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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gee, where does the time go?

Hmmmm.... where did I leave off ???

Lets see.. this week has been about normal. On Monday night BR called me. Told me he needed some head cold meds. So I dug those out, the only 4 I could find... that is 30 minutes of my life lost in a cabinet from hell with NO organization, that I will NEVER get back, I laid them on the bar where he stacks all his crap, and tried to pick up the house some.

Tuesday I went to town and got some groceries. Not alot, cause I was running so late. I had went by the school for a meeting, to check in some merchandise I had bought for the school Christmas store, and had to stick around town till another meeting that evening. I got my hair cut and picked up the boys from school and got theirs cut. I also went to walgreens and mopped up. I almost cried
Like I said, I need a whole bill of groceries, but didnt get out of my 2nd PTA meeting till well after 8, and mother was about to get whooped by Bow, I got some milk and bread and then remembered needing sudafed. So I had to trek all the way back through walmart with both boys to fetch it. And since some simple minded crackhead has fiqured out how to make crack out of sudafed, I had to show my drivers licence. I handed it over. Unfortunatly, it was my OLD licence. So I wasnt allowed to buy them. Come to find out, since now we have to hand over our drivers licences to get into the school, I am bad about putting it in my back pocket, Because I am not toting a purse right now. I never do when I am dealing with a diaper bag. THEN, when I get home, I am bad about throwing it on top of my dresser, and not putting it back in my wallet. (mostly cause my wallet stays in my truck). Well that morning I had picked up the wrong one and stuck it in my pocket. I got some other meds, that apparently you cant make crack out of, since you can be an illegal driver and still get them.

Once I got home I was able to talk to BR. We hadnt been able to catch each other all day and had played phone tag. He told me he was REALLY hurting, and to be sure and put him some more meds out. Later he called me and told me to make him a Dr appt in Lufkin the next morning. So he must really be feeling bad. He even came home early at 1:30.

This was how I started out my Wend. by making him an appointment. He woke up pretty early and the side of his head was swole up so bad that his eye was purt near closed. He had complained about a slight split on the inside edge of his nose, but we just atributed it to the cold air and such. I fiqured he needed an anitbiotic.

so at 1:30 we were at the Dr office. We were just going to get the dope and leave so BR could go to work. And the Dr decided it was a staph infection in his sinus cavity. Not what we wanted to hear. SO, he gave BR a steriod shot and 2 weeks worth of antibiotics. and a direct order to NOT take more than 8 tylonal or 12 advil a day. BR takes 5-7 at a time. we were to go back on Tuesday of next week. SO we went to Sams to fill the script. We managed to not spend any money.

From the time we leave there, until the next day when I bring him back, he says the pain is unbearable. From all the pushing and proding is what I fiqure. But it is so bad he swears that it feels like something is trying to push his teeth plumb out of his head. So I called and asked for some pain pills. They wanted to see him again. In we went. Now mind you this is a pert near 100 mile round trip. Another steriod shot and a script for pain meds. Plus directions for advil every 4 hours. we went to Sams to fill the script. I wanted to look for a few diet foods. The Dr had said that he should be on a 1800 calorie a day diet. the 2300 a day I was doing was not working.
I spent 130.00. By the time we left BR said the pain was twice as bad as yesterday.
When we got home I had lots of chores to do then at almost 9, the other PTA lady called me and went down her list for tomorrows presentation of the candle fundraiser winners. I asked her if I was supposed to have done anything. Nothing except made up the 'bulldog bucks' for the winners of the name the store competion, and the random drawing.
OH HELL. so I was up till 3am making those up. THey turned out cute. I did ones and fives. I scanned them in and erased wording and the presidents pictures. Put in a pic of a bulldog, and made up words and such.
Friday I had to get up and get the kids ready for school then get ready myself. I had a funeral and erronds to run, so I went ahead and dressed for the funeral. I had to be at the school at 8:30 for the fundraiser presentation and the announcement of the Christmas Shop winner. We did that first.
Both of us went up and she announced while I presented. She started by saying the grade of the winner. 3rd. Then the homeroom class. Then called out the name. Jingle Bell Junction. Matt was excited cause it was his grade. And his class. Then he recognized the name. Then she called OUT his name! He was so excited. He just turned to the kid beside him and started talking. We had to call him up. He came up in front of the school.
She and I had went through the names submited for over an hour. There were lots of duplicates. Then we had narrowed it down. There was few criteria. Nothing we had ever called it before, nothing too long, It had to be sorta unoffensive, and original. If there was a list of lots of names, from any one kid and we couldnt decide on any, we took the kids name off of it and took it to a secretary. She went through and picked them out. She picked a few off the lists we took her for the short list. And two of Matts made the list. and Two of Bretts. We also enlisted help on going through the other names. Then we listed the 10 top names and
sent the list around to all the teachers. Jingle Bell Junction had gotten 17 votes. ANd Elf Emporium had gotten 14. There were about 40 votes all together. We gave out the grand prize of a Wii and to the top 3 sellers of all grades. Then I had to go and check in 3 boxes worth of merchandise for the store.

Once I was done there I went to Walgreens and got a
decent deal But I had to go to a funeral of a man I had known for years. At first it was funny when people just stared at me and didnt recognize me. Then I started to get a complex. Especially when my grandfather just looked right past me. There were only a few people that recognized me. And that was people that hadnt seen me in at least 15 years. Those that see me on a regular basis were amazed. Even at the school people kept commenting on how nice I looked. Maybe I should wear something other than jeans and Tshirts more often.

SInce the funeral was about 30 minutes from town I didnt get back to walmart till late and it was another all day event. Keeping me from getting home till well after 6. BR said that he was hurting worse. And hadnt ate all day because he couldnt stand up long enough to make himself anything. Concidering there was chili in the fridge, lots of stuff that just required a microwave and sandwich stuff, this didnt sound good. He could have had a meal in less than a minute if he was really desperate, but couldnt get up and do it. So I tried to feed him, pay attention to Bow, who was excited to see me after being with out me all day and kinda pick up the kitchen.

The kids promised to help me clean on Saturday. we have GOT to clean the house. My dad is coming on Wend for Bretts party. I have to get the tree up, Laundry is piled to the ceiling, the kitchen is stacked iwth dishes and groceries that need putting up. Its just awful. But they swore, come Saturday morning they would help me. So everyone went to bed and we got up Saturday morning. The first thing BR said when my feet hit the floor was "whats for Breakfast?" I could have killed him. But I was nice, before I even got my Dr Pepper, I cooked him bacon and eggs. I did feel sorry for him, because even once I fixed him something to eat yesterday he felt too bad to eat it. I very seldom cook breakfast. for one, the kids would rather have cereal, and for 2. I dont like to. I have to cook every other meal. there isno sense in complicating life more. While I was suffering with no morning nicotine OR caffine and cooking breakfast for my loving family, the kids were whining cause I was ruining one of the two days a week they get cereal. Not what I want to wake up to. But I made the food and was even nice to them. then I started to clean.

I started in on them to help me. BR wasnt getting any better and although I explained to the kids, with the aid of a calender, that this was The ONLY time I had to get a tree up for the rest of the month, they just ignored me. Then around one BR said he had to go to the ER. His doctor is closed today.

SO I loaded him up, took the kids to my moms and off we went. I told them then that we had until tomorrow to help me get the house clean. AND to finish BRetts project, AND to get the tree UP. not just strowed across the room, BUT UP. They swore as soon as I got home they would help me. I told them that if there was no tree, santa WOULD NOT come to our house. It would be differnt if it wasnt mostly THEIR crap in the living room. and the kitchen. They have more toys in the floor of the kitchen, and shoes, and other crap, than I have kitchen stuff.
I dont think they belive me.
BR and I got to the ER at 2:30. By 3 we were in a room. They decided he needed a very strong antibiotic, cause there is a sinus cavity or vein or something that goes into the brain, and if it gets infected it can be VERY bad. BUT this antibiotic had to be given by IV and it took over 2 hours to give it. So we sat and watched a ball game. His sister came down and visited us. She works at that hospital. She said it was about the most powerful antibitic avalible. The Dr said he should start to feel better and to call our Dr on monday and let them know what we did. Then, told him if he dosent get better to come back tomorrow. I had to call BR's boss and tell him that he is still sick. This makes 4 days he hasnt been able to work. I told him if it went much longer I might show up with MY CDL and drive for him. He laughed. But I think I scared him... And its not a bad idea...

We got out of there after 5 hours, and I got to my moms to get the kids and they were all begging me to stay there. They were doing HER tree. I said fine. and reminded them of my schedule for the next 3 weeks. and that if a tree didnt get put up here tomorrow, Santa wasnt coming. which is fine with me, I cant afford him anyway.

Next Wend is pictures with Santa at school, I have to be there. My dad comes in that day too. Thursday I am supposed to help with handing out the pics, but probebly wont. But Friday, I DO have to go in for a few hours and fix up the store, lay out all the merchandise. I also have to make Bretts cake. And then Saturday is his party. Monday starts the Jingle Bell Junction store, thats all day all week. Thursday is the last day and thats when we have class parites, so I will have to make snacks for each kids class. And then pack up the store. Friday is the last day before break and that weekend will be the 20th. I plan on doing my Christmas baking to take to everyones house for those next few days. Plus I refuse to bust my ass for hours to put a tree for 3 days enjoyment. I dont think they realize just how much time and energy goes into cleaning and putting up the tree. And they have to get their room picked up. YOu cant walk into it. And thats is where my dad sleeps. It HAS to be done. Even if it means they stay up all night doing it.

Speakin of which, its been a long day, and its nigh on 2. I think I will try to get some sleep so I can start again at 6am. I HAVE to find my sink in the kitchen. I just HAVE to.

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