they can cause bodily harm or property damage" So, like any other normal kid, I made those concoctions too. Nothing ever blew up, But I did have lots of messes, things that would kinda overflow, and there was some dubious and most likely dangerous smoke a time or two. I didnt get into the cleaners as much, just cause I wasnt that type of kid. But since these all came in the same kit, I fiqured they were just being cautious when they said not to do it.

Which reminds me, I have never shown the boys how to make a volcano...

She also talked about Rayley and asked where she got the 'countriness'. I dont have a clue, but I can assure you. this kid is country a cornbread. She has an accent that would make Gomer Pile shake his head. But its a Texas accent, not just southern. ANd she says things that I dont know where she got them from. I fiqure its from the old folks. I have an uncle who says stuff like 'lent' as in "past tense of lean" and 'het up' as in "be careful outside, its hot and you'll get het up real quick and in a hurry' I will admit, I am a little bit country. and when I speak, people KNOW where I am from. I never hear "your from the south" I always hear "what part of Texas are you from?" I use 99% of Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck words, and always have, and have a very recognizable voice. (I was on the radio one night and people that have heard me talk ONCE or TWICE were calling friends of mine to see if that was me! ) But she beats me hands down. We laughed about some of the things she says and how blunt she is. For such a priss pot she has no sense of decorum. But you cant expect much when she is surrounded by boys. I fiqure she will find her balance sooner or later.

Speaking of dogs riling something up, Darla is outside and barking up a storm. She has been at it for nigh on 10 minutes. I reckon I should get the gun and go check, but its awful cold out there. Plus, last time I went out and started to flip over the peice of wood that she was baying I could see some slimyish skin, So I came back in and got the gun. Then went back out, I had to climb up under the house to get to it, and BR had been awoken by me cussin about having no bullets in my varmit gun and such. So, he went out too. I was trying to decide how to flip over the wood, while I was under the house, and get the gun in position to shoot the invading snake. So, he took the gun from me, reached under the house with it and flipped the wood off the biggest scariest toad you have ever seen...
BR asked if I thought I had a big enough bullet to kill it with, maybe I should go in and get a bigger gun, we didnt want to just wound it with the .22. I was not amused.

And it has finally gotten cold here. Maybe that will chase the snakes in. Its 46* at 7pm. Its supposed to be in the mid 30's tonight. And tomorrow might not get out of the 40's either. Its not going to last, but today was quite chilly. Of course when it warms back up the snakes will be back out.

Tomorrow is their first day back in class. I reckon we will see how that goes. And Tuesday I have 2 PTA meetings and they are at 9 in the morning and 5:30 at night. I will just have to stay in town all day. Not sure what all I will get done, but I will have lots of time to kill.

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