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Monday, December 1, 2008

Think, thunk, thought.... Huh?

42 times. in a 63 minute period.

I heard mom sooo much today that I decided to count. I started at 2:18. by 3:21 I had heard mom 42 times. from one kid.

and it wasnt all whining. It was just inane talking. she didnt have anything to say, she just wanted to say something.

And some of the conversations were.... interesting.

I started something new today. A friend of mine told me that she has a 'favorite' kid each day. One that is especially helpful, or just sweet. She will tell them they are her favorite for the day and let the others know it too. It seems to promote them trying harder to BE her favorite.

So today Rayley got to be my favorite. It was between her and Bow and he was agervating the living daylights out of me. BUT she did do good. I asked her to pick up a few things in her room. She started out by whining and crying and blah blah blah. Then I convinced her that I didnt want her to clean it spotless, just pick up a few things. She still resisted. and I explained that tomorow I planned to go to town, Bow was going to Mothers. She could do one of two things. pick up a little now, and get to go to mothers tomorrow, OR refuse, get her butt busted, THEN pick up the room and NOT go to mothers tomorrow. She opted to pick up a little.

about 10 minutes later she came back in the kitchen where I was cleaning and told me that she had picked up alot. I went and looked and she had. So I made her my favorite.

At one point she came out with a barbie purse. She told me that it could be her lunch box when she went to school next year. I said that it sure could be.
"and then, when I get to school I am going to put it on my shoulder like this"
"and walk down the hallway"
"and then, some boy is going to see my pretty blonde hair and want to be my boyfriend"
"and I will have to tell him that he can be my monday boyfriend. Incase I get another for Thursday"

SO I told her "Your only allowed one boyfriend at a time Rayley. Its mean to have more than one boy that you call your boyfriend."
"well, in that case, On Monday I will have a boyfriend, break up with him, and then Thursday I will get a new one, then break up with him for my Sunday boyfriend."

"you sure you can handle all them boyfriends?"
"well sure I can, You handle 3 boys, 4 if you count dad, all the time, and its not like I am gona bring them home with me. Unless they want to clean my room"

She scares me. Bombs, and homemade weapons aside, this is the kid that scares me the most.

Another conversation was
"mom, maybe tomorrow I can go to marmies, then the otherday after that maybe I can go to meme's-- if my room is still clean, which we KNOW will never happen... Stupid boys... that means the boys will have to stay away from it. which means they are going to cry, I just hate it when they are drama queens, so when it gets to be the other day after tomorrow can I go to school? When are you going to cook supper, cause I think I am starvin plumb to death. and I just cant hear the TV can you turn it up? (ironically, it was a commercial for the loud and clear hearing thingy..) Mom, do you hear me, I wana hear this commercial. So, when will the boys be home? I miss them. I wana play with them. Can we go outside? what degrees is it outside? when will daddy wake up? (I kid y'all not, I was trying to blog, cause she was watching a movie, she came in here and started this, so I am typing as she talks...) mom, what rhymes with TV? VCR? or dragon, or computer? Does mom and marmie rhyme? does Brett and Bow rhyme? why did you name Brett Brett? Mom, do you know how big around I am? I am this many around. see. Bow is just a little baby. when will he be big as me? Can he talk yet and just doesnt cause he thinks its funny? like when Matt pouts? The boys are stupid, I dont know why boys are stupid, but they are. I'll be glad to go to school and meet normal boys. Why is Bow crying? Do you think his head hurts? wonder what is wrong with him. Why did you turn off the TV? you didnt want to watch it? Mom, Mom, MOm, are you hearing me?

At this point I had to tell her to please, PLEASE, stop talking. for just a second.
SO I heard "how long is a second?"


I will be glad when the boys get home. It would be nice to send her outside. Of course they will have lots of homework to do, so I doubt they get to go and play today. which is sad. Aside from it being a little chilly out there (53 right now), its a pretty day. and they need all the sunshine they can get.


Once the kids came in we visited for a while. Brett said it was Great to be back in class and he had no problems. Matt said his class acted like he was a new kid and wouldnt play with him. I never knew boys were so ..... girlish.. I swear, I really thought only girls did the 'she's my friend today and we hate you' crap. But no, boys do it worse. heck, I always thought that boys just went out and were friends with just about everyone. or at least most of them were. But its not so. And Matt is a pretty popular kid. Both of them are. Its sad. honestly. or maybe just agervating. They have alot of phone calls (I didnt even USE a phone till I was in like 5th grade...), always get invited to parties, and we never go anywhere that people are not shouting out their names, and hollerin "hey dude!" and "whas up man!" Its kinda cute.

Both of them have HUGE projects due this month. BRett has a week, Matt has 2. Brett has to do a timeline. of anything or anyone he wants to do it on. He picked Bow. LOL He doesnt have huge ambition.. LOL A timeline for a year old. we will have to do a 'milestone' a month to make it worth our while..

Matt has to do the solar system. I hated this when Brett did it last year. We busted our butts and he did a great job. I printed out pictures of the planets and he colored them perfectly, we hung them in a shadow box and labled them, put the miles, and they were even to size. OHHHH and we wrapped the box in black tissue paper and then I bought him some glitter spray and he sprayed it for the stars, and the sun was made of red and orange tissue. It was really good. it took him a really long time. So, When I got to the school and looked at some of the others, I was both impressed and appalled. Some of them were out of this world. (no pun intended), Of course there was also the ones where the kids drew 9 circles on a peice of poster board, labled them, and colored them half assed, and made a 100 too. It was disheartning. I am just not big on effort not getting you a little more. Mean and rude and harsh, I know. But I am old and set in my ways.

Oh and tomorrow I have to find out if the boys teachers still have their snack tickets. the PTA buys the A and AB honor roll kids a snack ticket every six weeks. Well I KNOW that the PTA spent the cash on the tickets, so I have to make sure that they get them. I am certain that Bretts does have his, but Matt still has asemi permenent sub and he hasnt been in that class much since she came in, so his might have disapeared. Plus, the boys are embarressed to ask for the tickets. They dont want the teacher to say outloud "KIDS WHO GET SENT TO ISS DONT GET SNACKS" I really really dont belive that they would. But you know how kids imaginations are.

I have a full day tomorrow. I have that PTA meeting in the morning. Then grocery shopping all day, and then walgreens and I have to go and do some other stuff. Then I have another PTA meeting. I havent done my deals (matched what I need to the coupons I have and the sales there are..) and this is more time consuming than one would think. I havent even made a list of what I flippin need... I also have to make some adjustments to the bylaws for the PTA. we are looking to change a few things, and I have to get some rough drafts on some amendments. So we can vote on them. Then I will have to come home and redo the bylaws. THANK GOD for word... and there are a few other things I need to do. But honestly, I didnt write them down and now I cant remember what they were.. I have GOT to write everything down. Or I forget it. And even when I write things down I dont always do them. I still have a note on my truck window (write them in dry erase marker, ) to go and buy stamps from 3 weeks ago... And its RIGHT there on the front windshield.

Tonight I let the kids watch Shrek the Halls and the grinch. I LOVE Christmas. I cant wait to put up the tree. I just dont really want to do it with Bow around. LOL

oh and I found and went through the names the kids submited for the holiday store at the school this year. (honestly, this is my favorite thing of Christmas aside from my own kids. that christmas store is my baby!!) But we havent had a good name for it, so we opened it up for a contest. Since my kids were in ISS That week they did their lists at home, and then they rewrote them. (Thank GOD! LOL some of it was hard to read)

SO, here are their lists, with their spelling (gee, wonder where they got it from)

Christmas Fun Shop
Poinsetta Place
Evergreen Lane
Santa's Sleighshop
Santa's Reindeershop
Deck the halls-mart
Elf's R us
Santa's mystic Shop
Silver bells jungle bells shop
candy cane lane
ginger bread square
ginger bread gifts
mistleto squarie
Donners' Drive in
Dancer and prncers icecicle lane
Peir 25 ( get it.. Pier 1)
Mrs Clause Mertile (mercantile)
Clause country store
Frosties winter shop
Ukon's toy shack (Yukon Cornielious. you know who this is.. just think REAL hard.. seriously? stumped?? come on... OH LORD .. the prospector on Ruldolph.....)

And Matts

North Pole novelilties
Santas Bag of Toys
Rudolphs whonderland
Santa's toyhouse
Paws and Hoofs
Christmas Eve Gift (family tradition, ask an old person.. they might know)
Santa's Mystery shop
Joy for a toy
Jingle Bells junction
Mistletoe Lane
Blitsens Boutique
Mrs Clause litt (le) corner
Santa's superet (tte)
Garland and Bows
elf imporium
Hermies House of toys (please tell me you know Who HERMIE is.. PLEASE!!!!)
Noel Shop
Santa's gift shop.

The board will vote tomorrow. and if any of my kids end up on the short list I will refrain from voting. Unless there are only 3 of us there. Then I will withdraw my kids entries.

Of course, had they been able to do it at school like the other kids, I would not even know the ones they picked and would in no way be biased.

I dont know how many entires there were turned in. But guess I will find out tomorrow. Heck, all this worrying might be for nothing. theirs might not even make the short list.

I guess I better get all my ducks in a row. I need to order the kids a present too, before its too late to get it here for Christmas. I still dont know what I am going o get them. I just dont know... what I really want to get them we cant afford, and I just dont know what else to do..

I really wanted to get them bows. But the nice inexpensive ones that we picked out are too toyish for them. And there is no middle ground. the next price range jumps from less than 100 to well over 2 and almost 3. So that is a NOGO this year.. LOL

Just what I need, to have to think about it... Like I need one more cotten picken thing to think about...


Anonymous said...


I seriously have tears running down my face "It was just inane talking. she didnt have anything to say, she just wanted to say something. " I homeschool my 6 year old and I MIGHT get 20 -45 minutes TOTAL per day of silence~ I usually stay up late once or twice a week just so I can read, write (blog) coupon, etc...

I hear ya!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh... I was ordering huby a pair of boots that were on sale and remembered reading your "bow" wishlist. Check out Sportsmansguide.com

Just type in bow as a keyword in the search box and 5 pages will come up. They have smaller kids bows for under $50 and bigger kids/adult stuff from $69 - over $600

maidto5 said...

domestic Ruler, I know what you mean!! thats why I stay up late too! LOL

And thank you for the link!! I will check it out and see if anything fits in the budget!!