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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Murphy's law.

Well, I have already typed this once. And this stupid freaking blog has an autosave feature, but tonight it didnt work. I blogged all about yesterday and then today. I was done. went back in to put in periods, fix some typos' and acidentaly highlighted it somehow. then the period erased it all. EVERY FREAKIN BIT OF IT! I could scream. I want to scream. BUT if I scream I will wake up the brats that I worked SSOOOOOOO damn hard to get to sleep tonight.

Instead I will eat a few peices of the strawberry Jello cake Matt and I made tonight. I am SO mad. I could just cry.

I will rewrite some of it.
and I notice that the damn thing is saving EVERY minute now. so if I screw up it will at least save THIS for prosperity.

Stupid freakin blog!

okay, yesterday Matt's nurse called me. At 8:32 in the morning. School starts at 8. He said he had a stomache ache. She started off by telling me that he had the fatest lip that she had ever seen. And was I sure that he didnt need stiches? I told her that no, my cousin said it was fine, and he is over the nurses at the ER. She told me that she thought he wasnt really sick, he was just embarresed. I got on the phone with him and asked. He said no, he just had a stomache ache. I told him to go to the bathroom. He wasnt happy about that. When she got back on the phone I told her if he came back to call me, but he would go back to class now.

When he came home he told me that every adult he saw had stoped him to look at his mouth and told him he needed stitches. He said he kept telling them that his uncle said it was okay.

He also said that a kid had punched him in the mouth. I asked why. He said the kid had said it was to see if it was really hurt and if it would bleed again. I asked him why he didnt beat the snot out of him. He said that the teacher told him not to. This is one time when I would have taken my kids side and there would have been NO concequences at home.

I did ask him about his tummy hurting and he said that it didnt hurt any more. I asked what had happened. He said he thought it was all the pancakes he had ate at daycare that morning.

Once we got that all cleared up they went outside to play. I had to set off the truck alarm to get them to come home.

Today was a decent day. I did get a phone call from Bretts principal. Seems he has had problems this week with a kid in school. It had started on monday when the sub had called him by the wrong name (Brent instead of Brett) so the kid called him that all day. The kid did go to the principals office eventually. He just kept on and on. Then yesterday they had a slight problem and both went to the assistant principal. I didnt know about this. He had failed to mention it yesterday. But the principal today told me that she thought the assistant had fixed it. Aparently NOT. They got in trouble this morning and then it continued to escalate to this afternoon. One of them threw a pencil at the other. Brett swore it wasnt him. But I didnt really care. I have told him and told him that he needs to learn to ignore people. He wont listen.
luckily I have a good relationship with his principal. She was a teacher of mine and always helped me during those years. She asked if I wanted to handle it or should she. I told her that I would handle it when he got home and she should handle it there. She laughed and said she fiqured I would say that. She offered up lunch detention. I told her that didnt phase him, so I told her to beat him with in an inch of his life. She just laughed and said she couldnt, but would give him a lick. I emailed her my permission right then.

When Brett got home and I asked him about it he told me that she was nice, but told him that he needed to stop acting up. I asked what happened to the other kid. He told me he got suspended. So either this will help Brett or hurt him.. I dont know which. The whole class had been bad all week. They had subs and a differnt one each day at that. Plus this class isnt the best. Its mostly boys.

Of course BR had stayed home this evening later than usual. He wanted to spend some time wiht the boys. They had been begging to shoot their guns. Usually he is gone before they get home. They all headed out and shot for a while. Of course Rayley was mad cause she didnt get to shoot. And she had spent time dressing for the occasion. She went through 3 outfits. She was able to get muddy though so it kinda evened out. Except on my laundry pile.

Matts lip is looking better. And he did tell me that he got his revenge on the kid that punched him. He hit him in the nose. I asked him if the kid had hit him again.
"no, not this time"
"well why did you do it?"
"cause you said I should have!"
"I said NEVER start a fight, but DONT get bullied either!"
"well he started it yesterday!"
"NO MATT. there is a window of oppertunity! you missed it by about 24 hours!"
"a window? like the 5 second rule on food?"
"yes. just like that!"
"well, what happened?"
"I had to change my color"
their 'color' is a set of colors , 5 I think, that have clothes pins on them. When they get in trouble they have to change their color and depending on the color you get so many points off, or have to write sentences, get your mom called, or go to the principal.
"so the teacher saw it?"
"what did she say"
"she asked why I did it"
"I told her my mom said I could"
"I told you to FINISH a fight, never start one!"
"well he was fixing to hit me first!"
"everyone was talking about my lip looking better, and he said 'I bet I could bust it again', and then balled up his fist, so I popped him"
"ahhhhh okay. well you still shouldnt throw the first punch."
"but what if his hurt too bad to hit back?"
"then you look like a baby.... never mind that! just suck it up."
"the girls do pay me more attention since I told everyone I was in a fight..."
"you mean the fight with the boy?"
"no, I told them thats how I got a fat lip"

BR walked through about that time and I was telling him. THen Matt mumbled "best 35 sentences I ever had to write"

I could see this was going NOWHERE, so I tried to change the subject. I asked Brett how his day went.
"I love you mom"
"He got a lick at school today mom!" Matt blurted out
"she knows! She told her to give me one!"
"HA! thats funny!"

This resulted in another tussle.

Bow found him a new pastime. The big fishtank is right behind the couch. So he discovered it yesterday. He sat on his knees on my shoulder and watched it for a long time. Then decided to follow the fishes. He liked to have killed me. I cant get him to ignore it now. He even tries to position himself when he is nursing so he can see around the edge of the couch and watch the tank.

And Rayley was on a tear. She has decided that we need to start eating that cereal that says "shut up steve" on the box. But I need to 'bry' one that says "shut up brett".

I kinda agree.

Oh and Bow also has a new playtoy! Other than the cat. He is IN LOVE with the vaccum. I did know that if I put him in the excersaucer thingy and vaccum he will stare at it. Or if he is pissed cause I put him in it he will stop screaming when I start the motor.
Well today I had to do an emergancy vacumm and he was on the floor. I wasnt gona go close to him so I wasnt worried. Till he started crawling/scooting/swimming towards it. He was so excited. He was bound and determined to catch it! I thought it was funny and turned off the vaccum before he got his fingers caught. When BR walked back in the room I was going to show him. So I set Bow about 5 feet away and started it up. He started towards it and then Rayley came into the room screaming and going into hysterics. She started screaming and hollering that I had to stop. to please not vaccum up her baby. She loved him and didnt want him to die! I had to turn off the vaccum and assure her he wouldnt fit in it! She was not convinced.

I offered to show her.
She didnt talk to me for 2 hours.


Karen said...

Thank you so much for bothering to type that up twice. It was so funny that she thought you were gonna vaccuum him up.

I'd have hit the kid, too. I never encourage my kids to start fights, but if that's what it takes to make a bully rethink his ways, I don't have a problem with it. And hitting someone who's already hurt just to cause him to bleed or hurt is bullying.

Tara said...

I've commented you a few times this week and google keeps throwing them back at me so I'm trying again, lol.

Too cute about vacuuming the baby, Saige does the same thing tells us not to hurt HER baby. LOL

I am absolutely amazed they will spank your kids at school! Not in a bad way, I sure know a few kids who could use it. But parental permission or not if that were to happen here... all hell would break loose. Although looking back that is probably a good thing as far as "I" was concerned.

Kimmy2303 said...

I was thinking the same thing Tara. Spanking wasnt allowed around here even back when I was in school. I think it would be quite helpful if it were though. Thanks for retyping Chelle.

maidto5 said...

Karen, I know, I dont want them fighting, but in all honesty, I wish he had done it up good. He has had problems with this boy before, as have the other kids! But his parents blame it on a chemical inbalance or something.

Tara. I wonder why google is being so bad lately? Stupid google.

And I have went to schools where they didnt. but this one does. and truthfully, it works. at least on my kids. Just the threat of it has worked for years. This is the first time its ever been used.

And funny thing is, When I was in middle school, I had a teacher that if you slept in class you got a lick. there were some days I would go in, tell him I was tired and planned on sleeping, he would give me a lick and I would sleep the whole class. So in that instance it didnt work. LOL Of course I never got licks for being bad, just licks for sleeping!

Kimmy, I wish more parents would allow it. LOL there are some kids there that literly could cause a saint to drink. I have to really be on my best behavior when I am up there helping out.

But Brett did say that she made him stand just so, cause she didnt want the brads on his jeans to hurt him if she hit them.

And I am just sorry this ended up being an abridged version of the first post.