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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its all fun and games. Till someone looses an eye.

Whew, I am SOOO glad today is over.

The kids decided they didnt want to go and practice baseball today. I dont think they realize how hard it is for their dad to get up early in the day and take them up there and work with them for hours and then come home and go to work. I guess they think since they are alseep he is too. But he hasnt had a day off for almost 2 months. And works about 80 hours a week. One day they will regret it but hind site is 20/20.

Instead we went over to my grandfathers and walked some land boundries. I dont like to walk. It just isnt my type of thing. Plus I dont like to sweat. But we did both. When we got there I realized Brett had on his hat for baseball. I told him "DONT LOOSE THAT HAT!" He has a game tomorrow and I dont want to spend hours searching for it.

He swore he wouldnt. And they went to see my mom.

When we got back from our nature hike she offered to keep the kids while BR and I went to Walmart. I had on dirty clothes, had been out in the woods all day, I am not even sure I brushed my hair this morning. But off we went. When we got back to pick up the kids Brett told me that he 'had to tell me something'.
I asked what.
My mom informed me that his hat was in my grandfathers truck. And it was locked. AND they were gone to church.

I could see red. I started to berate Brett. I asked him "what is the LAST THING I told you when I left you here?"
"But... "
"NO, what is the LAST THING?"
Rayley said, with her hands on her hips mind you... "she said 'Brett dont you loose that hat'".
"but mom, its NOT lost. I know EXACTLY where it is. I just cant get to it."

When we got home BR went on to work and I decided it was time to cut the boys hair. But first I had to fetch them out of the dewberry patch. When I got them inside they were ate up with skeeter bites and had dewberry juice ALL OVER. Matt literly had a purple ring from under his nose to under his chin.

I got Matts cut and him in the shower, then my MIL and FIL came over. so I came in here to visit with them.
Matt knew they were here and came running out. He hadnt even gotten the hair off him. He still had berry juice all over and looked like a clown. So I was making him go back and rinse off. On the way he and Brett started playing grabass. They always act a fool when someone shows up. I could just kill them.

Instead they tried to kill each other. Brett followed him into the bathroom and the clothes I had told them to pick up the last few days and put in the laundry room became a hazard. Next thing I know Matt is screaming and his mouth is full of blood. LOTS of blood.

He had fallen and hit his mouth on the bathtub. At first it was just hystarics cause it hurt. Till I told him to spit. Then it was full fledged, absolute terror. There was enough blood to choke a horse. Or in this case a jackass. I tried to make him take a cup of water and swish it around. I ended up having to pour it in his mouth. Just to get a good enough look to see if he still had teeth.

His lip swole up quick! we got a wet wash cloth on it and I made an ice bag. He came and sat in my lap for a while. He couldnt talk, just kept mumbiling. and telling me to whip Brett. And anytime Brett got close enough he would try to kick him.

I have told them and told them that its all fun and games till someone gets hurt.

He says his teeth are loose on bottom.When he made this discovery he went crazy again. I assured him they would tighten back up. ANd I would even take him by to see the dentist in the morning if he wanted me to. Once I got a good look at it I can imagine they are. His inside lip is all busted up. and one tooth went plumb through to the outside.

But everyone thought he didnt need stiches so we just kept with the ice. After they left I put him back in the shower. He whined and screamed the whole time. I think it was really burning. I cut Bretts hair and got him in the shower. Then tried to get a good picture of Matts lip. I was having issues with getting a close up and ended up saying yes to a reformat on the camera. This means I lost every picture I had.

EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. From before Easter on out. I hadnt had them devoloped yet. I am heartbroken. I dont take pictures very often anymore. And I dont do anything with them when I do except put them in a box. I know I should take more of them. But I feel guilty knowing that when the boys and Rayley grow up they will wonder where the pics are from their baby hood. I cant produce them. They all burned up. So I dont take pics of now. Stupid I know. I really should. Its not fair not to. Anyway. I am heartbroken that I lost these pics. Bow's first easter and all. Oh well. Easy come Easy go. At least thats the only thing I can remember being on there. If I knew what else was on there I would be even more upset I am sure.

ANYWAY. the whole time Matt was in my lap crying and hurting, Rayley was in drama queen mode. She is so jealous of anyone getting attention. One time she tried to crawl up in my lap. She accidently hit Matt in the mouth. He was still IN my lap.

WHen I was putting the kids to bed Matt got all upset. I was trying to talk to them. I couldnt understand ANYTHING Matt was saying. It was like they were 2 and 3 again. Back then Matt didnt speak. Well, I take that back. He spoke. But it was not english. It was Mattish. Noone could understand him except Brett. Brett would translate EVERYTHING Matt said. And Matt would just nod his head. It was cute. Unless Brett and Matt wernt together.

Amazingly Brett can still understand him. He was able to translate everything Matt said tonight. But there was some confusion. Poor Matt was drooling so bad. His entire front was wet. He cant shut his mouth. AT ALL. and his lip sticks out about an inch. Well he was all upset, and mumbiling.

I kept asking what he was saying. He would just mumble LOUDER. BRett wasnt translating. He was saying "I did NOT!"
I was confused. till Matt hollered "NOTh eww! uTha KITHS!"

He was saying he couldnt go to school cause the other kids would make fun of his drooling. I tried to reassure him that he wouldnt have to go if he was still drooling like that. and it seemed to calm him down. Till he went into the bathroom and took a look. This started the awful caterwallin all over again.

Once again Brett had to reassure him that it wouldnt look like that forever. I said No, just a week or so...

THis was NOT the right answer.

Rayley wasnt much help. She would go over and try to hug Matt. and would hurt him worse.

At least Bow was a good baby the entire time. He didnt even fuss. He just sat back and watched the drama.

And right as Matt was falling asleep I realized there was still berry juice ALL over his face. I have a feeling I wont be able to get this off. No way is he gona let me near him with a wash cloth.

And I got a good look at Bretts hair. The high and tight is a wee bit crooked. alright. ALOT crooked. I am not sure how I am gona fix it. maybe he wont notice.


Karen said...

OK, now you HAVE to post tonight, or I'm gonna worry. Poor kid... that's so awful!

maidto5 said...

Oh Lord Karen. It was awful. And still is. Just think Bubba on Forrest Gump. and then imagine HIM with a fat lip.

Karen said...

He needs lots of popsicles. Much more kid friendly than ice. I feel so bad for him. And there's no way to bandage it and keep it clean cause he'll have to eat and drink and is probably drooling like a hound dog.

maidto5 said...

He wont have ANYTHIN to do with a popcicle or ice. says its too cold. LOL and yes. He is definatly droolin.. He went through 2 shirts before he gave up altogher today. LOL

But after not being laughed at tonight he is taking it in stride. :)

Tara said...

Oh poor Matt! My mouth hurts just thinking about it.