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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Practice makes Perfect. Or not.

Last night I had a miagraine. And was tired. All that walking really wore me out!

Bow, Rayley and I had gotten up and went to Matt's school for his 'olympic day'. He was thrilled. We walked around for a few hours and watched him compete. The kids were split into groups of 5 and the High School had sent over students to be in charge of the groups, and Athletes to compete against the kids, or help them. The Tug of war with the Football boys is always a HUGE hit.

And they even involoved Rayley. She got SUCH a thrill out of high-fiving the High School Boys, and them telling her how good she did! A few even raced her. Its so great to see them out there having as much fun as the little kids do. Our 'tour guide' was Matts' baseball coaches' sons girlfriend. So she knows Rayley and Bow and Matt (or hoover as she calls him) and was able to interact with them. And she didnt feel bad about threating Matt when he got a little rambumctious! LOL I had tried to talk him into wearing his chukka's today. BUT he refused. so he did all the field events in his cowboy boots. I swear this kid is a bubble off plumb! But it really doesnt affect him to wear them. He runs and jumps and slides and acts a fool. Just like the kids in tennis shoes.

Matt did pretty well. He had alot of fun. But we did have to leave after a few hours. Bow was an angel. He sat in his stroller the whole time and never said a word! But I was just not up to staying out there that much longer.

Speaking of Bow, he has a new trick. Rayley used to do this too. It would scare the daylights out of anyone watching.

They sit in your lap facing you and you hold their hands. And they flip themselves backwards until they are standing on the ground. Rayley used to do this for HOURS. Till you were so worn out you couldnt hold her any more. And now Bow has started it. He will just SQUEEL when he does it!

Matts lip is doing MUCH better. Its almost normal again. He is even talking again. And not drooling! This is a major improvement. The kid that hit Matt the other day was on our team. OH LORDY. He really isnt as much a bully as just an agervating, rude, meanspirited little brat. And this is coming from a mom of 4 mean brats. I couldnt deal with this kid for 5 minutes with out wanting to use the tug of war rope to tie him to a tree.

He had been picking on Rayley all day. Matt told him a few times to leave his sister alone. and the girls told him to be nice, that she was sweet. He called her dumb, tripped her a few times on purpose ( but only when he thought noone was looking), took things away from her, hit her with stuff, But one time he told Rayley that she was a stupid little girl. ('cause she made a washer in the box in the washers game and he didnt) I dont recommend getting smart with little Bertha Sue. Remember she has 2 big brothers, so she has NO qualms about knocking the hell out of a kid bigger than her. Or putting her hands on her hips, and berrating them within an inch of their lives. But this time she walked up to him. Got toe to toe, and stuck her finger in his chest. ( he is 8 she is 3, his chest was at her eye level) She told him, all the while poking him in the chest; "You better watch your mouth BOY, I'll flatten you so fast I'll make your head swim, you dont know who you are talking to. I am NOT just some silly little girl. I AM Rayley Rolena Byerly and I dont deal with idiots!" He looked at me like I was going to save him. Then the two girls on the team that were in Matts class told him he better be nice, cause they would get him if he messed with her. I did tell her it wasnt nice. and she shouldnt be mean to other kids, especially those that were not as smart as she was. But it was hard to do with a strait face. And his attitude did change for a little while. She just looked at me during my little speech and then said "Well, I dont deal well with idiots. He's even dumber than Brett and Matt. and he's ugly too. And I KNOW I could whip him."

Her name ISNT Rayley Rolana its Rayley Lorena. She was named after BR and I, our middle names are Ray for him and Lee for me, and the 'lady of the night' off lonesome dove.
Thats the truth.
Her name is misspelled cause my sister in law got tired of her not having a name after 3 days and BR had just decided on a name when she got there that night. So she filled out the birth certificate 'cause BR said he didnt want to-- his handwriting was too bad. In my drug induced state (I had just had a C section) I didnt realize her name was spelled wrong.

I realized the other day that I also should have spelled Bow's middle name differnt. And, had I picked out the name before he was born I might have thought of it. But I gave BR a list of 2 names before I went into the delivery room : Beau Landry ( after Tom) and Bowdrie Marshall. When I came back out of surgery he was on the phone giving the good news and I heard him tell someone that he was named Bowdrie Marshall. Had I had my wits about me, I would have spelled marshall, Marchell. same pronounciation, but with a CH like Michelle. Oh well. I do wish we could have went with Bowdrie and Landry. those were my favorites. BUT with Byerly that was too many long EE's.

Anyway, sorry, I got lost there. I tend to do that sometimes. :)

We didnt have a game last night. Thank God. Matter of fact, Brett doesnt have another till the 16th. His coach said we would get together for practice or something. We will need to. Thats 3 weeks with out a game.

Today was a lazy day. BR came home at 8 this morning and since he was out of hours he couldnt work tonight. He took a short nap and then we went to the ballpark. My mom offered to keep Rayley and Bow, so I let her. She said Bow was an angel. He didnt cry and just played and ate!

The boys hit for a while in the batting cages, Brett did really well. I dont know what is up with him in a game. He doesnt even try to hit. And Matt did REAL well. I understand what is wrong with him. He gets thrown to in the cage and then a pitching machine does it in the games. Thats a big change. But he did hit very well.

Then we went to the field. They did okay. But their throwing is still off. for a while BR had Matt playing 2nd and Brett playing 1st. to take some infield. Matt did really well. but his throwing was a little erratic.
So BR brought him up and told Brett to stand about 15 feet away. BR would give him a little short hop ball and Matt would feild it, pick it up and throw it at Brett. He did wonderful. 46 balls he did this way and only 4 were not catchabale. And we moved further and further away. He was throwing them so hard and so true that Bretts hand was stinging. But this goes back to my original thinking. If you DONT let Matt THINK, he does GREAT! But when he thinks something gets all screwed up adn he will be facing you on the pitchers mound and throw it to third base! He lets his brain get in the way. And thats saying ALOT for Matt.

WHen we had Matt on 2nd and Brett on 1st I was playing catcher and BR was hitting them balls.
I swear Brett would wait till I wasnt looking and throw the ball to me. Most times I was safe. As long as I stood still. They couldnt hit me if they tried. But I did get pegged a few times. One time it was right below my knee. It hurt like hell. But I wouldnt admit it. I think they use the chance to hit me with a baseball as their revenge. If they ever get real accurate I am screwed.

Of course no matter how good they do out there, I know once we get to another game they will look like they cant fiqure out which end of the bat to use and wonder how to put on the glove. They wont remember how to stand and bat, will watch balls go by and THEN chase them. and throw things 20 feet off target.

One time Matt missed a fly ball and it hit him right inside the arm, in the bend. He picked up the ball, threw it to me on second base and held his arm for a few minutes. Then the next time a ball came to him he stuck the glove up and it hit RIGHT in it! It was the most beautiful catch I had ever seen him do. Then the ball and the glove fell to the ground like you had hung it on a stick and the ball knocked it off. Come to find out it had numbed his arm when it hit him so hard right there. He couldnt feel anything. His best catch of the day and it was done with a numb arm, and he lost it!! I have a friend that used to tell me "chelle is not an accidnt looking to happen, she's an accident that is going to happen. and SOON. Well Hoover took after me. TO that I have NO DOUBT!

We had a good time. Brett did pull a jackass moment. Matts sunglasses were on the ground and he stepped on them. On purpose. I swear, sometimes you could just gleefully walk up to him and ring his little neck. But this is highly illegal. So I dont recommend it. We took care of it though. :)

Once we got over that, we played a little more and then loaded up to go and eat. I wanted another fried cheesecake. But I wasnt consulted.
About two weeks ago Burger King opened back up here in town. It had shut down years ago. From the second they opened they had cars lined up for blocks. I kid you not. I swear people were actually sitting there for over an hour to get a freakin premade hamburger. I had no desire to go. period. BUT Matt has been begging to go since they put up the signs. He has never been to a Burger King. Sonic, McDonalds, and Dairy Queen are the extent of his burger joint expeireinces.

Well, since there was no line today BR drove there. Just my luck. I really was wanting some Fried Cheesecake.

Everyone ordered. and the two kids who had just been begging to go got the same damn thing they get every time. A plain and dry hamburger, with lettuce and ketchup. thats it. I got a whopper with cheese and bacon. BR got a steakhouse burger?? No-one was impressed. Brett didnt even touch his. Matt ate about 1/2 and BR's looked awful. Mine just tasted like a normal fast food burger. with a little too much mayo.

When we got home we put Bow on the floor and that child played till 10:00. He was crawling all over and having a blast! Matt would get in the bassinet (its sitting on the floor holding Bow's toys) and Bow would crawl up, pull up and look over the side. He loved the game. especially when Matt hid from him.

I finally got everyone rounded up and in bed.around 10. Brett kept falling asleep on me, and when I would tell him to go to bed he would start telling me he wasnt sleepy.

I have cleaned the kitchen, changed the new betta fish's water and am fixing to go to bed myself. The betta is the ugliest thing you have ever seen. Its all motteled and speckled. I let Rayley pick it out yesterday. She picked out a white fish, with splotchy purple and blue and black. Not even alot of color, just a little. They had red ones and blue ones and black ones. Even all white ones. But since they didnt have a pink one she picked out this one. Cause it has just enough red in it to be muted to a almost pink color. honestly, this fish is so ugly you cant describe it. I put it in my Lucky bamboo planter. Its a fish tank that I used to have a betta in then when it died I put bamboo in it. I would like to put some more. Its a cute set up. But I need more stalks of bamboo. I just cant find any thats not 20.00 for 3 sticks. Oh well. Maybe I will come across some.

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