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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Build it and they will come

Today has been busy. yesterday too for that matter.
BR's big truck had some issues, so he dropped it off at the shop and come home a little early. We decided to use that time to work on the Chicken Coop.

We got the rafters, lathe and such done yesterday. Right at dark I finished putting the roof down. There was only one incedent. BR cut his finger on the tin. It bled pretty bad, but wasnt a real bad cut. No-where near the time he ran the grinder over his pinky finger and 'ground' it to the bone. That was a beaut.

This morning we got back up and went out at 7am. I took him back to work at 1pm and came home and got busy again.

Today we got the walls put up completly, realized that we needed to get differnt wire, since we just didnt want to deal with having to wrassle the 6 foot roll. BR said it was like fighting a housefull of cats. I agree'd. We will put the rest up as a 'yard' for the chickens.

We worked on the nesting boxes. It didnt go very well. The plans were all right. There was enough wood. BUT the idiot who went and bought everything forgot to buy nails. ooopppss. So, I went to my grandfathers and stole some. BR wasnt happy with it, and when we quit so he could go to work, I was under the impression that he wanted to scrap my whole set up and start again from scratch.

When the kids got home I decided to let them paint the walls on the back. I had bought a gallon of red paint.

Now I am not a mathamagition, BUT, since the can said it would cover 400sq feet, I felt we would have MORE than enough.
BOY was I wrong.
I dont know. You do the math.

Paint= 400sq feet
square feet needing paint= 144 sq feet (including the nesting boxes)

SO, with those two numbers you would fiqure at LEAST 2 coats on each peice. RIght?

well, neither you nor I added in the variable.
4 kids with paintbrushes.

That means that my inside walls only got half painted, there is one coat on the outside walls, and the nesting boxes were not touched.

OH, and after BR left, I went out, finished up the nesting boxes and got the post holes dug that the posts that held them up were going in. Then I secured the boxes to them and the wall. I still have to put the perches on the front of them, but fiqured if I had them all done, and attached, BR would be less likely to toss them in the burn pile.

Once I got done with that, I took the last inch of paint in the can and tried to at least make sure all of the back wall was covered, and as much of the inside as I could get. It wasnt much. But I did find where alot of the paint went. On the ground. and the kids. Oh, and Bow painted a few sticks, stumps and a tree. Oh and his dads trailer tires.

Here are some pics- I didnt get one of the nesting boxes, or the inside since we have the walls and roof up. I was a little ashamed of how bad it turned out with the paint job. I cant stress how many times I begged them to swoosh the brush across the wood, and not slap it up there. Or to tell them that they didnt have to get paint plumb up to the handle, and it actually works better if you just put it at the tips.

They just didnt listen. Oh well. I just hope it dries darker than it looked. We had to get a second can mixed up the other day, the first can was pink. then purple, and so we picked this one. Its called Barn Door Red, and it sure looked hot pink/maroon.

I am tired now. and sore. and dreading finishing up and starting on the hog pen lean to. I am getting to old to get up there and drill.

OH, before I go. I just have to say "GOD BLESS the person who invented the nut driver/socket thingy that goes on the drill for roofing screws. I did about 20 with the phillips head. Then asked BR if we didnt have a socket thing that would fit that head. He went and looked, sure enough, we did. I had the last 30 zipped in quicker than you could spin and spit.

Hog Pen, Smog Pen.. Its a KID KORRAL!!
HA! I told you I was smarter than the average bear!

OH CRAP! I knew I was forgetting something at the hardware store! a latch for the gate!

And they are loose again. Headed off to hide my hammer, discover power tools, and chip their teeth!

Yep, he really did. Climbing on the water trough, he fell and we reckon thats when he did it. He didnt cry, so we didnt even realize it till later in the day. Of course it could have happened at any time. But I know it happened out there, cause just this morning while brushing them, I was thinking that he had such pretty teeth and praying he wasnt cursed with the same teeth the rest of us have.

Poor baby, they lock him up and run off. Thats alright, he will outsmart them. Just climb the fence!

Its official, the coop has began. Here its just a bunch of poles stuck in the ground. But soon it will look like a top notch operation. OR at least a decent faxsimile. Okay, it will look like some idiots threw up some boards, fence posts, and wire. But I will have fresh eggs and meat :)

When all else fails and you dont like it, get out the big guns.

Seriously, we had such unlevel ground that we couldnt cut the posts off BEFORE we planted them and get them level, so we put them all up, then cut them where we wanted them. It made it MUCH easier. Plus, BR likes to play with his chainsaws.

Guess who gets to screw down the roof? yep. little ole' me. I am thinking that this is one job I wont mind passing on to the kids in a year or two. I am getting too old for this.

Just another shot of me on the roof. I am just glad its this roof and not the 30 year old barn we used to have. that thing used to sway with every move I made. and it was MUCH higher!

I am not sure what was going on here. But I can assure you I was getting an earfull about what I wasnt doing right.
Luckily, it goes in one ear and out the other.

But do you see Bows arm? How cute!

Bow is getting pretty good at 'tamping' the posts when we get them in the ground. Now if I could only teach him NOT to throw dirt back in the hole while I am digging it, or before I get the post in...

We dont need saw horses, we have a Bow and a Trailer. you balance it on one and hold it down with the other.

Are you starting to get a 'WILSON' vibe from BR? He does have a face, I swear. And its a handsome one too.

It really looks like he is explaining to his daddy exactly how he should be doing it. If he could only talk. --- ack! did I really say that?

Here is the Byerly Boys painting one of the walls. I made them put on some of their daddy's old T shirts. And no, I cant tell them apart either. Dont feel bad.

He looks like he knows what he is doing. Scary aint it?

and yes, Rayley did help paint. but she wasnt 'dressed' good enough for pictures. Her words, not mine. I made her wear old pajama's out there to paint in and she was NOT happy about it.

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